Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

Trailer created by @ivorystars from Wattpad

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1. Ribs and Reality Shows


Well this is it. My shaky hands held the pen that may change my life. Yes, a pen. All I have to do is sign on the dotted line and the next month is in my producers' hands. That's all it took, one signature.

My thoughts were interrupted by Simon. 

"Niall! The managers of NBC are waiting. Are you going to sign it or not?" 

Frustrated, I scribbled my name. I heard one of the producers of NBC clap. 

"Well, now that we're done, I'll start putting up posters and ads on the telly so word will spread."

I don't even know if this will work, but there's no harm in the idea. I might not even find the one. What if I don't and I end up with a crappy, spoiled brat? A gold digger is not what I have in mind as my girlfriend. If this doesn't work, I don't know what to do. I'm one of the only single ones in the band. Fans have come up to be and bluntly tell me that I suck at singing. And maybe I do, but I still made it. I became one of the most well-known singers in the music industry. I've achieved what I thought was impossible. I confronted millions of girls, all of them who spent their time, money, and efforts to see us. But out of all the girls, is it possible that one of them is my soul mate, which I'll love unconditionally?

Uncle Simon interrupted my thoughts.

"Thank you, Steven. Surely, this will increase the boys' popularity." Simon said professionally. I sighed. The contest will start in a month. And it’s not any type of contest, it's a contest for me, on the search for my princess.

Whatever happens, I will not give up. 


"I'm bored," I droned hanging upside down from my couch. My brother and my friends were all playing video games on my new Ouya system. The boys came over our house for a little get-together every weekend. They come here so often, Mike and Jake don't care about the mess around the house. We were in the living room, with cream colored walls and a red sofa. The flat screen TV was attached to the wall so it didn't take much space. We had almost every game console you can imagine. I still remember the game boy I had when I was seven. Wii, Xbox and the Kinect, Play Station, and a closet filled with DVDs of movies and games were basically the only things James and I used. Now, we currently got the new Ouya system to add to our collection.

"Yeah, I know, Emma but your Ouya system rocks. How did you get it? It just came out this week." Jake said. 

"I dunno," I replied shrugging my shoulders, even if their eyes were glued to the screen. I saw them playing Skyfall.

"Really, James? C'mon. Let's play... Final Fantasy 7. I'll betcha that I can beat everyone's score. And to be nice, you guys could team up against me." I smirked giving them a challenge. Mike spoke up. 

"I don't know how to play but bring it on!" he smiled goofily. Like me, they're all competitive. Mike being the immature, goofy clown of our group, Jake being the calm and quiet troublemaker, James as the smart but sometimes stupid idiot he always is, and me, Emma, as the competitive, crazy tomboy. Whenever I'm with them, I feel free. With girls, I feel awkward, not fitting in. That's why I prefer guys. When I'm with guys, I feel like I'm part of something.

I looked at my brother, smirked when he looked at me, "James? Don't you wanna play?" 

"Nah, I'm good..." Being the good sister I am, I didn't tell our friends how I owned James when us two played. 

"Then gimme your controller." Before he protested, I snatched it off of his lap. I heard a slight, "Hmph." Silly James.

"Eh monk is weak. Red mage sounds like some weird wizard. Knight sounds stronger than warrior. And what the heck is an onion soldier?" I smiled as Mike and Jake underestimated those particular ones. Who knows, maybe I'll use them, maybe I won't but those two are just way too stupid for my brains.

"Well you guys could go first. I wanna see your hidden talents." I offered. Behind their back, I looked at James and mouthed "I am going to crush them!" James chuckled lightly. 


"How the- how- how?" Mike failed to speak properly. I just shrugged. 

"She... she just crushed us... How do you get 999+ critical damage?! All we got is... 200." Jake said like I am a secret witch or something. I laughed hard at the shameful looks of the guys.

I simply shrugged. My stomach growled. Everyone stayed silent for a moment and then sooner or later they lay on the floor laughing while I sheepishly blushed, embarrassed. I was hungry, and they were gonna laugh about it? Excuse me, my grumbles can create earthquakes and San Francisco would be panicking of an earthquake all the way from Boston. I can imagine the headlines of the newspapers.

"Girl's Stomach Creates Massive Earthquake" or "Hunger Causes Earth's rumbling in the West Coast" I laughed at that. I was over exaggerating.

"Let's take out some Tony Roma's. I'm feeling hungry too." James said after the laughter died down. 

"Yeah ribs!" I pounded my fist on the wall. 

"Hey mom, James and our friends are gonna get ribs from Tony Romas. Get ready to pay a hefty!" I yelled across the house. I stood up to the table next to the sofa and picked up the phone. Dialing the best ribs restaurant I know, the speaker on the other side asked what I wanted. 

"Hey, can I have 5 full racks with each sides of bacon mac and cheese and mash potatoes?" I ordered the normal I say every two or three days.

"Sure, Emma. That will be $142.74 ." the waiter on the other side chuckled. Okay, who the heck is this dude, and how does he know my name? Should I block the number the next time? No, that would be annoying, seeing that I'll have to block it almost every day.

"How do you know my name?" I asked suspiciously. 

"Well since you call all the time, everyone knows who you are." he said.

Oooh. Did not think of that. I tried to act normal, pretending that nothing happened.

"Well, this is my favorite restaurant..." I dragged on.

"The takeout should be ready in 5 minutes so you should start heading out now." The dude from the other line informed me. Ribs, here I come.

"Okay, thanks. Goodbye" and I hung up and placed the phone where it belonged. 

"Mom!" I yelled across the house. I was born with a loud voice so it helps to communicate with my mom at times like these.

"Yes?" she hollered back. 

"Get the take out now!" I shouted. We continued to shout at each other, which to others, may seem like we're having a shouting match.

"Sure because I feel like I'm your maid now!" she yelled back. 

"Sorry! Blame my stomach!" Not my fault my stomach needs to be taken care of. I'm like the mother of my stomach and I hand down the responsibilities to my mother because simply, I don't know how to drive to Tony Roma's. I'm only eighteen, and I am not ready to get a car of my own. I mean, who wants to waste their money on gas? I rather use the Bus Transfer card that the university I go to offers me.

"I'm starting to hate your stomach!" With that she left to get my ribs. I laughed at our silly banter. 


"I'm back!" My mom sang to the living room.

"Finally my stomach will stop grumbling!" I jumped up with excitement. Is it just me or am I too eager for food?

Nope. Just me.

My mother opened up everything and the sight of it made my mouth water. Deliciousness of ribs, meet my mouth. Mouth, meet ribs.

"You are like the girl version of Niall." Mike said. 

"Niall?" I asked confused. He sounds familiar but I couldn't get it in my head.

"Yeah. That guy in One Direction. I heard that he eats a ton." James said. 

"Oh. One Direction. All the girls in Uni talk about them." I don't like them but I don't hate them. I'm just nonchalant about the topic of them. I think their music is cool, but it's not my style. Way to poppy and lovesick. Don't even get me started with the magazines and websites. They're everywhere I look. Sometimes it frustrates me.

"You're a very different girl." Jake said. I raised my eyebrows.

I shrugged. "You just noticed that?" 

Taking my full rack, I dug into the barbeque bones that I wish I can cherish forever. Sadly, food rots. Darn you, food. 

Eating them, I was in a daydream with my ribs. 


"Emma!!" I heard James yell in my face. I blinked twice and noticed they were addressing to me.

"Huh? Yeah?" I woke from the dream state. I saw everyone laughing, including my mother. 

"Sorry. How long was I staring into space?" I asked sheepishly. 

"10 minutes. With your mouth open. Barbeque sauce on your chin." Jake answered still laughing. I wiped my chin immediately, noticing nothing was there. I glared at Jake who was laughing harder than before. Was that even possible? At the look of him, he looks like he's crying as he dies.

I stood up and plopped onto the red leather couch I own. Turning on the TV, I flipped through the channels landing on NBC. One of my favorite channels where most of my shows are on.

"-- The Next Big News, a new reality show starting next month at 8/7c" the TV said. 

"Wait what? A new reality show! I'm looking it up!" I bounced. I have a weird obsession for reality shows and movies. Weird, I know. You may notice the obsession once you walk into the closet of DVDs. You can fine almost every season of America's Got Talent in one DVD. I'll admit it, I'm a slight packrat. I like to keep store of the things I can look back as memories.

"Emma, this is the 4th game show you'll be watching. Instead of watching one, might as well just be in it." James rolled his eyes. I gasped. Could I? I mean, there's no harm in joining one so why not? 

"Well, if it’s a culinary show like Masterchef then probably not. I could cook but not like Gordon Ramsay. If it's singing, dancing, or some talent show like The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, or Americas got Talent, then maybe... I'm okay at it."

"Okay? Okay? Okay? Are you out of your mind? You're fantastic at arts!" Mike shouted. I was nowhere close to making that statement true. I can only play the guitar well. Otherwise, I'm useless.

"Nah." I pushed away that topic. "And if it's a makeover or fashion show like Faceoff or Project Runway then hell no." I said shaking my head. There was no way, I can win something bizarre like that.

"Sadly, I have to agree on that one, lil' sis..." James mentioned. 

I looked at my mom for permission. She's not an overprotective mom, yet she still cares about my safety. 


"Yes. Let's look at it first honey?" Good idea.

Opening my laptop, I opened up Google Chrome and search up The Next Big News. I clicked on the most reliable website I can find that was available.

"Okay it says here: 

The Next Big News is a reality show opening on June 3. Every season 100+ interviews are sent to a male celebrity looking for his true love. 50 are chosen and those 50 lucky contestants are sent to a location where every episode a number of contestants are eliminated. Every week a new challenge from the judge is sent to the contestants who must fulfil that challenge. The winner is prized with 1000 dollars and is the lucky girlfriend of that celebrity." I read the synopsis of the game show. It was a new game show and I noticed that it was created not too long ago. On the side was a Blondie who is known as the first male celebrity.

Looking at the picture of the celebrity, I had to admit, the guy was kinda cute. Okay he was very cute. I looked at the caption. Who is he? It doesn't say his name. 

"Guys? I don't know who he is. What's his name?" I showed the screen toward them. 

All 3 boys gasped. I swear, they're eyes were about to pop out of their eye sockets onto my laptop. Ew... I shuddered at the thought of six eyeballs rolling on my keyboard with goo dripping.

"That's Niall Horan." They all said together.

My laptop would have eight eyeballs rolling on my keyboard now.


Well, there it is. The first chapter. This will be the start of my series. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Please, don't forget to comment. I will always reply to the comments. So please, I would want to know you're reactions. What do you think Emma's reaction will be?


Note: This is originally a Wattpad book. To read the full book, go on http://www.wattpad.com/story/6962410-mismatched-niall-horan


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