Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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17. Questions and Queen Bees

“Now where to?” James held a map that lays out every part of Dublin.
I checked my phone and found the address to his flat from some paparazzi website. We were now in the Dublin airport, tired as hell. But we’re doing this for me. And I need to be strong before I break down. My brother is helping me so much and I can’t just give up when he’s done so much for me. The least I can do is fight for Niall so James can see me happy.
Even though I’m the older one, I was only older by five minutes. That doesn’t make a big difference in our age. There are times when I’m the mature one from our group of friends and there are times when he helps me in my hardest times. But we always cared for each other and were by each other’s side to help a hand. Ever since my father passed away, my brother was the one who cared for me and my mother. And I had to thank him for that. We may have the closest brother-sister relationship I’ve ever known. We normally try to avoid fighting and we rarely do. We’re best friends and best friends almost never fight. So, we try to emulate the relationship and friendship of others.
But when people ask us if we’re dating, we gag. We’re faternal twins but we’re siblings. It’s disgusting how people think we’re dating. Ew...
We took a taxi to the flat where Niall was. I was breathing deeply and starting to panic. James held onto me and patted my shoulder for comfort.
“We’re here.” He whispered into my ear. We paid the taxi and got out of the car. Paparazzi and fans were everywhere, swarming the place.
Holding a huge breath, we pushed our way through, receiving many punches, which I did return the favor of.
Finally, when we went up the stairs towards the flat, every camera was flashing at us.
“Look! It’s Emma Burton! She’s responsible for breaking Niall’s heart!” Some fan angrily screamed.
Oh, god.
James started ringing the doorbell, knocking, punching and kicking the door. All the fans marched up and they were getting closer by the minute. The paparazzi cleared the way into a clear path.
Gee, the paparazzi are so helpful.
James was becoming hopeless and he covered for me. I took turn of screaming for the door to open.
“Niall! Please open the door! It’s me, Emma with my brother! I really need to talk to you!” I yelled through the peephole.
The fans were not helping the situation and they were two more meters away from us. Suddenly, a hand held my hood and I grabbed onto James for support. We were dragged inside the house which was a mansion.
“Woah,” I muttered under my breath.
Behind me, Niall was pushing the door closed. James and I rushed to his aid and finally the door closed. Then Niall put two locks on to prevent the fans or the paparazzi from kicking the door open.
“So,” I held my hands together awkwardly. We three were just standing in the middle of the lobby, not knowing who will spark the conversation.
“I’ll... just leave.” James started to go open the door to the vicious fans and nosy paparazzi.
“No, don’t open it. It’s hard to close it again.” Niall panted, “You can just go to the living room by the kitchen.”
James nodded and walked away, leaving us two alone.
It was so awkward. I tried to stir up a conversation, “So how has it been so far?”
“It was great,” Niall faked a smile. It was so obvious he was lying, “And you?”
“It’s been hard.” I answered truthfully. We were near the stairs.
“How about we go up to my room?” He offered and I nodded, “Your brother can watch some football.”
“James, watch some TV.” I yelled to him and it echoed across the hallway.
When we got to his room, the scent of his room hit me with cologne. It warmed my heart, because I thought of all the memories when Niall slept next to me. I remembered that memory, a tingling sensation warming my heart.
“So, are you still with Felicity?” I asked and Niall sat stiff on his bed. He nodded ever so slightly and with that my heart panged with guilt and regret. Why had I rejected him? I love him. But I’m stupid. I wasn’t even sure if Niall liked me back. To me, my connection with Niall feels like true love but something in the back of my brain is telling me Niall still didn’t tell his feelings toward me. I’m in a highschool drama.
“Get away from me!” We heard downstairs. I stood up straight, hearing my brother’s shouts. I rushed downstairs to his aid, jumping down the stairs as fast as I can. Who dares hurt my little brother? I was gonna beat the crap out of them when I find out who is causing my brother to shout. There, Felicity was wearing lingerie and on top of James, pinning him down. My eyes would’ve gone onto fire at that point. This beast has gone too far, messing up my future. Now, is she going to dare touch my brother like that when clearly, he doesn’t like it? This is rape.
“What are you doing?” I screamed and Felicity’s head turned quickly towards me. I ripped her off my brother by grabbing her hair and punched her cheek. She screamed in pain.
“Don’t you understand that my brother had no interest for you since elementary school?” I screamed at her face, not caring if my spit was getting on her. She deserved it, anyways. “You were about to rape him, you bloody slut!” I roared, kicking her knee. She tumbled down to the floor in pain.
She wasn’t a guy so I couldn’t knee her in the gut so I harmed her where it hurts the most to a girl. I punched as hard as I can to her chest. She screamed in agony and I would hit her one more time but Niall held me back.
“Let go! That skanky rat is cheating on you and you’re not doing anything?” I screamed, my yells echoing throughout the mansion. I would’ve called myself delusional but if anyone in this room is crazy, it’s Felicity.
James stood up from the sofa and wiped down all the handprints from Felicity as if it was a contagious disease. Damn right she is.
“No, I have to sleep with every guy in high school. That’s my goal. And if you weren’t born then I would have slept with your brother and get to sleep with him!” The devil pointed at Niall. How dare she even have the guts to say that?
Now it was Niall’s turn to rage. Felicity was really just trying to get on everyone’s fiery side. Is she that stupid enough to do that?
“You just wanted to sleep with me? I thought were a slut but wow, you really are what Emma portrays. You’re just the sluttiest skanky rat I’ve ever known.” He snapped with anger.
Go Niall!
“But you love me! And I love you! You stayed with me even when that– that thing stepped in.” Felicity screeched. It was so hilarious how she thought of all of us. I scoffed with a smirk on my face.
Oh, so now I was a thing. Great.
“Well, newsflash, I never loved you. You always ordered me to make you food and you never ate it anyway. You used my freaking credit card and dragged me along everywhere to go shopping for you. Did you ever think about me? Did you ever buy any thing for me? Did you even think about going to the food court at least? No. And you say you love me? I only stayed with you because management told me to so people would think that the gameshow had some effect on my life. With Emma, at least I’m happy. At least, I can be myself near cameras when I’m with Emma. Although she kept a secret and lied to me, she’s still a hundred times better than you. Felicity Taylor Leanberg, I’m breaking up with you.” Niall yelled at Felicity. And Felicity blinked in shock.
“No! I’m supposed to break up with you. Not you dumping me! I will not accept that!” She wailed. I was smiling evilly how this is ending for her. I might not have a happy ending, but I’ll be content how Felicity ends up.
“Well, you gotta learn to accept things that don’t always go your way.” Niall spat, pointing at the door.
“Leave my flat. I’ll send all your clothes to your house and returning everything that you bought with my money to all the stores.”
“No, no, not the clothes. I need them!” She wailed.
“You need clothes when your dad is a freaking millionaire? You’re lucky I’m not gonna call the police that you were going to rape James. And don’t even think about feeding the media a whole lie. We caught all the evidence on tape.” I smirked, holding a voice recorder on my phone. I was getting sick of this girl. She was outrageous in so many words possible.
“Just leave, Felicity. You’re getting on everyone’s nerves.” James joined in.
Felicity wailed and all the makeup she wore crawled down her skin with her tears. I would feel sorry but she had done so many awful things to me. She took her bag and wore her red skimpy dress and got out. Once again, it took us a hard time to close the door. Cameras were flashing more than ever, wondering what happened with Felicity.
“Finally, she’s gone.” I sat on the couch.
“I still need to talk to you Emma.”
I gulped with anxiety. This summer was my best mistake and my worst mistake of my life. I followed Niall to his room again. Once we lied on his bed, I thought of all the old times.
“Look, Niall. I’m so sorry and for the past two weeks, I’ve been in my worse condition. I’ve never felt so guilty and regretful. Felicity got in my way and–”
“I know, Emma. I lied. I wasn’t fine this whole time. I’ve had the worst time being locked up with Felicity. And I’ve thought of you the whole time and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I want to be with you. But for now, I need some healing to do. You broke my heart by rejecting me for some secret you kept. I still don’t know what secret you’re keeping from me. I can’t just forgive you in a blink of an eye. I’m sorry but I can’t be with you right now.”
His words hurt my heart, like he slashed my heart into pieces. I shouldn’t have kept that secret from him. I realized that I still need to heal from Father’s death. It’s ruining me bit my bit like a statue crumbling to pieces. I was stupid. I thought I was able to get him back by today. How can I be so dumb?
“Okay.” I was on the verge from breaking down, “I’ll leave now.”
Before I left his room, I looked at his face one last time. It was filled with misery and I couldn’t stand that. Tears flooded down and I ran downstairs. I sobbed quietly, rivers of tears trailing down my face and dropping onto the carpet floor.
James saw one look at me and he knew instantly what to do. He took our luggage and left the house, yelling, “I hope you’re happy that you left my sister crying!”
It was all disastrous. This trip was not what I had planned.
We were in my Aunt Beatrice and her daughter Thalia’s house. They were from my mother’s side from Ireland and they took us in for one day. My tears dried before they saw any so they wouldn’t ask any questions.
James and I shared the guest room and were playing with Thalia who was now six. She was adorable and the cutest girl I’ve ever layed my eyes on. She was also really smart because her parents were both professors at a university for biology and number theory.
I felt a little better being with this little one. She was a ball of sunshine and she made everyone’s day. And, she was also turning to a tough girl. She’s turning into a tomboy like I am and I’m proud of that. She loves archery and she’s also really good at it. Although she’s not the best at the sports that I’m good at, she’s great at other exotic sports. She can ski and snowboard and that’s impressive for a six-year old. She’s skiis in the black diamond area and I love her fearless attitude. When she comes over to Boston, we usually go to Canada and go skiing. I just love her with all my heart because she’s so cute.
“Emma?” Thalia looked up, “I want to be just like you someday or maybe even more. Maybe I can be a professional archer and I can participate in the Summer Olympics.” I chuckled at her big dreams. She has the potential, but it’s so adorable to see a six-year old know that they wanted to be in the Olympics.
“You can do it! You’re the best six-year old archer in this entire world. When you grow up, you’ll be even better.” I smiled at her.
James came in and soon, Thalia had to get her sleep. James and I slept instantly because we had jetlag from the plane. Tomorrow, we’ll be going home and I’ll do anything to get him back.
Because I love him enough to do so.
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