Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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21. Osculation and Overwhelming

“Emma, when do we go to the park with James?” Thalia can get a little impatient, however she is thankfully not spoiled. Aunt Beatrice and Uncle Paul are good parents.
Thalia’s big cute eyes stared into mine. Thalia’s eyes glimmered and her nose fit her face perfectly. I poked her little nose and whispered, “Boop.”
Thalia giggled as she opened her arm for me to hold her. I ruffled her short length hair. It only reached to her shoulders and she looked as adorable as ever before.
“Soon. Let’s just get you ready.” I promised. I picked the tiny six year old up easily, taking her to her small bedroom.
I slipped on her tiny sneakers as I put on mine after. Aunt Beatrice trusts me with Thalia because I’ve always wanted a younger sister. Thalia is almost a younger sister to me. I treat her with my life and whatever she wants is what do for her. I wanted a child so badly, having a family to adore and tend. Of course, I will always love the family that I grew up with, but I would feel more complete with both families.
“Come on, James.” I breathe out exasperated. James came quickly, swooping Thalia from my arms, who happily squealed in delight.
Stepping outside the flat, we walked towards the park. I remember going to this park when I was seven years old. That was the first time I came to Ireland. The lush green trees always fascinated me and the huge pond excited me all the time. Now, Thalia took my position as she grinned from ear to ear.
James put Thalia down as she headed to the pond to see the ducklings. She was sat down before the pond and made duck noises. She imitated as a small duck and flapped her non-existant wings around, scaring the poor little animals. James and I chuckled at her actions.
While James kept an eye on Thalia the whole time, we walked slowly. I took this time to worry about how I’m supposed to get over Niall.
He still hasn’t answered me or contacted me in any method so I guess he still hasn’t forgiven me yet. That’s devastating to know.
I sighed as I kicked a bottle I found while I was walking. James looked at me sympathetically and I dipped my head down in regret.
Why was I so stupid? Why did I fall into Felicity’s trap? Who cares if the world knows that my father was dead? It’s not like it was going to revive him or some sort.
If the letters didn’t work, then I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried my best, dragged along my brother to help me. I can’t call him. I don’t have his number. I don’t have any personal way of talking to him besides Twitter. But Niall stopped going on Twitter for a while now.
In response, I get a broken heart. Oh, the joy.
“Emma!” That wasn’t not James or Thalia. I turned around swiftly to face a blonde man. I gasped quietly when I caught sight of him.
My heart almost stopped beating. What was he doing here? How did he know I was here?
“Niall?” I faintly whispered, averting his eyes. I didn’t want to make eye contact. I don’t want to see what was in his eyes. He must’ve noticed that when I saw his small frown.
“I came here to visit you. I need to talk to you. Personally.” Niall gestured towards James who was sneaking peeks at his phone while watching Thalia. I nodded, pointing my hand towards the trail in the park. I headed that way as Niall walked beside me. The trail can give us enough time to talk.
We walked together in an awkward silence. I informed James that I was taking a walk and that I was coming in fifteen minutes by text. I didn’t tell him about Niall because I don’t want him to follow me just in case if I was okay. I didn’t need his help, I try to be an independent woman.
“Emma?” I nodded, still avoiding his eyes, “Please look at me.” He begged. There was so many emotions mixed into his voice. Passion, longing, plead tried to grasp my inner soul.
Maybe I should ditch my studies. I should be a poet. My descriptions are legit enough.
It took a lot of my strength to give up and look at his blue eyes. They still captivated me, as always. The blue eyes reminded me of the sky. It changes ever so slightly to a lighter hue when the side of his eyes wrinkle as he smiles. It can turn darker when his face matches his feelings of darkness shadowing his face. I became hypnotized to them, the beauty stunning me.
“I came here for one thing, and one thing only.” Niall whispered, scaring me as my breath hitched. I’m scared to hear the next phrase. After all, we met here coincidentally. How ironic that I was just thinking about him and he appears at the same park that I loved ever since I was a little child, not much older than Thalia.
“For you.” Cue the moment when my thoughts flooded into my mind. It was like a dam breaking and a bunch of words flowing out. My head felt woozy and I almost stumbled where I was walking.
What’s happening?
Why did he come here?
Why is here for me?
How did he know I was here?
Did I do something wrong?
Is he going to forgive me?
And why me?
My face etched a look of worry as I averted my eyes from his face again. My eyebrows crinkled and my lips puckered into a sour face. I wanted these questions to stop coming. They were making me dizzy. I almost tripped over my own feet again. I clutched my head and caught myself before I fell. I stared at my feet, absorbing into my sneakers. They do look nice...
I heard a tired sigh.
“Emma. I just wanted to say that the letters you sent me, they were really heart warming. Thank you for those. I’m so sorry for what you had you go through.” His head dipped down with sympathy. Those words. I hate how every human being apologizes for knowing what I went through. There was no point of apologizing. You didn’t cause it. You didn’t force the secret out of my throat. I have that privaledge and I gave the secret safely in his hands. I trust him enough to take care of that small secret. It was almost like a small little angel that is so easy to let loose. If I trust him enough, I hope you trusts me now that I’ve told him all the possible things I could’ve told him.
“I don’t like to be pitied.” I snapped, picking my head up, shooting a glare at him. Sympathy over my father’s death is pathetic and I hate the feeling.
Niall’s face was surprised, shocked that I would say such a thing to him.
I slowly changed my face into an apologetic one as I muttered, “It’s a reflex.”
“As I was saying, I didn’t know that you had all those feelings and secrets locked up in you. And I know how hard you worked on those letters. Emma, I just wanted to say that I forgive you.” He held my shoulders so gently.
It felt nice that we had contact, honestly. I hadn’t met in for almost a week after the time when Niall broke up with Felicity.
“You do?” I looked up. I recalled the first time I met him and noticed he was a few inches taller than me.
Niall nodded and he enveloped his arms around my waist. I embraced him with a hug back and we stayed there for a bit.
I was content at the time, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else but in Niall’s arms. We fit together perfectly. He wasn’t too tall that I felt unconscious. I normally did not like tall guys because compared to them, I would feel incredibly weak and I strongly detest the feeling of being futile. But with Niall being close in height as me, I felt like we were equal. I felt like my body was made just for him to hug me.
And that was good enough for me.
“Emma?” Niall looked at me as he pulled apart our hug. I almost pouted because I wanted to stay in his arms longer. But I didn’t care when I saw what he was doing.
Niall found an orange and pink ombre flower next to him and plucked it. It looked like the sunset while the colors stream across the sky. He pushed my hair back and put it behind my ear so it stayed.
“Will you be my girlfriend?”
I was too shocked to even speak. So overwhelmed, that I dropped my jaw. My eyes almost bulged out and blinked two times. I rubbed my eyes once when it was getting glossy.
“Of course!” I smiled, hugging him. Niall let out a deep breath as his muscles became calm from his tense position. I laughed into his shirt, nuzzling my head into his neck.
My head tilted upwards and our lips touched. It was an electrifying touch. Sparks flew everywhere in my stomach as the little elephants revived and are parading around my stomach.
I honestly thought the first kiss would feel worse than this. This is better than eating Tony Roma’s. This is better than any sport in the world. I would trade this feeling for anything in my life.
Our lips molded perfectly, and we stayed there, hugging each other. He held my waist as my arms encircled around his neck.
We finally gasped for air, when we couldn’t breathe anymore.
I had to say, my first kiss will be something I will never forget. And I grant Niall to take my first kiss.
We touched our heads and we rubbed our noses together, creating an Eskimo kiss. I felt like a lovesick puppy, finally in love. Without having to look like an idiot in front of people saying that I was never asked out. I can finally claim that the boy I love, adores me back.
“Let’s go back to your brother, eh?” Niall spoke on my neck. Shivers tingled every inch down my back. I nodded as we cupped our hands together. Our walk back was a lot better and jovial than before.
This park has never been more special before.
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