Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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5. London and Lunch

London... My feet was on London ground. The place I've always dreamt of going to. Hailing a taxi, I directed the driver the address I was instructed to go to. I had to keep reminding myself that the driver is on the right and the road is on the left. Very confusing, I tell you.
When I reached my destination, I looked up to see a very big building, not only tall but wide.
Stepping inside, I was ushered into a room filled with sofas and girls.
All I heard was chatter. Sighing, I plopped onto a empty sofa, knowing that it will be hard for me to make friends seeing that there's only 5 guys who are most likely slobs, and girls crawling over for them. I put on my Beats that were wrapped around my neck on the airplane.
Wake Me Up by Avicii started playing. Tapping to the beats, I closed my eyes. My dad always wanted to come here and ever since he introduced the idea, I've wanted to come here. I was always more of daddy girl, he helped me to become who I am right now. Same with my brother. So we were both horrified with the news of my dad dead from a mass murder. I was 14 and I had a ridiculously hard time with my life and school. Everyone thought I would never stop depression. But when I was cleaning my garage 5 months after my father's death, I found my father's guitar and my mother's electric piano under a black sheet. Cleaning the guitar, I brought it up and eventually I taught myself to play. Piano was easier but it was slightly tricky with the chords. After my father's death, James and I grew closer than ever. He taught me to play his drums which was in the studio downstairs. And as my 15th birthday present, my mother and many other relatives bought us a 5 microphones and a boombox system. James and I had a marvelous idea to make a band which led to our friendships with Mike and Jake. With James on the drums, Jake on the piano, Mike on bass guitar and my guitar and vocals, we formed a band called Four Crew. By the time I was 16, James and I were normal again. I still miss my father but I knew he would want me to continue life without sulking about him.
"Hello, ladies! Welcome to The Next Big News! I am the host, Jackie and I am excited to start this show! First things first though, the rules. We are handing out little booklets with rules. There are fifty of you however today, we are eliminating 1 of you. I know it sounds unfair but we need to balance the quantity." Jackie pauses scanning our faces. I eventually received a booklet.
"I will now name everyone to know that we are here alphabetically. When your name is called go follow the security guards. Alexa Anderson, Quincy Asher..." she continued. Knowing that my name will pop up soon, I waited.
"Emma Burton" I stood up, taking my suitcases which were loaded onto a cart and followed a guy named Carl.
Not knowing what to do, I continued to listen to music until Jackie came in.
"Okay, 1 girl was just eliminated so I want you to know how serious this is. There are 3 categories. Each week is a different one. We will give you your schedules every Saturday. On Mondays, you'll perform all the things listed for each week. However, Sundays and Saturdays are constant. Sundays are your training day and Saturdays are the results and the introduction to the new topic." Jackie informs us.
"Where will we sleep?" One girl in the background shouts.
"You will sleep with a partner and I understand that there is an odd number. So one of you will have to stay alone." she says. This is my chance!
"I will." I said standing up. I felt eyes on me. "I want to be alone." I stated.
"Well then that settles. Everyone else, please choose a partner." she says. Every girl stood up and scurried to find their own roommate. I got a piece of paper.
Topic of the week: Dancing
Breakfast served: 7-9 AM
Lunch served: 12-2 PM
Dinner served: 6-8 PM
Practice: 3-4 PM
Performances: 4:30-6
Freetime: Rest of the time
Dancing only has 2 topics. Hiphop and Ballroom
I had to admit, I did get plenty of freetime. At home, my schedule only consists 4 things: eat, Uni/hw, music, and sleep. I barely had time except at night. And seeing as the topic was dancing, I pouted. I wasn't bad; I was actually realy good at hiphop. But when it comes to ballroom, I suck. I'm like a fish on iceskates on land. Yes, I'm very clumsy when it comes to heels. I prefer being a tomboy very much. It makes life easier. I don't have to worry about clothes, shoes, makeup, hair, and nails. I looked up as everyone started lining up collecting their room number and keys that leads to your room. Jackie came up to me.
"Emma Burton, right?" I nodded.
"I need to talk to you in a different room, away from the other fangirls." I wondered what she needs. I stood up and followed her. Once we got to a different room, she turned around gribbing my shoulders.
"Now please do not scream. Please." Jackie begged.
"I don't know. Depends on the information." I replied. Jackie gulped.
"You're not actually staying in the room by yourself. Because One Direction is five members, one of them will stay with you. And that is Niall." She explained, anxious to see my reaction.
I was about to scream. Not of happiness. But because of anger.
"What?! You told me I was going to be alone!" I screamed.
"I don't want to be with them! It's bad enough that I'm in a building filled with fangirls!" I yelled frustrated.
Jackie's face expression was confused. Very confused.
"Wait you're not, you're not..." She stuttered.
"I know." and when I said that, the gingerhead roared with laughter. My fists started to relax as I chuckled. Maybe I was overexaggerating.
"Let me introduce myself. I'm Jackie Hessing. 18 years."
"Emma Burton. 17."
"I have a feeling we'll be good friends. Here are your keys.Your room is in the top floor. Hope you aren't afraid of heights." she said as I took the keys and nodded.
Seeing as the floor was the 16th floor, I rolled my cart into the elevator. Awkwardly waiting, I tapped my foot.
16 floor and I rolled my cart. Unlocking the door, I stepped in. I pulled my cases off my cart and rolled them in. I analyzed my room. There was 2 beds, thank god. I had my own computer yay! There was a flat screen HD tv. I excitedly took out my Xbox. Knowing technology well, It took me only a couple minutes to hook it on. I glanced at the clock, 10 in the morning as I changed into sweats and a hoodie. Notifying my mom I was safe, I quickly started to play Call of Duty.
"Okay, So I have to show you guys this girl, she was so funny, I fell on the floor." I heard someone, well some people come in. Must be Niall and his bandmates. Everyone stopped as they saw me.
"Um, hey, I'm your roommate." I chuckled slightly. I hate being awkward. It just wasn't me.
"Which one of you is Niall? I asked.
Everyone looked shocked.
"I am." The blonde one spoke up. I examined his features. Blue eyes, bleached hair (I noticed the brown roots), and a inch or two taller than me.
"Cool. Well you guys continue what you were doing and I'll continue my game." I said. They continued to stare.
"Yeah, let me repeat that. I'll do my thing which is Call of Duty, and you do yours." I replied to their gaze.
"Do you know us?" one dude spoke up.
"Yeah I do. You guys are One Direction. But that's all I know about you." I replied.
"Don't take this the wrong way but why are you here?" Niall told me.
"Well I wanted to be alone in this non-fangirl room but Jackie told me I was going to room with you." I replied.
"No, I meant the show."
"Oh... well I was kinda forced to."
"Well that's a surprise. Anyways, I'll be going now." Curly hair spoke. Everyone besides Niall mumbled farewells to Niall as he closed the door.
I continued my game as if nothing happened.
"Well, I'm Niall Horan, 20 years old." I responded with a nod as my eyes were glued to the television or as they call it here, the telly. Might as well start talking British words.
"Emma Burton, 17, almost 18." This is the second time I introduced myself. I managed to look up for a few seconds, glancing at the clock that says 11:45. Oh time flies. I shut off the telly and slip onto my shoes.
"Where ya going?" He asked sweetly.
"Lunch starts in 15 minutes and I sure don't wanna miss it. By the way, are skateboards allowed in here?" I said.
"I don't know. And I'm coming with ya." he followed.
"Well if you don't know if I could, I guess we can find out?" I grinned. Grabbing my skateboard, I took my keys and rolled out into the hallway.
I saw Niall running after me as we both entered the elevator.
"By the way, I suggest you and your friends pretend to not know me. I don't want to be the cause of World War III." I joked. He laughed.
That's when I thought, 'Maybe the boys aren't as bad as I think they were.'
When we reached to the desired floor, I lined up as fast as possible riding my skateboard. Girls stared at me as I rushed for the cafeteria. Then there it was. The treasure.
A buffet. My mouth started to water as I grabbed plates, mind you, PLATES and began spoiling myself. Noticing the screams, I knew the band walked in.
"That's a lot of plates. You think you can finish that?" I heard a voice. Turning around I saw a petite lady of the age of 50.
"Yes and you are?" I inquired.
"Carol Mcgathy, professional cook."
"Emma Burton, Google intern. Are you gonna eat?" I said as I sat down.
"Thank you for the offer but I'm just going to drink tea." she said as she sat down next to me. Knowing my manners, I ate with caution. Normally I would've gobble my food down but with an elder that is not possible.
"So, you're a professional cook huh?" I asked.
"Yes. I cooked for Gordon Ramsay." and with that I almost spit out the soda I was drinking.
"You cooked for Gordon Ramsay? He's my culinary idol." I told her.
"Do you want to talk to him? I can dial him if you want." She offered. How can I turn down Gordan Ramsay?
"Really? You'd do that for me?" I gasped.
"Yeah, anything for a fan of Gordan Ramsay and his work." Carol replied, whipping out her phone.
"Hello? I'm with a fan of yours and she would be delighted to talk to you. Yes, uh, Okay." Carol handed me the phone.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hello, this is Gordan Ramsay."
"Yes, oh my god. I'm Emma Burton and I'm a proud fan of you and your food!" I blurted.
"Why thank you. I appreciate it." He said.
"Your welcome. I watch all of your shows, from Hell's Kitchen to Kitchen Nightmares. Personally, my favorite is Masterchef." I babbled, excited to know that Gordon Ramsay is on the other line listening to me.
"Wow, you're a bloody great fan. I'm terribly sorry but I am in a hurry. I hope you have a great day!" Then he hung up.
I sat there speechless. for words. I hugged Carol giving her the phone back.
"Thank you Carol. I don't know how to repay you." I thanked multiple times.
"No worries. You can repay me by eating my food." She chuckled.
And with that, I ate the three plates in front of me shamelessly happy.
I guess I might have a great time here.
Song challenge: "As long as I'm here, as long as you love me"
Hope you like this chapter! It's a bit longer than what I'm accustomed to.
Happy reading :D
~Fawn, xx

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