Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

Trailer created by @ivorystars from Wattpad

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7. James and Jealousy

Niall seems like a nice fella. He’s good at singing although, his style is too young for my music taste. I do have to admit, he sings well, not amazing, but decent for a singer. And he doesn’t act very snobby at all, although he can get a bit nosy, but everyone’s nosy. I turn off my Xbox, because I was getting bored. I heard water from the bathroom turn which only told me that he was showering. I took out my laptop, logged onto Skype and check for the mark that signals my brother was on. Luckily, he was, so I clicked and started video chatting him.
“Hey! How’s it going in London?” James asked. I made a thumbs up hand gesture, showing him all is well.
“Do you like it there?”
Quite frankly, I did. It’s fun and I can’t wait for tomorrow. I can definitely get something out of this.
“Yeah, even though I’m not planning on getting a new boyfriend, I really do need the money to pay off my college dues.”
“Ah, well Mike and Jake are blaming me that you brought the Xbox and all the fun games with you.” I giggled at the comment, imagining the immature boys hanging onto my brother.
“Tell them I said Hi, Okay?” I asked, missing my friends. I heard the water shut, saying that Niall finished showering. Hopefully, he’s changing in the bathroom, not here...
“Who’s your roommate?” James asked.
“The dude that made this whole show. Niall” I said, bluntly.
“Your roommate’s a guy? You’re not sleeping with him are you?” He looks at me suspiciously.
“What? No! I don’t like him in any way! He’s not my type!” I exclaimed. I heard the door behind me open as I felt the hot steam of fog press on my back.
“Who’s that? Your boyfriend?” Niall spoke, with a clenched mouth.
“No, Niall, meet my twin and younger brother, James. James, Niall. I would make you two shake hands but, you know, that’s not possible.” I try to lighten up the tension in the room. I see relief in Niall’s eyes and body motions as he let his shoulders slump. What was that?
“Anyways, I should get going, Mom wants me to set dinner. I have to do yours and my chores. Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder why I told you to go to the reality show. I don’t wanna do your chores. You owe me.” James complained.
“Sure, whatever you say, little bro. See you tomorrow?”
“Yeah, meet you at 5, well, technically 10 for you. Is that okay?”
“Sure, I guess so. Goodbye.” I hung up shortly afterwards.
As I head for the bathroom to wash up, I glanced at the clock which says it is 11. I yawned. 11 is nowhere close to when normal teens sleep but I like to sleep so I sleep pretty early for a seventeen year old. I quickly showered and changed in the bathroom to my pajamas that I had brought which consists of a gray tank top and fluffy shorts. After slightly drying my wet hair with the towel, I brush my teeth. Brushing, I take a long look at myself. Because I don’t wear make up or use hair products except a hair tie, I don’t see myself in the mirror often. My pale skin doesn’t contain any pimples although you can see faint freckles on my cheek bones. My legs are slim and tall, because I play soccer and track. And my arms are short, although I must say, I have muscles. Probably from the martial arts class I took when I was young. My hair is dark brown and straight. As I took in these features, I had to say, I don’t look ugly. Of course, I’m not pretty, but I’m not downright disgusting. I washed my face and dried with the towel I was using. Then I headed out to sleep. When my body hit the fresh air, I started to get cold. Walking to my bed, I saw Niall checking me out. Suddenly, my whole body stiffened into an awkward robot. Covering my body with the blankets, I turned the lamp that lit my side of the room off.
“You’re sleeping already?” Niall raised his eyebrows.
“Ya know, I came from America so I have something you should be familiar with.” I smirked. He took a moment to think of it but his face lit up.
“Jetlag” he grinned as I nodded, closing my eyelids.
“Yeah, so you’re gonna do something?” I asked, yawning. Hope he didn’t noticed that, ‘cause I look ugly when I yawn. Why should I even worry about that? It’s not like I have any feelings for him anyway.
“Uh, huh. I’m gonna meet with the boys in Harry’s and Louis’ room. Wanna come or sleep?” he offered but I declined, seeing that my eyelids were already closed.
“Alright then, good night.” He said as the room got darker. I heard the door creak and shut. I hesitated to say good night back but by then, I was too tired to say anything. Soon enough, I fell into a deep sleep.

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