Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

Trailer created by @ivorystars from Wattpad

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2. Introductions and Interviews


I backed up in horror. I don't want to do this. I really can't do this.

"Emma, you have to do this." My mom squealed like a stereotypical teenager.

I mentally face palmed. Why does my mom act like a sixteen-year old teenager? Every year, she tried her efforts to convert me back to the six-year old girly-girl I used to be. It's worthless. I'm never turning back into the girl I used to be. I used to adore Barbie dolls, now I adore chopping of Barbie dolls' heads. Call me crazy, but that's how I feel like doing now.

I groaned with disagreement. Usually, I don't listen to my mother nor my brother and I deal problems on my own. But once my mom and who I thought was a loyal brother gang up on me, it is a deadly combination. There was no turning back once that happens.

The easy way, the best way and the only way is to give up and do what they ask of me. There was practically no choice in backing away.

They should actually have a slogan for that.

Whenever James and my mom gang up on me, I shall expect a conversation like this:

"Emma, you should do this. It is the easy way." My brother said.

"The best way." My mother chirped.

"The only way." They chorused simultaneously.

I shuddered. No, never mind, that would be way too creepy. I am not in the mood for creepy family members. What are they robots? Certainty not under this roof with me here.

James's approval snapped me out my thoughts. "You should do it Emma." James nodded.

I groaned again. Here's the deadly combination that my mom and my brother use against me. Why must I be the innocent little target? What did I do wrong? I swear, I didn't steal any cookies.

"Fine," I finally gave in. If I had declined, my so called "family" will continue pestering me until I agree. Since, I don't want to go through those motions, I'll just accept what has happened. But, oh how I wish I can say "no." Sighing, I glared at my family.

"Aww our little Emma is already growing up!" Mike, getting up to pinch my cheeks. Bad move, boy.

I punched his hand away completely out of reflex. I am not letting any guy touching me unless I acknowledge and let them. And Mike, most definately does not have my permission. He squeaked a soft "Ow" towards my way.

"You're pushing it." I growled. The boys backed away and scooted their butts all the way across the living room. I smiled innocently, as if nothing has happened. Smart moves, you never know what I'll do next to torture those puny boys.

My mother looked at me expectantly and I sat up straight because according to her, I have to act like a lady my age. I wish I could have the guts to talk back and shoot that my mother shouldn't act like a sixteen year old hormonal teenager. But, as always, I have to look like a kind lady in my mother's eyes.

"It says you need to have an interview to compete." I scrolled down and read the instructions as I turned on my camera from my laptop. I clicked some buttons to turn on the blue light so I can start.

Looking at the camera, I recorded. Everyone around me shushed into silence.

"Hey, so this is for the Next Big News, am I right? I'm going completely out of scratch. No index cards, no script, no nothing. I don't have time for this rubbish and also because I utterly don't care. I'm competing for this competition or whatever it’s called because some idiot like my brother," I shot a hard glare towards him, "decided to think I should do this dump crap. I'm sorry for my poor attitude but I'm tired and I would rather be playing some videogames. My name is Emma Burton. I'm eighteen years old, currently attending MIT from Massachusetts and an intern for Google. I'm studying software computer technology. I'm half Canadian and Irish but I live in United States at the world-famous... Drumroll please." Jake made a very realistic drum sound.

I continued my interview. "Boston! Some of my favorite hobbies are eating, video games, playing sports, singing, and playing my heavenly guitar." I smiled at the thought of my guitar. Apparently, I have to continue because my mother had to flick me at my head. I muttered a soft "Ow" under my breath, before I took a breath to talk another minute.

"What's the next question again? Oh, how music affects me, huh? Well, music is my everything. I love doing all the musical activites. I actually like pop rock. That's my favorite genre for music, probably one of the only genres I can survive listening to. I also like electronic because I play professional guitar and I love hearing the sound of the DJ hitting some melodies. Honestly and I'm being really honest here, I'm not really into teen pop. I really hate bubblegum pop. It gets on my nerves. So that means you, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and all the other teen pop stars. If you're gonna ask me why I'm doing this, don't ask. You can call all the way from wherever you are to Boston so you can call my mother and brother to ask. Anyways, my favorite artists are Maroon 5, One Republic, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and The Script. Five artists and I plan not to have any more. I always listen to music; you will almost always see me around with headphones or earphones walking down the street. And I hardly go down the street. So I guess that's it. I'm done here. Adios. Fun fact: I speak fluent Spanish. No, just kidding. I only know a little bit from middle school and high school. Bye." I smiled as I stopped recording.

I grinned as I filled out the applications for the contest, answering simple questions like my age, nationality, and other personal information. I casually clicked the terms and agreement button, not bothering to read it. I mean who reads it every time they sign up for something?

Then I thought of all the Directioners who would participate for a chance like this. There was no way I could have gotten through. What are the chances? Like they would actually want Niall to date a ridiculous girl like me?  And even if I did, I would need the prize money to pay off for my university bills. I scoffed with disbelief that I even fretted about getting into the show. No chance, nada. Here comes Spanish again.

Also, I need to do something to spend my summer. I might spend this summer like every other summer. If I do get in, which I highly doubt, I can do something besides studying for the next year, playing some sports, stare at the computer as I type in codes, play videogames or stuff myself with ribs from Tony Roma's. Who knows, my life might change from the small summer. Who knows? Joining this stupid gameshow won't harm me at all. Might as well take the chance so I can pleasure my mother without any pestering. With that, I continued to eat my precious ribs. I will never regret becoming a tomboy.



Wow! We just finished our tours today.  The last concert was minutes ago. The fans never cease to amaze me by their loud screaming. Sometimes, I wonder why we haven't gone deaf yet. I should compare my hearing before becoming famous and then now where I am.

I chugged down the water bottle and felt beads of my sweat dripping down. My white shirt stuck to my body as the other boys look just like me. We were all exhausted. Holding a time where millions of girls are needed to be entertained is very hard. We have to have a lot of stamina, jumping and belting notes out as the same time for a number of hours. But still, I'm thankful for my job. Besides, it's my responsibility, my career, I couldn't complain, after all I'm getting money out of this. I shouldn't complain when I have such a huge salary and such a fun job. I let a exhausted breath out and I saw something flash from the corner of my eye.

My phone blinked, signaling that I have received a message. I picked it up to see what was needed to be seen.

From: Steven

Dear Niall, We have prepared you 100 interviews for you to watch. Now, you and the lads divide it and each watch 20 interviews. Pick 10 each and write them down. Then send it back to this email by 8 o'clock.   

I turned my phone off.

"Lads!" I called them over, waving my arm to come here.

"Yeah?" Harry asked, facing me as I lifted my head from my phone.

"You know the gameshow I'm holding," They nodded as I continued, "Well, the last stage goes to us and we have to watch twenty videos each. I'm sorry for bringing you guys into this. You could've have been spending your summer break, but Uncle Si dragged you guys into this. I'm so sor--" Liam interrupted me.

"No, it's fine. Besides, I wanna actually see you be happy for once. I've never seen you with a girlfriend, besides. I'm sure everyone else feels that way about you. We'll be more than happy to see you be happy."

I was astonished. Was I really that sad? I was always striving to become happy, to look happy. I was happy but whenever I saw Zayn or Louis cuddling with their girlfriends and chirping about how wonderful their girls are, I feel like I'm missing out on something. No, I haven't had a girlfriend in more than 3 years and I miss the feeling of being happy. I hope this gameshow could actually help me. I want to cover that empty pit in my stomach with sunshines and rainbows whenever I see my future princess.

During the whole ride to my flat, we talked casually like five normal guys. I missed the feeling. We only had the time to do this kind of socializing in the car or our hotel rooms.

"Did you see David Beckham's kick? It was epic!" We chatted and I smiled at this homey feeling.

We went to my flat near London as I sent twenty emails to each of them. We all took our phones and laptops as I told them about the message Steven sent me.

Then we started.


I saw some good interviews with pretty girls who sound very sweet and a couple who freaked me out. There was one who intrigued me so much. She was charming and funny.

"I'm sorry for my poor attitude but I'm tired and I would rather be playing some videogames." There was something about this girl. Even though she was quite cranky, somethign told me she wasn't like this everyday. I saw a deep hole in her eyes, like something was missing. Maybe I'm just hallucinating or maybe the camera showed something weird. But she was always on my mind while I watched the others.

I yawned from exhastion. I guess, I was tired from the concert. It felt good to be home.

I jotted mine down on loose leaf sheet of paper. The cranky girl was my first on my list.

Emma. Even her name was beautiful. Every aspect of her was interesting. Her attitude interesting me so much. It wasn't something I was accustomed to.

I've encountered haters so many times but none like her. She wasn't technically pleased with meeting us because of the fact she had no interest at all. But she also seem a little excited by her tone at the end. It was almost as if she didn't have anything better to do so she thought this was a good twist in her life.

When I finish, I looked at the other boys. Every boy was reacting slightly different. Zayn was smiling at his phone, Liam was blushing a slight rose color, Louis was laughing hysterically, slapping his thighs, and Harry was smirking with a glint in his eyes, God knows what he was thinking.

Tired of the interviews I told the lads what to do so I can sleep.

"Can you guys finish up? You can stay over if you want. I don't mind. I might wanna sleep because I'm tired. Just send all fifty to Steven. My paper is right here, by the way. I'm sorry that I'm being rude but I feel like passing out any time now. The tour really hit me right?" I gave a weak smile. The boys nodded as I thanked them gratefully.

Trudging to my room, I almost collapsed. After washing up, I passed out quickly before I can cover my blankets on top of me.






Hope you enjoyed.


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