Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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10. High Hells and Heights

Breakfast sped by and I found myself at an empty room with literally nothing but mirrors, a closet and a boom box system. It’s training time.
My phone was in my back pocket. I spotted a boombox. I connected them together so I can listen the music I enjoy listening to Monster by Eminem and Rianna played, making a perfect hiphop song.
Criss cross, three, four five six, turn jump, handsup, coffee-grinder, up turn, knee slides, chest pump, finishing move from Michael Jackson. I think this choreography works.
Monster played, Crooked Smile went, Wake Me Up played.
Every song went through the boom box speakers. I practiced with my will. Three times, four times, to nine times. My feet throbbed but I refused to stop. By the time the firth song played, I could barely breathe, beads of sweat trailing down my neck. I stripped my shirt off with only my tanktop on. My stomach contracted making it hard to breathe. I wasn’t even close to finishing yet I still had to practice ballroom.
After a fifteen minute break, my breathing went back to normal. I wobbled to the closet close to me. In there, there were puffy dresses and high heels. I groaned.
Why? Why must there be ballroom dancing?
Screw you high heels.
With different sizes I slipped on the most comfortable one, a blue small heel. My feet dragged me to the center. I can do this. I have to win.
With a determined attitude, I walked to the center. My feet slipped to the side andi came crashin down. Argh.
I wen back up and feel down. Back up and fell down.
What seems like hours, I was able ot walk with confidence and not fall. I was so proud. Me, a tomboy, was almost like an alien to the girl world and now I can walk in heels.
What Horan does to me to do insane things.
After being able to walk, I called it a day and took the shoes of hell of. I inspected my feet, throbbing with pain. They were covered with blisters.
Who knew being a girl is so difficult.
When I put on my combat boots, it was like heaven. I never thought the boots would be comfortable, but now, after the horrible height shoes, it was like a pillow made of marshmallows. I took my phone and my shirt and left the room.
I can’t even take the stairs. So I took the elevator.
Once I got to my room, my legs were jelly. I literally crawled like a toddler to my bed.
I groaned loudly. The bed was so plush. Screw food, I need to sleep.
Wow, never thought I would put sleep over food. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
“Emma!” James shook me.
“Five more minutes, James.” I mumbled. Instead of the usual response I got from my twin, I heard laughter.
“Huh?” I squinted and refocused my eyes to see Niall.
“It’s seven thirty.” He explained.
“In the morning?” I asked. Did I sleep that much?
Niall chuckled, “No, it’s dinner time. You only have thirty minutes.”
“Oh shiz!” I climbed out to wear my boots. I groaned clenching my foot. I forgot I practiced too much.
“What happened?” Niall asked worried.
“Let’s just say I don’t like high heels.” I breathe out. I hate being a girl. Life would’ve been so much more easier.
“Problem solved.” Niall lifted me up over his shoulders. Thrashing I hit back multiple times. He doesn’t even flinch.
“Let me go!” I yelled. I punched a couple more, “What are you, a robot?”
Niall laughed. Laughed.
“Argh!” Frustrated, I gat up. I looked at the floor. Bad idea. I got dizzy in a couple of seconds.
“Please, stop” I croaked with a calm panicked voice. Niall halted to a stop and gently placed me down.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yeah” I strained, clenching my head. I didn’t realize I was breathing so hard.
“You don’t sound nor look okay. Are you afraid of heights or something?” He brushed off the dust on his pants. I stayed silent.
“You are? The great and magnificent Emma is afraid of heights!” Niall grinned. Seeing him grinning, I held a faded smile.
“Oh, shut up.” Punching him one more time. When we entered the cafeteria, staff and camera men were chatting. Most of the girls left and Felicity was no where in sight. Probably at that stupid spa. Instead of a buffet, the cafeteria looks more like a restaurant. Waitresses roam around taking orders. Niall and I sat down. A waitress of the age of twenty headed toward our table.
“Hello, I’m Anne and I’ll be your waiteress. Do you have your drinks?” Anne had a nice bun on her head, glasses and a blue and white apron. She seemed sweet and nice but still, you cna’t judge a book by it’s cover.
“Yeah, I know what I want. Can I have the spaghetti and meatballs, the Ribeye steak medium rare and the chicken noodle soup.” Niall ordered. I skimmed through my menu. I spotted a section that caught my attention – ribs.
“Can I have the full rack ribs, Penne ala Vodka and a Caesar salad wit hthe dressing on the side? For my drink, I’ll have Ginger Ale. That’ll do for me.” I gave my menu to her.
“You guys have a nice date.” She took out menu. Just then did I realize she said “date.” I blushed furiously. This was not a date. It was just dinner.
Even if Felicity was right and Niall did like me, it was highly improbable because he wouldn’t like someone so different from him. He and I were so different. Like sneakers and high heels, Like mentos and coke. I’m almost a guy! If he were to like me, it would almost be like he’s gay.
“Emma, there’s something I’ve been wanteing to tell you yesterday. Now that we have the ime, I think I should tell you” I nodded.
“SO I had a nightmare. You won this whole contest thing and got the trophy. But this black glob, it was so hidious, came up and swallowed you. I-it was horrifying.
Black glob. Felicity. It made sense. Felicity was right. She said I was going to win. And my decision was exactly right; I was about to step down to Felicity.
“Oh.” I had no idea how to react, “you want to go and just hang out? Just the two of us?” I offered.
Niall opened his mouth into a wide smile. Something so small makes my heart flip. Niall made me feel like I met my soul mate.
“yeah, I would love that. Thank you, Emma” he grinned, “I couldn’t have asked for any more.”
“Not a problem.” I replied.
Anne came with a cart of plates filled with food.
“Sorry, you’re orders were so big, I had to place them on carts.” Anne apologized.
“It’s funny,” I took our plates, “how we eat so much.”
Anne laughed at my remark.
“I must get goin now. I hope you enjoy your food!” she scurried off after we thanked her. From then on, we ate.
“I’ve never seen a girl kill this good.” Niall breathe out while we teamed up and killed zombies.
Yes, I’m a zombie killer. Don’t believe me because you’ve never see a zombie before?
That means, I am doing an excellent job.
“Well, now you’ve seen one.” We were on opposite sides of the room using both computers.
We had gaming headphones that we picked up on the way. After the game, I picked up a small mutter that must’ve slipped from Niall’s mouth. It made my blood freeze and give me shivers.
“I’ve never seen a girl so beautiful like you.”
A/N: There were so many #Nemma (the ship name) moments here. I love it, they're so cute together. I cannot wait for the whole story is results and the winner is named. Anyways, what do you think will happen next? Do you think that Niall purposely wanted to let Emma hear him or did he just whisper it to himself?
The next update will be next week and it will be the performance for the dancing.
Have fun, peeps. Hope you enjoyed the chapter.
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