Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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22. Guitarists and Gelato

“And who is this beauty princess?” Niall cooed at Thalia who giggled feverishly. She flashed a grin when Niall kneeled down, tucking some of her short blond hair behind an ear. I smiled. She obvious liked him.
“My name is Thalia. I’m six years old. See?” She held out six fingers, shoving it into Niall’s face. His face quickly jerked back to refocus his vision.
“Aren’t you the most adorable girl I’ve seen. Thalia, you want icecream?” Niall asked as Thalia gasped and nodded enthusiastically.  Niall swung her up, getting an excited squeal from Thalia,  and started walking off with her in his arms, chatting all the way down.
It was obvious he loved kids. That’s an amazing attribute that he had and one which she wish she could share herself, after all, it was an important quality to have.
“Emma, you picked the right guy!” Thalia yelled towards me as I blushed ferociously at the plain yet powerful statement. Niall guffawed at the little girl’s words. She was quite inspiring, indeed.
They looked cute together. I just wanted to take a picture of the exceptionable scene, so I did. Ever since I started going on Twitter more often, I started tweeting more frequently as it was a way to save me from my bordeom. I decided to tweet their adorableness for the world.
“Look at @NiallOfficial and my cousin, Thalia. Aren’t they the cutest?” I sent. Instantly, fifty favorited and retweeted a second after I put it on the internet. Soon #NiallandThalia was trending worldwide. My cousin had become famous in just a second cause of my boyfriend.  Rolling my eyes at the magic of social networks, I put the phone back into my pocket and continued to follow the two of them.
I felt a long arm on my left shoulder keeping me stable as I yearned to look behind me.
“You think you made the right decision?” James asked as we walked together.
I nodded, closing my eyes. I know I did. In my heart I could the thumping sensation every time we laid eyes on, every touch we shared. It couldn’t be described by any other word but magical and that was just the least it could be. I knew that we were meant to share the lives that we were given, together, in bliss. Even though Niall was my first boyfriend, I didn’t think we’d be breaking up anytime soon.
This relationship shows something: Hard work pays off. Maybe when I’m old and frail, I can tell my great grand children the morale I learned, the one which I would never forget, “Don’t slack off for the one you love.”
I highly doubt if I’ll even be able to tell the story that old, frail and shattered.
“You know you still have to go to school?” James raised an eyebrow. I groaned, must he ruin this moment for me?
“I was thinking about something else. I like software and coding and all but I don’t see myself as a computer software technician when I’m older. I’ll finish school so I can finally graduate and get a degree in computer software. It’ll be a hobby of mine most obviously. Maybe, I wanna go the same path as Niall. I’ll start off small, like as a guitarist or something and soon ill be all over the world. I would be cool if we shared the same fate, wouldn’t it?.”
It was actually true. At first I thought I would pursue computer software but I guess my mind changed its course. I think the gameshow really changed me. From that moment in the studio with Niall to when Niall and his buds judged my music skills. I think I really found passion in music. It gives me shivers whenever I strum the strings of my guitar. Maybe that’s why. Maybe I was made to perform on the stage in front of a thousand others. Even though I might not sing if I become a guitarist, at least I’m making millions happy in this world. I’m fine. I’ll be content everytime I belt out lyrics or brush my hands on those melodic strings whether I’m alone in my room or with hundreds of others.
James nodded, “Not bad. I don’t want you to be a hobo when you grow up and hey, Nial seems to be fine and he started small.” I laughed.
“Don’t worry. I won’t be homeless the next time you see me.”
James chuckled as he swung his arm around my shoulder. He rubbed his knuckle onto my head. I shoved him off, laughing, just like old times at his surprised expression.
“I thought you loved me.” He pouted, obviously faking it. He really needed acting lessons.
I laughed and pinched his cheeks, which glowed rose red in the warm light. Before he started slapping me playfully, I rushed off to where Niall was. They were already in the ice cream parlor. Niall seemed to laugh along with Thalia, who was holding a triple scoop sugar cone, which glistened as the beads of cream ran down as pearls on the side of the waffely party hat.
“Oh, Niall. You’re spoiling Thalia.” Iscolded, grabbing his spoon and taking some of his precious ‘double chocolaty chip’ gelato. You can’t blame me, everyone loves chocolate! Apparently Niall didn’t understand this important food law. Before he protested at the size, I hushed him with a swift peck on his cheek. He slowly calmed down, blushing slightly at the awkward touch. I glanced down nervously, was that right of me? Better to make the best of it!
I laughed  at his cute embarrassment as I got an empty chair for James and I. I groaned as one of the seats had drops of smoothie covering its glassy surface. I soon found a clean empty chair and sat down making myself comfortable.
“You know I’m still mad that you ate my gelato.” Niall pouted, making an adorable face which eased my tensions.
“You want me to regurgitate it back for you?” I asked, blinking innocently into the yellowish glow of the light.
Niall was disgusted. I think I just scarred him with a grotesque image.
James came into the parlor and sat down with us once he got his icecream. We talked for a bit and guffawed at Thalia’s innocent phrases.
“Can you call one of the servants over, Emma?” Thalia asked and I almost choked on my smoothie.
I looked at the little girl who was pointing at the waitress. Niall and James were laughing hysterically at what the innocent child had just said. Slamming the table as I looked at Thalia bewildered.
“Thalia, those people are not servants. They’re called waitresses.” I explained in a voice as serous as I could muster. I called the closest waitress over whose name was Maria, according to the name tag.
“Can we have another Cookie’s and Cream scoop?” I asked, handing her three euros. Maria soon came back with a cone. I thanked her and she didn’t say anything. I looked up and saw big bulging eyes.
“You’re Niall Horan and Emma Burton right?” She sputtered, surprising me. How did she know me?
I slowly nodded my head, hesitantly. Was she a directioner? Did she watch the show?
“I am a huge Nemma shipper!” There you go. The piece of evidence that just shows me you know us.
I don’t really know how to deal with fans so Niall spoke up after I stared back at her, not knowing what to say.
“Hello, nice to meet you,” he politely spoke. Glancing at her name tag, he added “would you like a picture Maria?” She was taken back, but quickly recovered, nodding her head ferociously as she still looked star-strucked.
Maria handed Niall her phone and when Niall was about to take it, Maria called me over.
“Can Emma be in the picture too?” She asked, shyly but with a hopeful smile. I snapped my head up at the sound of my name and. I got up, eyebrows scrunched. What did I do?
I walked over to them and stood next to Maria. Niall was on her other side, so we formed a kind of sandwich with Maria as the jelly or ham or whatever. Hesitantly, I looped my arm around Maria’s shoulders, afraid she would shake it off. Instead, she surprised me by grinning even more widely and looping her own arms around mine. I sighed with relief.
Dang, I am getting the hang of all this fan stuff, I thought. Maybe I was born to be famous like Niall! Peeking at James, I saw that he was sneaking a bite of some of Thalia’s ice cream as she ate some of mine. It was so ridiculous, I laughed out loud. At that moment, a bright light flashed at us, with me still laughing.Niall had taken a picture of us three. Thalia, James, Niall and I were about to leave to prevent more paparazzi or fans from coming but Maria tried to stop us for something.
“Can I ask you guys something?” Niall and I nodded doubtfully, “Are you guys official? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody.”
Niall and I looked at each other. Should we tell her? Why hide the relationship?
Niall gave me a skeptical look before I gave him a slight bob of my head. I faced Maria and searched for Niall’s hand, lacing my fingers through his.
“Yeah, we are.”
Hello! I'm sorry I didn't update in a while. This chapter was pretty difficult to write.
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