Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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9. Fake Bodyguards and Felicity

~~Waking up on a Sunday, I checked the time. 6:32. I looked at Niall’s face as he continued to sleep, rolling around.
Now, I wasn’t stupid. Heck, I’m from MIT, one of the best schools in America. I knew I liked Niall. It doesn’t take a genius to know that. I developed a crush on him, like I always do. I’m a girl, no matter how boy I seem and I am attracted to guys. Niall has this aura that makes me trust him and feel safe. It’s not my first time to have a crush; I actually had a small liking for a guy named Derek but he laughed and rejected me when I asked him to the Halloween dance. Since then, I tried to steer away from love but I think my crush for Niall is too strong. Even though it’s only been a day, even sitting next to him makes my stomach go wild. Here’s some breaking news for you guys. The statement “My stomach is filled with butterflies” is NOT true.
My stomach is filled with elephants. Those stupid elephants tramping everywhere on my stomach making me sick. Argh...
On the contrary, even if I do have a crush on Niall, if I just score the most points, I can win and have Niall.
Oh god... I sound like those delusional fangirls. When did I ever become that?
Shaking away my thoughts, I took out my latest book I’ve been reading, Divergent. This book is amazing. My mind absorbs all the words of the wonderful book.
“Emma?” I looked up to see a surprised yet sleepy Niall.
“Hey, you woke up.” I glanced at the time. 8:16. That means breakfast started an hour ago.
Aw, man. I wanted more breakfast time!
“Breakfast?” I addressed to Niall. Groggily getting up, he stood up.
“Gosh, I am not in the mood to get swarmed by girls.” he groaned. An idea formed in my mind.
A ridiculously crazy one, but adventurous and nevertheless an plan.
“I have a plan. You ready to hear it?” he nodded.
Whispering in his ear, I saw his face go from shock to laughter.
“Okay, let’s do it.” he grinned.
“Ladies! Ladies! Move it!” I yelled with my black mustache.
That’s right people, I have a mustache.
Nial and I created a plan where I became a fake body guard. Just had to wear my wig, a blacksuit, Raybans and a mustache to disguise myself. And so far, it’s working. But the girls kept pushing.
Do you know how hard it is to keep 40 girls from touching one person? Well, let me tell you. It’s hard.
“You’re bodyguards should get a pay raise.” I whispered into Niall’s ear. He laughs out loud which makes two or three girls faint.
Yeah... I am definitely not a fangirl.
“Let him through for Pete’s sake!” I screamed on the top of my lungs. My eyeballs almost jumped out of my eyes. I just forgot that 30 year-old bodyguards don’t scream like a twelve year old.
“Uh, I was born with a high voice.” I excused myself with the stares from the girls. Smooth, Emma.
“Niall, finally we’re here. Go on line. I’ll change in the bathroom.” I whispered. He nodded, so I turned around. I left for the bathroom and tore off all my disguises. I put them in my bag and walk out of the stalls. Washing my hands I was ready to turn around to leave when I stopped myself. I turned around again. My heart pounded to see someone I didn’t want to see.
There she was. Her brown hair with her face made of plastic.
Felicity – those words were maximized to its loudest into my head.
Felicity – the girl who almost ruined my reputation at school.
Felicity – the girl who knows about my father’s death.
“Felicity” my words hissed.
“Emma. How wonderful! What a coincidence!” I looked up to see her plastic face with an innocent smile. That smile is so powerful it almost freezes me and rethink all the thoughts I had of her. But I’m strong.
“What are you doing here?” I growl.
“Uhm, waiting to add Niall to my boyfriend list. Duh” she leaned onto the wall, picking at her nails.
“You don’t deserve him. He should have someone better. Not some slut like you who will dump him the next day.” My hands folded into fists with my voice low.
“Me? Not deserving him? So you think you deserve him?” My expression faltered, “Someone like you?” She eyed me up and down with disgust.
“I don’t like him.” I lied, gritting my teeth.
“Ha!” She chuckled lightly, “You do remember I’m really good at detecting lies? I’m pretty sure you’re lying.”
Darn, I forgot about that part. She was a perfect lie dectecting machine.
She marched up to me in 10-inch heels.
“I will win him and you won’t”
“And what if I win? So what?”
“Hmph, well I guess I’ll spill your little daddy’s secret.” She sneered, eyes gleaming with pride. I just want to punch her as much as I can to dent her pretty little plastic face. No one talks about my father’s death.
“You wouldn’t dare.” I muttered.
“Oh yes I would” she smiled. I expected her to change into a snake because her personality is like one.
“Fine, what do you want?” I scowled.
“Huh, well since Niall likes you,” she reasoned
He likes me? My heart tingled with warmth.
“Hey, lose that smile. I’m not done. Anyways, you’ll probably win so when you do –”
“Ha! I told you. Even you admit that I’ll win.”
“Urgh, you’re so hard to talk to sometimes. Anyways, you’ll win but you’ll give me the trophy as the winner and step down.” She smiled like a sinister.
“How do you know I’ll –”
“Well, you wouldn’t want people to know about your secret” That shut me up. I’ll have to make a decision.
A decision that’ll change my future.
“Make a choice. I expect you to make the right one.” she flipped her hair at me and got out of the bathroom.
I thought for a bit more.
I’ve made up my mind.
A/N: So here's the new chapter.
What do you think Emma decided to do? I really want to hear your thoughts.
Sorry I wasn't able to post it up but I've been busy with tests. I'm almost done writing down the next chapter, and I have to type it up on my Libreoffice Writer, then I'll be able to post it. Also, whoever guesses Emma's middle name will win a dedication. I'll give you a hint: It's a girls name. It is 3 letters long. And it ends with a vowel. Have fun guessing. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE AND COMMENT!
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