Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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23. Epilogue

“If this room was burning, I wouldn’t even notice,” the band belted out.
It’s almost my part. No, I wasn’t going to sing. I’m not part of the band. In fact, the major guitar break will go to Niall and I. I technically wasn’t in the instrumental band, yet, I kinda am. I’m touring with them, kicking off my guitar career. It’s sweet because I’m traveling with Niall. I get to be with Niall the whole time without separating with him.
From that moment Niall and I told Maria we were together, things were never normal at all.
Our relationship was official, perhaps the rumors had spread out. I don’t blame Maria. Thalia could’ve told her friends. Besides, our relationship would be known any time soon. It’s not like we could’ve keep the secret forever.
No, I didn’t want to brag my relationship with Niall; I was just happy to call Niall mine.
Obviously, the fans divided, some supporting Nemma whilst there are the stupid haters. I, honestly, don’t mind the attention. I’m not an attention-hog, no where am I close to that. It’s just that the publicity doesn’t faze me at all. Maybe I was right, maybe in the future I’ll be in a girl band or a musical duet. It doesn’t matter. I’ll still be known because no matter what, I’ll be with Niall. And with Niall, well, comes millions of fans. There are consequences when you’re dating Niall. I understand and respect them.
The haters don’t seem to faze me at all as well. Quite frankly, it just shows how much they care about me. It makes very little phsycological sense. The fans care about me so much to spend their precious little time sending me death threats. It’s like they had nothing better to do but give me attention.
First, I don’t care about the death threats. I simply just ignore them. Only the people who love me and still criticize me will hurt me. Not a bunch of fans, whether it is a million or five people, who don’t know a crap of information about me.
Second, I utterly think those haters are absolutely stupid. I mean, is your life that boring that you just had to waste time hating on people? I mean, I’m not wasting my time, even before I met Niall. I spent my life playing football, eating or videogames.
I wasn’t really a hater of anything. Well, if you count Felicity, then I guess I do hate some. Only the people I know personally. Felicity and I used to be the best of friends and soon it all disappeared.
Are you asking about One Direction? I never ever said I hated them. I merely didn’t give a crap about them in the first place. But as I became closer, I found out they were just normal chaps like every idiotic teenage boy. They became a part of my life, a piece that I can never forget. A piece that will always stay in my life.
I smiled at the thoughts of how I landed on the stage. How everything just fit together like a puzzle piece. Sure, this relationship was extremely hard to make but it got easier. Everything just flowed perfectly. Every single jigsaw puzzle piece fit together to create our love for each other.
Look at me, gushing about love. I never imagined the day when I would ever say that.
After the last note Harry sang, I took a deep breath and brushed my fingers against the strings making a melodic sound. I lived for this moment. To satisfy others. To make others happy. For someone like me, I depend on music. Music helped me cope with all the problems I had. Those late nights I slept was due to me dancing along to The Script or The Used.
There could be so many others that have the same problem or even worse. At least I have a mother and a brother. There were girls out there in the crowd with no parents or siblings. That’s why when I see the crowd, I am always thank the boys. They saved so many lives. So many girls’ lives. These boys are something that girls as young as nine years to old as twenty five years look up to. And I am amazed what these boys can do.
Niall smiled towards me as he stood beside me with a similar instrument. I grinned as well as I got the hang of the beat. Soon I was rocking out the notes, letting my hair loose and flying around. I was having mighty fun and no one can stop me.
I looked beside me and peered Niall having as much as fun doing those mega gravity jumps. He’s been teaching me, that little ol’ lad.
I play the guitar when Niall had to sing or when there is a guitar break. Niall needs to sing not focus on his guitar playing. For goodness sakes, he’s in a band, not a guitar club! He should focus on his vocals while I focus on the guitar. That’s when I volunteered to help him. Obviously, Niall agreed because that would mean I would get to tour with him. And off we went. Here I am with Niall and the rest of the lads.
Life was pretty good. I finished my studies, got a degree in computer engineering. I occasionally help the crew when a computer has gone wrong. Otherwise, I go on my own computer to practice coding some more. I could forget those codes. C++ is quite difficult.
Niall and I have had so much fun travelling. Even though Niall had already visited these places, we’re together, which makes it even better. I really feel like I’m doing something useful in my life. Satisfying others with music in concerts warms my heart whenever I see the crowd screaming one of the boys names.
After I came in to tour with Niall, the band decided to do a new routine at the end of the concert. We would do a cover of a song as a final song. Obviously, it would be a song the whole band prepared for. This time, it was I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.
I’m glad we picked this song. It brings back memories when Niall and I were at the studio. That’s when my feelings started developing for Niall. My heart still flutters whenever Niall smiles as me.
“Now, this next song was a cover we did before.” Liam spoke into his microphone as Niall and I switched into our acoustic guitars. I brought my guitar along with me because it’s extremely special.
It’s more than a guitar. It’s my last memory of my dad and I. Even though I had been fully healed from that scar, I still can’t just let him go at my house. So, I brought my guitar around. It was my first guitar, after all.
“It also created Nemma.” The whole stadium erupted with screams when Niall pecked my cheeks. I slightly buried my head into his shirt.
“Can you guess it? Tweet it and the first person to guess will get a signed autograph from us!” Harry cupped his hand and yelled.
I watched almost every girl take out their mobile out and tapping on it. I guffawed out loud.
“These girls are incredible.” Niall whispered into my ear. I nodded slightly as Niall’s chin landed on my shoulder. His arms enveloped around my waist and hugged it as his guitar swung beside him. I can pretty much feel his smile on me and his cologne rising into my nose.
“Yes, Hilary Jenson, it is indeed I’m Yours!” Liam spoke as the spotlight landed onto a little girl around twelve years old.
That was our cue to strum the first chord of the song. Niall and I looked at each other and as cheesy at it may sound, it was like the whole world had stopped.
But I won't hesitate
No more, no more.
It cannot wait,
I'm yours
I usually sing at the end songs. Niall ended up arguing with the management asking them to let me sing. I honestly didn’t do anything but calm Niall down.
I continued to sing and was still stuck into my trance with Niall. I hadn’t known that the whole band had slowly faded out. Soon, only Niall and I were singing. I looked around to see Harry. He was smirking. That idiot. I bet they planned this on purpose.
Anyways, the whole crowd was screaming. Some girls were fainting. I had no idea why. But soon, Niall was next to me, cupping my face and placing his lips onto mine.
Here comes the elephants. So kind of you to come back again. Welcome back.
Life was really good so far. Even though there was some ups and downs in my life, I learned to control my feelings and thoughts and most importantly, my decisions. My father’s death almost prevented me from meeting the man of my life.
Maybe I am too young to say that, seeing that I’m only eighteen. But Niall is my everything so far.
I don’t even know why he chose me. Why did he? I didn’t try at all to impress him when I first met him. I didn’t shine out of the others. I was just an ordinary girl.
After the concert, the stadium darken as the band slipped away under the stage. I followed them as Niall’s arms connect to mine. I buried my head into his neck as I hugged him. I like doing that, I have no idea why.
“Why me?” I mumbled under my breath. Niall must’ve caught that because he peeled me off of him and stared into my eyes.
“Because you’re the most amazing girl I’ve met. When I first saw your auditions, I was laughing because you were pretty amusing. But that wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention. Behind the whole rage act, I saw a hole in your eyes. A deep pit and I was curious. I love you because you’re you.” Niall told me. My heart warmed.
He didn’t like me because I shined out. No matter how funny I was. No matter how depressed I was.
He loved me because I was myself.
He loves me.
And I loved him back.
“I love you too, Niall.” My fingers was tangled into his hair as his was on mine. Our foreheads rubbed as we looked at each other in the eye.
We were together. And we loved each other immensely.
Even if we are Mismatched, we are Matched.
Hello! I'm finally done with this book! It's not that I don't like writing this but I finally finished a book! I'm so happy.
I hope you liked the epilogue. It's not something I'm used to, but I tried.
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