Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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15. Elephants and Evil

Today is the day. One of the biggest day of my life. I hope I don’t win so I wouldn’t have to suffer making a horrible speech and giving Felicity the stupid trophy. I would like anyone but Felicity to win. The costume staff forced me to wear a green dress however I put on flats despite their complaints, knowing that high heels and I are at a complicated relationship. I refused to wear any sign of makeup and my hair was done in a simple ponytail.

A smile broke out on my face when I saw Jackie in a beautiful black dress holding a mike. It was the final day of the show. The girls who were eliminated were even here. Everyone wore a dress and I was getting sick at the sight of them. I shook my face and peered at Niall who was wearing a handsome suit and tie along with a card with the winner. He was exceptionally bright today with his smile showing a hint of anxiety but it was like sunshine filling up the room. The show will start in thirty second. I adjusted my position on the bleachers and cameras were turned on, blinking red.
“Helloooo!” Jackie entered magnificantly, “Today is a last and final episode and here, one of the top eleven girls is the future love of One Direction’s Niall Horan!” The screams were louder than ever before. I think I’ll get more hearing damage than placing my ear next to a hospital siren.
“Alright, alright ladies.” Ladies? More like wild beasts, “Here is the one you’ve been anxious for, the Niall Horan, standing right before your eyes, which one of you girls will be with him forever.” Niall appeared beside Jackie. Cue the next phase of screaming.
“In the previous episode, Niall Horan’s dates were posted. The watchers got a chance to have their tweet from twitter on this show! To enter, you simply had to write who your favorite date/couple was and why. We will also make sure that Niall will follow you on twitter.” I can imagine every watcher fangirling right now. What a delusional world.
“@Katherineloves1Dxo says this “Felicity and Niall’s shopping trip was tots cute!” I almost gagged. Who uses a shopping trip as an idea for a date? That’s just horrid for Niall. I feel bad that he even had to go on a date with Felicity.
More tweets were coming in and they mentioned other girls’ dates. I had to give them credit for creativity. In one of them, Niall went skydiving!
One tweet caught my eye or I guess, ears. It was about mine.
“From @potatogirl516, she says, ‘Nemma are so cute. I can really see the genuine smile that Niall had that he didn’t for other girls! It would make total sense if she won! They’re perfect for each other!’ Hey, hey, hey,” Jackie sing-songed, “you guys already have a ship name and it’s trending worldwide!” In that very second, everyone whipped out their phones, some with happiness, some with curiosity, and some with anger.
These elephants in my stomach weren’t helping me get over Niall and my decision. You elephants had contributed a lot towards my feelings for Niall. I'm gonna miss you when I leave. Sigh.
“Those were the last of all the tweets. And now for the winner, third place, receiving $200 is Daisy Smith!” Daisy cried but I peered and it was sheers of joy. It was heart-warming. I have seen Daisy with other girls, she didn’t seem so bad. She wasn’t bratty like Felicity and her military but she was simply too crazy about One Direction and too perky for me.
“Runner-up is Felicity Leanberg. You will be receiving a kiss on the cheek from each boy of the band and a picture with all their autographs, as well as $200.” A bunch of claps were spread out, yet Felicity wailed. You just won $200 dollars, you spoiled brat. And you’re crying?
“The winner of this game, getting $1000 dollars and also the love of Niall Horan is...” Jackie dragged out. My heart was beating quickly, my breath quickening, and I was on the edge of my seat. My bottom was faintly touching the bench.
In Niall’s loudest voice, he cupped his hands and screamed “EMMA BURTON!”
No, no, no, no, no. This can’t happen. If I hadn’t won then I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.
Yet, I stood up and walked to the stage. People put wraths around my neck, a certificate and a gigantic trophy. I felt uncomfortable so I simply slipped it off and placed in on the floor next to me. I took a microphone and spoke into it with a speech that was required to be prepared by everyone.
“As much as I love this place and love Niall Horan, I can’t accept this.” I started off, straighfoward, receiving scowls and gasps. I continued and did not dare look at Niall’s face.
“This building has basically built up a one of a kind summer I would never get to have again. Even if Felicity was here, having Jackie, the band and others here made my summer feel more accomplished. I wasn’t just kicking a soccer ball, playing FIFA or strumming my guitar. I was developing more and more and I’ve been enjoying it. I really helped me to become less shy than I would’ve been with girls with the assistance with my friend Jackie. I fell in love with a guy I never expected to fall in love. Niall, you’re an amazing guy,” I avoided his looks, “but as much as I love you, I cannot accept this. I, therefore, will forfeit and instead I will give the trophy and title of honor to Felicity Leanberg. I am truly sorry.”
Everyone stared at me as I gave the trophy to Felicity who was the only one malicioiusly smiling. I hated her for that. I could’ve accepted the trophy and live happily with Niall. But, nooo, Felicity had to swoop in and was willing to break the only thing that was special to me. If she wasn’t here, everything would’ve have went perfectly fine.
I looked at Niall’s face and I immediately regretted it. It was a face filled with hard pain and tears. His face was teary and blotchy red from the crying he had done. I had caused his feelings to evoke me and I felt extremely guilty. Before my own tears had fallen down and caught on camera, I took off, collected my things, my plane ticket. I needed to go home.
Niall’s POV
Emma, how could she have done this to me? She knew how much I admired her, adored her, cared for her. And she did this, giving it to her sworn enemy? I knew who the black monster was now. My tears were long gone and my beady blue eyes glared at Felicity. I went up to her and almost screamed.
“What did you do to Emma?” I yelled, shocking everyone. My eyes were red from weeping however, they also showed rage and fury. I knew Felicity wasn’t innocent. She had caused this whole catastrophe. Whatever she did, I was not happy at all.
“Nothing. I did n-nothing to her.” She shook, stuttering with fear, making it evident that she was lying.
“Oh, so you are my supposed girlfriend. And we’re already into a minute of it and you’re lying to me?” I scoffed, shoot my hard eyes into her soul. I couldn’t let this pesky rat change my future with Emma.
I loved her. And she admit that she loved me back. It was true love but Felicity. She was the one who ruined it all. Emma’s fury towards Felicity had now became my burning rage towards that evil skank as well. Why was Felicity even second place? She was the lowest rank in the dating category because I honestly, do not want to go shopping with the archenemy of Emma Burton.
“She didn’t want me to tell everyone her secret.” Immediately, my facial expression changed. She hid a secret from me? I thought we were close enough to tell each other things. I did not keep any secret whatsoever from her and she was not willing to tell me something?
My anger resettled as I yelled again.
“So you decided that blackmailing her was okay? You know what, I’ve had enough of this.” I trudged back, security following me. The boys rushed forward.
“Are you okay?”
“Do you want to call Emma again?”
“I’ll get a plane ride ticket for you.”
“Let me get you some food.”
That was it. “I don’t need help. The only way to help me is to back off and give me some time alone.”
The boys look at me in shock. I was breathing heavily, wanting to escape as fast as I can.
I was not myself anymore. I wasn’t the bubbly, carefree mofo as people see me as. I was ruined, my heart pulled by a cold fist and ripped into pieces. I didn’t know what to do but I don’t care at all. I don’t care about this wicked world. I don’t care about Felicity or Emma. I don’t care about this gameshow. I couldn’t do this anymore. My job, my life, my everything. How do I even love anymore, when I’m so damaged?
I slammed my door and my knees were on the floor. I whispered, “Emma, come back.”
But she never did. She never will.
I screamed my heart out until my voice was gone was gone. Tears were falling down hard, staining the carpet. I punch the wall as hard as I can, creating a massive hole. I didn’t care if my fists were bleeding. I don’t care. Love ruined me. How can I find happiness in love? How do the people do it in movies?
But movies and reality were not the same.
The guy doesn’t always get the girl. That’s how I felt. My heart sank, my nails chipped from me biting. Music couldn’t bring me back to life. I had no resources. I pushed out everyone. Grabbing all my belongings, I took everything down and headed back to my flat. I plopped onto my bed, with mixed emotions of anger, sadness, regret.
This gameshow was a failure because the girl I loved doesn’t love me enough to say I’m hers.
I'm so sorry... This chapter is truly sad. But don't worry, everything will turn out okay. Don't forget to comment and vote!
Next update will be next week. Keep reading and I hope you enjoyed this chapter, even if it's depressing. I feel bad for Niall :(
Dedication for the person who guesses the band that I've been listening to a lot. Hint: They are an alternative rock band.
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