Mismatched (Niall Horan)

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❝They say that opposites attract, but is it really true? Niall and I are two different people. Different in so many ways.

Different. Mismatched. Opposite.❞

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13. Dark History and Dresses for Dates


"So... That girl we passed by and tripped you, Felicity, how do you know her?"
I sighed. There’s no turning back now.
“I’ll give you the story, but just warning you, it’s very long.” Niall nodded.
“Remember you said I looked at her like she was a devil? I lied about my eye. She and I had a long history. It started when I was five. Hard to believe but I loved being a girl.” Niall faked gasped as I chuckled and continued.
“Felicity and I were really close and we came over each other’s house everyday to play with our dolls. On my seventh birthday, it was an hour away from my frilly birthday party. Felicity came that day with a small little clutch. She had lipstick and a bunch of eyeshadow on. I was shocked; she walked in all bratty and started taking out makeup items. I was scared at that time because I was ignorant, innocent and clueless about makeup. I told her I didn’t want things on my face yet she didn’t take no as an answer.
I ran away to my mother telling myself, ‘I don’t want to grow up like her.’ Sure, makeup made you feel beautiful but I think pure and natural beauty and one’s personality is what catches the most attention.” Niall nods, agreeing to what I’m saying.
“When I blew the candles at my birthday party, I wished to be carefree and become a tomboy. My dad and my brother started teaching me how to eat like a guy, play soccer to beat almost all the guys in my elementary school and master videogames to the point I can play with my toes. Felicity and my friendship broke apart once I made that wish. She was the Regina George in ‘Mean Girls’ while I was one of the top players in the boy’s versity soccer team in middle school. She had her little group of followers who did whatever she said, admiring every single detail of her. I, on the other hand, hung out with my best buds Jake, Mike and my twin brother, James. We stuck together so long, even into college that they practically live in my house.” Niall cringed, obviously jealous. I wasn’t stupid.
“But the turning point with Felicity occurred in highschool. One day, I walked into the hallways. People quieted their conversations and instead hushed whispers, glancing at me. I caught a glimpse of the whispers from a group of girls.
‘Felicity said she was lesbian because she hung out with boys, which practically makes her a boy!’
I was so offended; hanging out with boys was my lifestyle, my way of being comfortable around people. Of course, though, the people would believe Felicity over me. She’s the queen bee of the school. She controlled everyone. I was enraged. She spread a rumor about me that wasn’t even true. All the respect I got from my classmates and my soccer teammates was long lost.
I only had my best friends who didn’t believe some insane rumor and wasn’t stupid enough to fall for it. A lot of my reputation was ruined and ever since then, I despised her for ruining my senior year, one I was supposed to enjoy.” I summarized.
Niall looked, gazed at me, shocked.
“Wow, I didn’t expect to know that there was so much drama between you and Felicity.” he breathed out. I nodded, silently. Quite frankly, I was too.
We lied down the bed, looking to the ceiling. Even though we were quiet, there were a thousand words in my head.
“Hello world again! I’m your host, Jackie Hessings with Niall beside me.” Cue the screaming.
It was a Saturday, meaning they were going to post the results and the next topic.
“Yesterday was the performance of each contestant and WOW! Some blew our minds! Ten girls will be cut off in this round, leaving us only with eleven girls! After the break, the results will be posted.”
“Emma!” Jackie yelled. I came towards her, gushing and smiling. A smile that reached from here to China.
“There will be a huge advantage for the winner of this round.” Jackie winked at me.
I grinned, walking back.
“And we’re back, ladies and gentlemen, with some spectacular news. Behind me are the top eleven for this week. Those who go home receive a poster of One Direction and an autograph from each of them.” The chart went up and every girl’s eyes, tried finding their name, hopefully. I looked at it, and unlike last time, my name was first.
“Congratulations, Emma for winning this round! Now, the winner receives a grand advantage that is a total game changer. Are you ready?” The crowd wooped and cheered.
“Soundsl like you’re ready!” Niall rang out, “Beside me are eleven groups. Number one being the best of the best and down to ten, the lest experienced. Number eleven is empty as you can see. These groups will be your mentors for the next round which will be announced. As the eleventh group, the person is in control and is independent. Now here is the game changer, Emma. You have the power to choose yourself and the others which groups you and they go to.” Wow, it is a game changer. I rubbed my hands to show fake evilness.
“Wow, well I’ll do everyone first. Felicity will be tenth.” I smiled.
Even if her mentors give her a marvelous answer, Niall wouldn’t like being anywhere close to that bratty devil.
I placed everyone where I thought they belonged.
“And finally, I’ll be eleven.” Many gasp, but it isn’t a surprise for me.
I like being in control, independent. When one helps me or pities, I feel weak, like I cannot be helped.
“That’s a daring move Emma!” Jackie laughed, “Now it’s time to tell the next topic which is... after this break!” What a teaser.
From the back, I heard a loud pitchy scream. Felicity stormed up to me with balls of fire on her hands. No I’m joking joking but if it were possible it would be true.
“You are so dead. Why are you first? You’re not good at singing anyways. And you and Niall? I would pay a hundred bucks to see that happen. You and Niall are so different in so many possible ways, it’s not possible. You think he would like a tomboy like you? He would love to be with a girl who is girly, who is sweet. Which I am. So why are you trying to ruin Niall and my future? What did I ever do to you?”
Woah. Did she just ask that/
“What did you ever do to me?” Are you seriously asking that? Um, let’s see. First you spread a rumour that I was lesbian, then you ruined my last year of highschool. You hit on my brother multiple times even if he has no interest in you. Now, you blackmail me to win this game. Don’t you think you did enough? Honestly, what did I ever do to you?” I asked angry. I shook my head and walked away, leaving her speechless.
I think that gave her a piece of her own mind. But, the comment about the opposites dating, really hurt me in the chest. Does Niall really think I’m not his type because I’m practically a guy? I made a decision to meet Jackie after this stupid segment.
“Okay, so we left off at a major cliffhanger. The next topic is not really a category. However you girls would lovei t. Everyone of you will create a date for you and Niall. And now you can scream.” Jackie grinned.
All the girls opened their mouths and high-pitched screams came out. I pretend that nothing happens.
“You can use your mentors to set up your date. Emma, you’re on your own.” I nodded. It doesn’t seem that hard yet, I’ve never been to a date before. I started planning everything.
“Good luck everyone, and we’ll see the dates next Friday with the results on Saturday! Good night!”
And the show ended.
“Jackie!” I followed her into her dressing room. It was filled with dresses of all colors and styles.
“Yeah, Emma?”
“There is this problem I have. I’m scared that Niall doesn’t like me because I’m a tomboy. How do I change that?” I asked, worry on my face.
“Simple, wear a dress on your date. But you shouldn’t be worried too much. He likes you, no doubt.” But her words had no effect.
“I’ll check out some of these dresses.” I went to look at the stacks of clothing. There were purple, yellow and orange dresses. Dresses that don’t have sleeves, way too short, way too long and are too bright and attention-seeking.
There was one though, that caught my eye. It was a white dress which was breath-taking. Even as a tomboy, I had to admit, it was beautiful. I tried it on under the curtains. I stepped out and looked at myself in the mirror. I was definitely not myself. I looked like a whole new... person.
“You like that one? You can use that for your date. That will definitely catch his breath.” Jackie nodded with approval.
“You think so?” I asked uncertain.
“Positive. He’s gonna go crazy looking at you”
Hello! In the previous chapter you guys got me fifteen votes in less than a day! Wow! In reward I gave you quick update. Hope you like it! I kinda worked this during class ;) I have three projects due next week and a super hard Social Studies test so give me some luck. I don't know but it's gonna be hard for me to update. I'll try to squeeze in some time.
Dedication for the most thoughtful vomment :)
~Fawn, xx

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