Loved You First

He loves her. She doesn't know she loves him. Neither thinks the other loves them. It's your typical romance story. Niall Horan and Líadan Abbott had been best friends for as long as they could remember, he was her only friend. When Líadan moves out to London to pursue her writing career old feelings rekindle. Líadan realised her feelings for Niall at the same time he decides to try and move past his feelings for her. Add Harry and a girl called Rose into the mix and things go haywire.


5. Chapter 5

"Niall, I feel so out of place, there are celebrities everywhere. I'm going to make a fool of myself," I say to Niall as we enter the ball arm in arm.

"You'll be fine, Lí, plus we're only hanging out with my friends. There may be some paparazzi but we can just tell them to fuck off," he says and I laugh. He always knows the best ways to calm me.

"Okay Niall, but if I start to feel uncomfortable around your friends I'm going to find Danielle," I tell him and he nods. I start feeling awkward around people really easily, I've just never been around people my age a lot due to skipping so many years in school.

"There they are!" Niall says before leading me over to the group of his friends.

"Everyone, this is Líadan, Líadan, meet Zayn and his fiancé Perrie, Liam and his girlfriend Sophia, Louis an his girlfriend," Niall starts to introduce me to his friends, while saying Louis' girlfriend he points to a beautiful, tall brunette but swiftly moves his hand to point the boy I know as Harry. I've heard about this, I think it's Larry? Niall told me it wasn't real but they like to tease Eleanor sometimes, "Harry and then our friend Eleanor."

"Ouch!" Niall exclaims after Eleanor hits him in the arm.

"I'm Louis' girlfriend Eleanor," Eleanor says to me smiling. She and Perrie are both beautiful and seem wonderful. Sophia is also very pretty but she doesn't give me the warm smile that the other two do.

"Hello everyone, it's lovely to meet you," I say smiling. Am I being too formal? I don't know how to act around people...

"We've heard so much about you Líadan," Liam says. I've heard so much about you Liam, most of it not good things.

"I hope all good things?" I respond looking to Niall.

"Very good things," Harry says cheekily. I wonder what that means?

"Well that's good," I say smiling at Niall then looking back at the group to see Liam and Sophia snogging.

Guys?" Niall says to them when he notices me staring. They don't stop when Niall speaks to them.

"If you'll all excuse me I wanted to see Danielle while I'm here," I say bringing Liam out of his kiss with Sophia at the mention of Danielle's name.

"You're friends with Danielle?" Liam asks. He still has feelings for her. Hearing the way he says her name, how his voice softens and his eyes brighten.

He doesn't love Sophia like he loved-loves Danielle.

I have to fix Payzer.

"Yes I am. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go find her," I say somewhat rudely.

"Hey Líadan, have you been enjoying the ball?" Danielle asks when I find her at the bar.

"Not particularly. I was forced to look at fucking Sophia. I need a drink. What are you drinking?" I ask nodding towards her glass.

"Just red wine," she answers ignoring my remark regarding Sophia.

"I'll have what she's having," I say to the bartender.

"Taking advantages of the open bar I see," Danielle says with a laugh.

"Definitely," I say when I retrieve my drink from the bar keep.

"Hello ladies," Eleanor says as she and Perrie walk over to us.

"Hi," I say shyly as Dani hugs each of the girls. They're all so beautiful and intimidating, even Dani.

But you kind of have to be to date a member of One Direction. These three girls are all so kind.

Sophia is very beautiful and also intimidating but she lacks the kindness that the others have, or so I've been told. I'm slightly bias seeing as Danielle is my best (girl) friend.

"Líadan you're so shy, it's like you've never had girl friends before," Perrie says while getting a drink of her own.

"That's because I haven't. Apart from Dani here of course. I've always been a few years ahead in school so it was hard to make friends when I felt so out of place. Niall was my first real friend and a few years ago Danielle became my second real friend. I'm not really much of a people person. I'm not that great with guys either, I've only had a few boyfriends and my most recent one turned out to be gay," I explain.

This is the most I've ever told someone about myself so quickly, it must be the wine. I don't normally drink.

"I think you and Niall would be a good couple," Perrie says and Eleanor nods.

I just shake my head and laugh before taking another sip of my drink.

"Come on Lí, it's got to be you two," Dani says nudging my arm. She's been trying to get the two of us together since I became friends with her.

"Nice thought but completely impossible, we're mates and that's all," I say sternly.

"Yeah, soul mates maybe," Eleanor says

earning a drunken laugh from Perrie.

(Niall's POV)

"Niall, she's hot," Harry tells me while pointing to a gorgeous brunette across the room, "You should ask her to dance. I know you've been trying to get over your crush on Líadan, green eyes over there would be perfect for the job."

She was beautiful and I have been trying to get over Líadan so that we can just be friends again but I don't know about dancing with some girl while I'm tipsy.

"I think I will. Fuck Líadan, she's never going to have feelings for me anyway!" I say handing Harry my drink and walking towards the girl. I can hear him laugh from behind me and can almost visualise him shaking his head.

"Niall Horan. And you are...?" I say when I walk up to the girl.

"Rose Hamis, I'm a reporter for People magazine," the girl, Rose, introduces herself.

"A reporter. That's cool! I'm a bit drunk if you couldn't tell so if this is really stupid I'm sorry," I start and she laugh. I could get along with her, she seems carefree, "Would you like to dance?" I ask and she surprisingly nods, or is it not surprising? I don't really know. I can't think straight.

"So Rose, you're American then, have you been to England before?" I ask and she shakes her head.

"I've never been here before but I just moved out here last week, so People could have a reporter in the area, mostly to focus on your band actually. I was hoping to get assigned Ireland but I'm perfectly happy here too," Rose says. Ireland, either she's kissing up to me to get a good story or she's awesome.

I hope she's awesome. She seems like a great girl. Rose Hamis is a lovely name, not really the Hamis bit, but Rose is beautiful, the person, name and flower. It suits her nicely.

She's rather short, around 5'2, long brown hair, green eyes, long fingernails but they work for her. She's curvy and has full lips.

She's perfect. Almost making me forget about Líadan.

Líadan, that's right. I forgot about her. She's technically my date. Maybe I shouldn't've started dancing with another girl, no matter how amazing Rose is.

"I'm from Ireland! But you probably already knew that since my band is your main job at the moment. Since you just moved here maybe we can hang out sometime, I can give you a tour of London? But not the best tour, just show the good places for bacon and shit like that," I say with a laugh. Yeah, I'm definitely drunk.

"I love bacon! That would be lovely. Let me give you my number," Rose says and I let go of her waist so that she can reach into her purse for what appears to be her card.

"I will definitely be calling you, I can't leave a fellow bacon lover hanging," I say and she laughs. Líadan hates bacon.

I need to stop thinking about Líadan, Rose is someone I could actually be with.

Líadan is my best friend and I don't want to jeopardise that.

(Líadan's POV)

"You're all just confusing me!" I say frustrated. Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor have been trying to convince me that I have feelings for Niall and I'm starting to believe them.

"Come on, from what you've told us it's pretty obvious you're into him. I think he's into you too," Eleanor says winking.

"You guys texted everyday whenever possible and Skyped every night even when he was on tour and you were in Mullingar. He calls you pretty all the time and is protective over you around other guys. You have hated any girl he's ever had an interest in and I don't even remember the other signs!" Perrie says exasperated. God she's drunk. But she's also making sense.

No, I can't like Niall. I can't.

It would jeopardise our friendship.

"C'mon Lí, I've been trying to convince you for ages. Tonight is the perfect night to make a move! If he doesn't end up liking you back you can blame it on a drunken dare from us," Dani says and the other girls nod their heads so vigorously I almost burst out laughing.

"Alright, I'm gonna do it," I say and they cheer. As I get up from my seat I search the ballroom for Niall.

I find Harry's eyes, then Louis' and Zayn's but there's no sign of Niall on the other side of the room.

Sophia and Liam are snogging in the corner making me mentally throw up.

Finally I spot him.

Chatting up some gorgeous brunette.

She laughs and gives him a card which I presume has her number on it.

At the beginning of the night I could've sworn I had no feelings for Niall, now my heart has been broken into a million pieces.

A/N: What do you think? It's kind of a short chapter and it took a while to update but I don't really have readers yet so I didn't think it would matter. Please vote and comment! Commenting would be beyond amazing!


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