Loved You First

He loves her. She doesn't know she loves him. Neither thinks the other loves them. It's your typical romance story. Niall Horan and Líadan Abbott had been best friends for as long as they could remember, he was her only friend. When Líadan moves out to London to pursue her writing career old feelings rekindle. Líadan realised her feelings for Niall at the same time he decides to try and move past his feelings for her. Add Harry and a girl called Rose into the mix and things go haywire.


4. Chapter 4

"So when do you want to meet the guys and their girlfriends?" Niall asks as he joins me on my new couch. My flat is amazing. It has three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. It's very modern.

"I don't know. Why do you ask?" I say taking the crisp bowl in Niall's hands.

"Well, the guys are all going out to this charity ball with their girlfriends tonight and I was wondering if you would like to join us? You'd be one," Niall says blushing a bit.

"Aww I'd love to be your date Niall!" I say throwing my arms around him and playfully kissing his check.

"Not my date Líadan, my plus one," Niall says with a laugh.

"Whatever Nialler, but I don't have anything to wear to a ball."

"You could call Danielle. She's going to be there. Not with us of course because of the whole Liam thing but she'll probably hang out with Eleanor and Perrie since they're all friends. You could get to know them too," Niall says.

"I don't know. I'm not the best at making friends. And won't Liam's new girlfriend Sophia be there?" I ask, disgust filling my voice. I hate her. I hate Liam. Danielle is my second best friend, it's my job to hate them.

"Yeah she will but the other girls don't really like her. They have the same opinion of Dani as you. Sophia's okay but she doesn't hold a torch to Danielle. And she doesn't seem all that in love with Liam," Niall says shrugging. I don't think he and the guys particularly like Sophia either they just stand by Liam.

"I heard a rumour that Sophia's pregnant with Liam's baby," I know it's not true but if there's even a tiny chance that it is I want Niall to tell me.

"That's all it is, a rumour. Liam hasn't even slept with Sophia yet," Niall says and my eyes widen a bit. They've been together for a while and still haven't slept together? Wow.

"That was unexpected. Um, you should probably head back to your flat and get ready. I'm going to call Dani. Will you text me when you're going to pick me up?" I ask getting to Danielle's contact on my phone.

"Okay, I'll see you in a bit, the ball is at 9:00 so I'll pick you around 8:30?" Niall says and I nod.

Once he's gone I click the call button for Dani's contact.

"Lí! We haven't spoken in ages! Are you all settled into your new flat?" Dani asks when she picks up the phone.

"Yes I am, thanks for asking. I was wondering if you had a dress I could borrow for this charity ball that Niall invited me to tonight? He said you're also going?"

"Yes you can and yes I am. The ball is at nine and it's seven thirty now so how about I just come to your flat with a few dresses and we can get ready together? You're in the same building as Liam right?" Danielle asks and my heart breaks when she says his name.

"Yeah, the flat next to Niall and across from Perrie and Zayn," I say.

"Alright, I'll be there in ten just sit tight," she says right before she hangs up.

I missed Dani so much. I'm so lucky that we're about the same size. I was a husky child but I've thinned out quite a bit.

Before Dani comes I should probably tighty up a bit. Niall and I left the kitchen in a bit of a mess.

As I finish wiping down the counters I hear a knock on the door and quickly rush to open it.

When I do I see my beautiful friend holding two dress bags.

"Danielle!" I yell before pulling her into a hug.

"Hey Líadan! I missed you too!" She says with a laugh as I let go of her and usher her inside.

"Nice place you got here," Danielle starts to make small talk. She knows I'm going to complain about how she and Liam should be together.

She says it was a mutual breakup and she's over it but I know that's bullshit.

"Thanks, I like it. So are you cool with seeing Liam with Sophia tonight are you guys going to talk?"

"Yeah I'm cool with it and I don't think I'm going to talk to either of them, no," she says. I can tell she's upset I brought this subject up. I do it too often.

"You and Liam belong together! Sophia's a bitch," I say.

"I agree that she's a bitch. Liam doesn't seem happy with her. I was with Perrie the other day and she said that Sophia doesn't treat him right but he's mesmerised by her for some reason. I think she's only with him for fame," Danielle says. I knew she still had feelings for him.

"You still have feelings for him!"

"So what if I do? He's happy so I'm happy. He loves Sophia so I will move on. Now which dress do you want?" She asks changing the subject.

"Um," I say as I open the dress bags, "they're both beautiful, whichever one you don't want I'll take."

"I think the green one would look better on you so I'll take the purple one," Dani said while picking up the dress she had chosen.

"Would you like me to show you where the bathroom is or do you just want to change here with me?" I ask Danielle.

"I can just change here," she says shrugging her shoulders.

"Can you button up the back?" I ask her while I turn around and lift up my hair.

"I should have chosen this dress so you would have to do all the buttons! Now you just have to zip mine!" She jokes as she finishes the buttons and turns around so I can zip her dress.

"They're both very beautiful," I say admiring the dresses.

"I like them," Dani says also admiring the dresses.

"Líadan! I'm here!" Niall calls from the door.

"Coming!" I say before opening the door.

"Hello Líadan, hello Danielle, you both look beautiful tonight," Niall says while tipping an imaginary hat.

"Well I should get going I'll see you at the ball," Danielle says before giving me a quick hug goodbye.

"C'mon m'lady, we don't want to be late," Niall says linking his arm in mine while I just laugh.

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