Loved You First

He loves her. She doesn't know she loves him. Neither thinks the other loves them. It's your typical romance story. Niall Horan and Líadan Abbott had been best friends for as long as they could remember, he was her only friend. When Líadan moves out to London to pursue her writing career old feelings rekindle. Líadan realised her feelings for Niall at the same time he decides to try and move past his feelings for her. Add Harry and a girl called Rose into the mix and things go haywire.


3. Chapter 3

"Finally!" I say as Niall and I collapse onto the couch. We finally finished unpacking.

"So Lí, have you gotten any hate on twitter since the world found out your name?" Niall asks as he casually drapes his arm over my shoulder.

"Let me check," I say while picking up my iPhone. It took me forever to be able to afford this phone and I cherish it with my life. I only use apple products, I hate all other technology. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPod an iPhone and an Apple TV.

Sure enough when I open twitter I have plenty of hate and love.

"Am I allowed to reply to the haters?" I ask Niall as I scroll through my mentions.

"I guess," he says not really seeming sure.

I look for a good tweet to reply to. Ah, perfect.

@Niallerstoosexy: @sleepswithstars ur soooo stupid! Niall's only frinds with u cuz u dont have any an he feels bad fer u!

"Niall, this girls spelling and grammar is atrocious! You know I hate it when people say ur when they should say you're or even your and when they say u instead of you!" I whine. Time to reply to this girl.

@sleepswithstars: I am not stupid at all, quite the opposite actually. But you are a mix of Bismoth Technetium and Hydrogen, why don't you try to figure out what that means.

"Um, Líadan?" Niall asks after reading my tweet.


"What does that mean?" He asks sheepishly.

"It's Bi Tc H which spells bitch. I didn't want to come right out and say it so I thought I'd be a bit more subtle," I say shrugging my shoulders.

"Really Líadan? Only you calls someone a bitch by using the periodic table," Niall says laughing.

"She deserved it. Although more fans are probably going to hate me now," I say as I look back down at my phone.

Turns out I gained 147 followers just from that tweet.

As I kept looking I saw something I dreaded.



"They're shipping us," I say showing him my phone.

Niall's POV

"They're shipping us," she says while showing me her phone. I was hoping for this.

Maybe now she'll see that we would indeed make a good couple.

"It's not that bad. They ship all us guys together too," I say shrugging my shoulders.

"Yay but they probably don't think that will happen as easily considering you're all guys," she says clearly not knowing our fans to well.

"You should see the Larry shippers, they truly believe that Louis and Harry are a couple," I tell her and her eyes widen.

"But Louis has Eleanor," she says clearly confused. For such a smart girl Líadan gets confused a lot. That's one of the things I love about her.

"They think she's a beard."

"But if Louis had a beard wouldn't Harry too?" She asks trying to find a flaw in the theory.

"Yes, if he were gay and trying to hide it he probably would. Eleanor is most certainly not a beard though, when she comes on tour with us we have to listen to them having sex and it's awful," I say crinkling my nose at the memory.

"But Harry's not gay right?" She asks it as if she needs reassurance on it.

"No he's not," I answer walking towards the kitchen.

"Oh. So any special girl in your life?" Líadan asks smirking at me.

"Nope," I lie, "None," you. It's you. God damn it.

"That's too bad. Don't worry though, you have plenty of time to find your princess," I already have.

"Yeah. You have no food. You need to go grocery shopping and make me food!" I say.

"Niall we both know I can't cook for shit. Just go next door to your flat and get some food," she says trying to sit on the counter but failing miserably. I forgot that Líadan has absolutely no upper body strength.

"I have to go grocery shopping too," I say sheepishly but I quickly change the subject, "Do you want help getting on the counter?"

"I don't need help," she says while her checks turn red.

"Yeah you do. We both know you don't have upper body strength," I laugh at her.

"I do too!" She defends.

"Prove it. Lay down and sit up. Without using your hands," I say and she just glares at me but gets on the ground.

She tries to sit up but gets no where. Her arms just kinda of flail in the air while she repeatedly picks her head up off the floor in an attempt to sit up.

I missed this. Most people after seeing this would think she's weak but she's far from it.

She punches really hard and if she wanted to beat me up I have no doubt that she could.

"I don't need to be able to sit up! I'm smart!" She yells as she stands up using the leg of a chair to help her.

"Okay Líadan, whatever you say."

A/N: Short chapter. What do you think so far? Any comments? Constructive criticism? Three chapters in one day is pretty good. Each chapter is at least a page long which I'm rafter happy about.


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