Loved You First

He loves her. She doesn't know she loves him. Neither thinks the other loves them. It's your typical romance story. Niall Horan and Líadan Abbott had been best friends for as long as they could remember, he was her only friend. When Líadan moves out to London to pursue her writing career old feelings rekindle. Líadan realised her feelings for Niall at the same time he decides to try and move past his feelings for her. Add Harry and a girl called Rose into the mix and things go haywire.


2. Chapter 2

"So when do I get to see the boys?" I ask Niall as he helps me set up my new flat.

I had stuff sent here already and bought furniture online to have brought here so the flat's mostly in order I just have a few personal things and clothes to put away.

"Already excited to see other people?" Niall asks pretending to be hurt.

"Niall you know I love you the most, but I've never really met your four other best friends aside from the few times the came back to Mullingar with you and a few concerts that I went to. I want to spend actual time with them and get to know them," I state.

"Well, considering you live in the flat under Harry and Louis, the flat next to me and across the hall from Zayn and Perrie while Liam lives across from Harry and Louis you'll see them all quite often, and Eleanor comes to visit Louis all the time so you can make friends with her and Perrie since you don't really have any girl friends," Niall says knowing full well that I basically only have two friends. Him and Danielle.

Danielle Peazer to be precise. When Danielle first started dating Liam, Niall grew a liking to her and at the time I was complaining about have no girls to talk to so he set us up as friends. Even though I've never officially met Liam, Danielle flew out to Mullingar all the time and to my college, Dartmouth, in the states.

I was heartbroken when Danielle and Liam broke up but I'm hoping to hang out with Danielle more often now that I live here.

I'm kind of worried though of the way I'll act towards Liam, their breakup made me really hate him which was easy to do since I didn't know him.

"Speaking of friends that are girls that brings me to Dani, how has she been?" I ask.

"I think she's good, I don't really see her often since she and Liam broke up. Bros before hoes, ya know?" He says. I'm appalled. He basically just called Dani a hoe.

"Yeah well then I'm not gonna talk to Liam because chicks before dicks," I reply sticking my tongue out at him.

"Shut your face you know I didn't mean it like that!" Niall says trying to shove my tongue back into my mouth.

"Don't touch my tongue!" I yell while I wipe off my tongue pretending I got cooties from his hand.

"I'll touch what I like!" Niall says but after realising what he had just said he blushes madly and I laugh.

"Naughty boy Mr. Horan. I might have to punish you," I say winking and trying to be jokingly seductive but failing miserably.

Niall's POV

"Naughty boy Mr. Horan. I might have to punish you," Líadan says in a very seductive voice. God I just want to kiss her.

But not all the time. Sometimes I'm fine with being her best friend. It's great.

But other times, times like this when she pretends to flirt with me for a laugh I just want it to be real.

I haven't always been in love with Líadan. I didn't truly fall for her until my brother Greg's wedding.


"Ok everyone! Time to slow things up so grab a partner and get on the dance floor!" The DJ says right before he plays a slow song.

Today has been great. I'm so happy for Greg and he invited Líadan's family so I've gotten to hang out with her the whole wedding. I haven't hung out with her in a long time since I got famous.

We hung out before it started then sat together at the ceremony and even though our seats weren't together at the reception my dad went to sit with hers so she got to sit with me.

All the couples on the dance floor look so happy. I want to be happy like that. I just have to find the right girl.

Scanning the crowd here, I see almost no girls my age and none that spark my interest.

I could ask Líadan to dance. Just for fun of course since we haven't gotten to hang out in awhile.

"Hey, Niall," Líadan says tapping me on the shoulder.


"Wanna dance? It looks fun," she says nervously.

"I was thinking the same thing," I say as I take her hand and lead her to the dance floor.

Both of us are awful dancers but we seem to do an okay job when we work together.

She leans into my chest and it feels amazing.

I love this girl.

*End Of Flashback*

"Punish me all you like!" I say winking at her. She just laughs. It's not a joke though. Not to me.

"I love you Niall," She says still laughing.

"I love you too Líadan," I'm in love with you.

I was so happy when she told me she and Seamus had ended things. It was even better finding out that he was gay since that meant their romance wouldn't rekindle but they she had to go and telling me that she was going fucking man vegan. What does that even mean?

I just wish she could see that I could make her happy.

A/N: Am I moving to quickly? Should Niall not be that in love yet? Just so you know Niall and Líadan won't be getting together for a while. Not at all if you don't want them to. Their ship name is either Líall or Niadan. Which one?


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