Loved You First

He loves her. She doesn't know she loves him. Neither thinks the other loves them. It's your typical romance story. Niall Horan and Líadan Abbott had been best friends for as long as they could remember, he was her only friend. When Líadan moves out to London to pursue her writing career old feelings rekindle. Líadan realised her feelings for Niall at the same time he decides to try and move past his feelings for her. Add Harry and a girl called Rose into the mix and things go haywire.


10. Chapter 10

Rose said yes, just like I thought she would.

Everyone is going to Harry and Louis' for lunch today and Harry is going to ask me to be his girlfriend there.

It will be Niall and Rose's first time with the group as an official couple.

It will be Liam and Danielle, Zayn and Perrie, Louis and Eleanor, Niall and Rose and Harry and me.

I'm a little nervous as to how everyone will react. I know that they probably don't think I'm right for Harry, because I'm not but what if they start to hate me for it? That's what they did with Sophia.

"Knock knock, it's party o'clock," I hear Harry's voice from the other side of my door.

"You're an idiot sometimes you know that?" I say smiling at him as I open the door.

"But you love me," he says entering my flat.

"That reminds me, when are we supposed to say I love you?" I ask him and he just shrugs.

"I don't know, when the time feels right. But whichever one of us says it the other needs to say it back," he says while picking up an apple and biting into.

"Gotcha, now put that apple down, we're about to have lunch, let's go," I say pulling him out the door and over to the elevator.

"So, are you still in love with Niall?" Harry asks once the lift doors have shut.

"W-what?" I ask shocked. I never said I was in love with Niall. To anyone.

I may have thought it a few times but I haven't even said it to myself.

"C'mon it's pretty obvious, well I didn't see it at first but since Liam pointed it out it's clear as day," Harry says smirking.

"What do you mean Liam pointed it out?" I ask still confused.

"He's dating your best girl friend. Danielle and him talk about you and Niall becoming a couple all the time. They think you're only dating me so Niall will get jealous. Frankly no one gets why we're together. We need to become better actors. Louis and Eleanor have gone on a few double dates with Niall and Rose. Rose is really great and all but she tries too hard to be the centre of attention. She's one of those people who can always connect any conversation to herself. She just doesn't seem right for Niall, both of them have big personalities, you can't have two big personalities in one relationship. That's why the two of us wouldn't really work, sure I'm not shy like you but I'm laid back, neither of us has a big personality. In every relationship you need someone with a big personality and someone with a more laid back one. With Eleanor and Louis it's Louis, with Liam and Danielle it's surprising Liam, with Zayn and Perrie it's Perrie. That's just how things are. Sophia had a big personality which is why she and Liam didn't work," Harry explains.

"No. Two people belong together because they belong together. Not because there's not enough room for both their personalities," I try to reason with him as we exit the lift.

"Whatever you say Lí, we need to end this conversation for now since we're at my flat but don't think it's over," Harry winks at me as we enter his flat.

"Finally! Hey four eyes," Niall says pulling me into a hug.

"I don't get it," Harry says confused referring to my nickname.

"A common nickname for people with glasses is four eyes because it looks like the have an extra two eyes," Rose butts in. This will be the first actual time I've spent with her.

She so pretty. She's short, around 5'2, pretty long brown wavy hair with bangs, green eyes, thin and curvy.

I'm thin but I don't have curves, my bra size is 34 B for crying out loud. It's just not fair.

It's no wonder Niall chose her. He probably used to like me because my boobs grew in earlier than all the other girls but when theirs grew in they were much bigger than mine.

"Yeah but Lí doesn't wear glasses," Dani explains to Rose.

"I was just explaining the term to Hazza," Rose says and Harry cringes at his nickname coming from her lips.

He hates it when people that he barely knows call him Haz or Hazza. They can only do it if he's given them permission.

Luckily I have his permission.

"I know what it means Rose, I was wondering why Niall was calling Lí four eyes," Harry says slightly annoyed.

Niall shoots Harry a glare for being rude to his girlfriend before explaining.

"I've always called her four eyes, she's just so smart that she seems like the type of person who would wear glasses," he says wrapping an arm around Rose.

"I guess that makes sense. Anyway I made lunch earlier so I'll go get it out of the fridge and set it on the table then we can eat. Lou? You set up place cards didn't you?" Harry asks looking to Louis.

"Yeah I did! Lucky we have a big dining room table. On the left we have Danielle, Líadan, Niall, myself, and Perrie, on the right we have Liam, Harry, Rose, the beautiful Eleanor, and Zayn," Louis says leading us to the table as Harry goes to the kitchen.

They really went all out for this. Fancy dining wear, a nice table cloth, cloth napkins, candles, name cards.

Harry and Louis literally carry the food in on silver platters.

"I'm holding this lunch with all of our closest friends in honour of Líadan," Harry says placing the platters on the table. I blush as everyone looks to me. Rose looks a little envious for all eyes to be on me but I would much rather they be on her.

"Líadan I was wondering if you would officially be my girlfriend?" Harry asks looking to me.

"I thought you'd never ask. Of course," I say smiling at Harry. He comes over and starts to snog me, I pull away smiling. Kissing him is like kissing a hot cousin.

"So what's for lunch," Niall asks quickly changing the subject.

He looks a little upset. Rose notices too.

"A special something for my girlfriend," Harry says exaggerating the word and smirking at Niall.

"Fish fingers and custard!" I exclaim as Harry lifts up the top of the platter.

"That explains the odd combination of slices of bread, butter, bacon, apples, beans and bananas!" Niall says smiling.

"And stay out!" Niall laughs as he throws a piece of bread out the window.

"Niall!" I laugh in shock. Wow. This is amazing. Rose obviously doesn't understand.

She's American, not a very cool American. I guess a lot of Americans don't know what Doctor Who is but I was hoping she would. It's the best show in the universe.

"Beans are evil bad bad beans!" Louis spits a mouthful of beans into the sink.

We continue to quote Doctor Who as we eat for the entire lunch. Rose seems confused the whole time and tries to make jokes with the food but she obviously doesn't understand that we're quoting something and not making it up as we go.

"Always bring a banana to a party, bananas are good," I say as we start to pick up the dishes and bring them into the kitchen.

"This lunch is for you, you don't have to help," Eleanor says kindly to me. Eleanor also sends a nasty glare to Rose, probably trying to hint to her to help clean up since everyone else is.

I guess she doesn't get the hint because she just keeps picking at her freakishly long nails.

"Well this was nice, I have to take my girlfriend home now, bye guys," Harry says while ushering me out the door.

(Niall's POV)

I honestly didn't expect that. I did not expect him to ask her to be his girlfriend.

I don't know why he asked her out in the first place. He knows I've always had a thing for her. They're not even a believable couple.

I know I shouldn't be upset since I have Rose but I'll always have feelings for Líadan. She's my best friend.

I wish he would've had the decency to ask her alone, or at least not in front of me. Then he had to snog her in front of me. He even dragged out the word girlfriend.

It's like he's trying to make me jealous. How am I supposed to get over her when she's snogging one of my best mates all the time?

He was even rude to my girlfriend. Rose was trying a bit hard to make everyone pay attention to her, but that's only because she wants to fit in.

I just need to get over Líadan. Maybe hanging out with her and Harry more will be helpful.

We can double date.

A/N: This chapter is quite important. Sorry if you didn't understand all the Doctor Who references. I planned out this story and there will be 30 chapters, I don't really like epilogues so I probably don't have one. In case you were wondering I have ship names.

Niall + Líadan = Líall

Harry + Líadan = Hadan

Niall + Rose = Nose

Does anyone ship Hadan? I'm starting to. But I still ship Líall more. I don't ship Nose. I'm not going to make Rose evil or anything I'm just making her so that she isn't meant to be with Niall.

Please vote and comment! Seriously a comment would be amazing I have a total of five on the whole story. I would really like to know if people are actually reading this. Thanks!


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