That Poet

This is a collection of my own poems, purely for enjoyment. On that note... ENJOY!


15. To write a song

If I were to write a song,

I should start with a word.

That word cannot be very long,

but so long it can be heard.


I'm thinking of two syllables,

three or maybe four,

But two's enough, I think to start,

later I'll do more.


I think I'd like my word to start,

maybe with an F.

F is always suitable,

to sing in treble clef.


Now we've got the first,

let's move on to the end.

An 'ing', perhaps, a lullaby,

so to sleep one can send.


I think I've got my word now,

'Flying's nice and strong.

So now I've got the first word,

to the next we'll move along.


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