Kidnapped by Jason McCann

Who is it? me Jason McCann
What do you want???............. I want you!

The story is made by Officialjustinbieberimagines
Love her.


7. Kidnapped by Jason McCann - 7


"Everything you do you’re gonna regret. Remember this." He said through his teeth and slapped my cheek. I turned my body around and sniffled. "I won’t." I whispered. "Yeah? Just don’t call for help when I’m gonna undress you." He said and walked out.


Next morning:

I woke up, when somebody pulled my blanket away. “Hey.” I mumbled opening my tired eyes. “Why are you still sleeping?” Chaz spat and threw some clothes to me. I rubbed my eyes and looked closey at them. “What’s the time?” I mumbled and put on the new shirt. “It’s already too late.” He said and came on the side of the bed. He reached his hands to me and scooted me to him. He lifted me up and walked outside.

"Jason!" He yelled walking down the stairs. I yawned and leaned my head on his chest. "Why so early?" I asked and closed my eyes. He ignored me and walked to the couch. He threw me on it. I gasped a little and angrily looked at him. "Why do you have t obe so-" I said and stopped when he pulled the gun from his pocket and showed it to me. "You better be quiet or I’m gonna use this." He whispered squeezing his eyes. "Ok sorry." I whispered with opened eyes.

"Boss, she’s here." Chaz said to Jason when he came in the living room. He slowly came to me and looked at my naked legs. "Where do you have pants or something?" He asked and bit his lip. "I had no time to put them on." I said carefully so Chaz wouldn’t hurt me. "Chaz, what did I order you?" Jason asked annoyed. "I gave them to her, but she.. She threw it to me, saying she won’t wear your shit." He lied nervously.

I squeezed my eyebrows together looking up at him. “What?” I asked confused and he clenched his teeth together, telling me to shut up. Jason slowly trailed his head to me and lifted his eyebrows. “Is that true, (Y/N)?” He slowly asked, emphasizing my name. “He’s lying!” I yelled and Chaz slapped my cheek. “Bitch! You did it! And now you want to put me in trouble. Bitch!” He yelled and Jason laughed. My head stopped on the side and I was breathing heavily. I couldn’t believe, what has he done.

"Liar." I whispered and he harshly grabbed my shoulders. He lifted me up and lay me on the floor. He kicked my stomach a few times, really hard. "Jason!" I screamed while crying. I looked at him and he was laughing like crazy. "Chaz, enough." He said calmly and crouched down to me. He turned my face, so I was looking at him. "It’s not nice to lie. You know that." He said smirking. "But, it’s not true." I growled and Chaz kicked me one more time. "Stop lying, bitch." He yelled through his teeth.

I closed my eyes, crying. I held my stomach and rolled myself in a ball. Jason was smirking, shaking his head slowly. “Oh (Y/N). How many punishements do you need to understand my rules? How many?” He asked caressing my hair. “Please, stop him.” I whispered and held his legs. I leaned my body on him and dug my face on his legs. He was smirking at me, rubbing my back lightly. “Please Jason, I can’t suffer anymore. I can’t. It hurts too much.” I whispered looking into his eyes.

"I can stop with punishments." He said and I thankfully smiled. "But, one condition. You have to obey me and you’ll be fine. I told you that already." He said and removed my messy hair behind my ear. I quickly nodded my head. "I promise I’ll obey you." I said and he helped me get up. But I couldn’t stand without any help. My stomach was hurting me so much.

"Now, come and sit with us. But, no eating for whole day." He said and kissed my cheek. "Why?" I asked whispering, cause I could barely speek. "You lied." He said and turned around. "But he already beat me." I said and heard my stomach growling. "Ok. But you didn’t take the clothes I gave you." He said winking. I sighed, remembering I tried to dressed them, but Chaz caressed me downstairs.

I followed Jason to the dining room. I sat next to him and looked at all the food on the table. I swallowed hard when I saw Ryan putting everything in his mouth. Gosh, I was so hungry. When the guys weren’t looking, I took one waffle and hid it inside my shirt. “Are ou hungry, baby?” Jason asked rubbing my tigh up and down. I nodded lightly, hoping he would let me eat. “Good.” He said and continued eating. I rolled my eyes. Unbelievable how mean he was.

"So, guys, do we have any missions today?" Jason asked looking around the table and lcked his index finger teasing me. I looked back, trying to ignore him. "Nop." Ryan said with full mouth. "So, we have the whole day for ourselfes?" Chaz asked happily. I looked down at my hands, trying to ignore their gang conversation. I looked at my nails, which were bitten up from my nerves.

"We can spend time with our guest." Jason said and licked his lower lip. I really wanted to squeezed my eyes, but I had to control myself. I fake smiled and nodded my head. "We should learn her how to kill someone." Ryan suggested and they proudly nodded their heads. "Great idea!" Jason said and smiled. "Sorry, but I’m not a killer." I said breathless. There is no way I’m gonna kill someone!

"Than, Ryan find ropes and some knifes and we should punish her again." Jason said simply and shrugged his shoulder. I closed my eyes to hold on the tears. "Or would you like to learm something new?" He whispered to me. I sniffled and shook my head. I’d better suffer than kill someone. "Do anything you want." I said. How ironic. I’d never kill a person, but in that moment, I literally wanted to kill him.

"It’s your choice babe." He said and stood up. "Ryan, bring the thing." He said and winked at him. He held my hand and we all went in the living room. "Lay here." He ordered and pointed on the small table near the couch. I took a deep breath and obeyed. "Don’t worry. It’s gonna be fun. For us." He said and chuckled when I closed my eyes. Ryan came and brought ropes and a knife with him.

"Relax baby girl." Jason said and tied my arms and legs, so I was laying there with opened legs and arms. (x position) "Knife." Jason said and Ryan gave him what he wanted. He slowly came closer to me and I cleched my teeth hoping it wouldn’t hurt so much. He lifted my shirt up and little and cut it on half. Before my breasts were exposed, he grabbed the both sides of shirt and tore it. I looked down and saw my naked body.

I felt so ashamed. “Now pants!” Ryan yelled excited. I gasped a little and got watery eyes. “Wait.” Jason said and looked at my half naked body. “I have to admit it. Your body is wonderful. It’s such a lame it’s trapped in such a disrespectful person like you.” Jason said and chuckled. He came back to me and pulled down my (his) pants. Now I was only in my underwear without bra.



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