Kidnapped by Jason McCann

Who is it? me Jason McCann
What do you want???............. I want you!

The story is made by Officialjustinbieberimagines
Love her.


5. Kidnapped by Jason McCann - 5


Than I saw someone walking in the dark. It was Jason. “We’re leaving.” He said and grabbed my hand. “You killed him?” I whispered scared as death. “Shut up. Stay quiet.” He said nervously and kept walking.


He pushed me into the car and wiggled his arm to show guys we were leaving. They nodded their heads and came into the car. He sat next to me and put my legs onto his lap. He sighed and rubbed his eyes nervously. “Why did you do that?” I whispered still in shock. “Shh.” He mumbled harshly and the car drove away. “Why Jason?” I asked again hoping I won’t make him mad.

He turned his head to me and looked into my eyes. “Enough questions.” He said emphasizing ‘enough’. I shook my head lightly and wiped the tear which was just coming on my cheek. “I can’t believe it.” I gasped disappointed. He sighed annoyed and tried to ignore me. I sniffled quietly and looked out of the window. “He was just talking to me.” I said when the fear disappeard.

"You’ll go to bedroom right after we come to the house." He said and put down his black cap. He put the gun into it and than in the backpack. "Ryan, you know what to do now." He said when the car stopped infront of the house. He nodded his head and we stepped out. "Jason, can I go home?" I asked him when I saw he was actually in a good mood. I mean, I was talking to him and he hate this. Maybe, he’ll say I can go. I hope.

He squeezed his eyebrows together and looked at me like I’ve asked him the most stupid question ever. “Are you joking me? You know to much.” He said and rolled his eyes when I sadly looked down on the ground. “I’m sorry.” I whispered and he opened the doors. “Go to the bedroom. I need to take care of you.” He said and smirked a little.

"Why?" I asked following him in the house. "Because you need to be punished?" He said it like it was a question. "Why have I done this time?" I asked annoyed and watched him sitting on the couch. "You’re breaking the rules. Like, all the time." He said and wiped his forehead. "You and your stupid rules." I gasped rolling my eyes and walked to the stairs. "I hate you." I cried and ran upstairs.

I went into the room and smacked the doors behind me. I angrily sat on the couch and crossed my arms. I slowly looked up and saw something on the wardrobe. I stood up and tried to look at it, but it was too high. I looked around the room and saw a broken chair in the corner. I smirked and took it. I placed it near the wardrobe and climbed on it. I looked up and saw it was my phone. I smiled widely and tried to grab it, but before I could even touch it, the chair broke even more and I feel on the floor.

I gasped in pain and sat up slowly. I grabbed my arm who was hurting like a hell. I think I broke it. “Jason.” I whispered while the tears were falling down my face. Suddenly, Jason rushed in. “What the fuck?” He said when he saw me laying on the floor. I sniffled and looked up at him. “I’m sorry.” I whispered and he picked me up. “What’s the hell is wrong with you? Where do you have mind?” He growled and caressed me into the bathroom. He sat me on the counter and stood in between my legs.

"I-Is it broken?" I asked while he was studing my arm very well. "Nah, I don’t think so." He said and turned my arm a bit. "Auch." I gasped and he sighed. "You need to go to the hospital." He said and walked out. I stood up too and heard a bang. I trembled a little and looked out of the bathroom. Justin was leaning on the doors of bedroom and stresfully looking down.

He was holding his forehead with one hand. “I…” I tried to say something but he lifted his arm so I shutted up. “I’m so tired of your bullshit.” He tiredly said looking at me. Well, it’s not my fault he kidnapped me instead of somebody else. I wanted to say that, but it would only make him more angry. “I don’t need to go in the hospital.” I said hoping I would make him feel better.

"(Y/N), you need to." He chuckled to himself and looked back down. "No, really. I can just die in pain and we both will be happy. It’ll be just like you want. I won’t suffer anymore and you won’t hav any problems with me." I said and kinda hoped he wouldn’t just let me die. He chuckled again still looking down. I fake smiled waiting for him to speak.

"As much as I want to see you dead, I won’t do this." He said and looked at me again. He smiled a little and I gave him a smile back. I shrugged my shoudler and he came closer to me. "Come, let’s go." He said nicely and lifted me up. "You know I hurt my arm, not my leg." I joked and he giggled. "Yeah, I know." He said and kept walking to the car. He sat me in and sat on the driver’s seat. "You’re different." I said looking at him driving.

"What do you mean?" He asked looking at road. "You’re nicer." I said and licked my lips. I immediately looked down at my hands when he looked at me. "I’m always nice." He said and rubbed my tigh. Than I remembered. I could pretend I love him and he would give me freedom quicker. I smiled widely and Justin noticed me. "What’s up baby?" He asked and I shook my head. "Nothing." I said seriously, but insode I was smiling like crazy.

We came to the hospital and Jason carried me in. “Hey, she hurt her arm and we need help.” Jason said carring me around the hospital. “What’s her name?” The nurse asked him. “Uhm..” He mumbled looking around nervously. “(Y/N) McCann.” He said and winked down at me. I giggled and leaned my head on his chest.



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