Kidnapped by Jason McCann

Who is it? me Jason McCann
What do you want???............. I want you!

The story is made by Officialjustinbieberimagines
Love her.


4. Kidnapped by Jason McCann - 4


"If you’re gonna tell your brother anything about kidnap, I’ll shoot him." He said serious and I wide opened my mouth from shock. What should I do? I can’t live with Jason forever.


I swallowed hard and we stepped out of the car in front of my house. “I’m seriously telling you (Y/N).” He said and showed me gun in his pocket. I sighed scared and opened the doors. “A-” I opened my mouth to call Alex. “Don’t call him.” He whispered through his teeth. I closed my mouth and made my way up stairs to my room.

I slowly looked back and saw Jason was following me. I opened the doors of my room and saw Alex sitting on my bed. “Hey Alex.” I said awkwardly and he lifted his exebrow. “Aren’t you staying there for whole week?” He asked and his eyes opened a bit more when Jason came in the room. “Hey. You must be Alex. I’m Mike.” He said reaching his hand to Alex. Alex looked confused at me and shook a hand with him. “Who’s he?” He slowly asked looking at me.

"This is…" I mumbled looking down. "Clara’s cousin." Jason said and smiled weirdly. "Oh ok." Alex said and looked back into his laptop. "So, I just gonna pick some more clothes with me." I said carefully looking back at Jason. He nodded his head, telling me to start packing. I swallowed again and opened my wardrobe. Jason passed me a backpack and I put my clothes in it. "Do I need anything else, Mike?" I said, emphasizing his fake name ‘Mike’. He squeezed his teeth and took a deep breath.

"Take some dress for party or club. Whatever you call it." He said sticly looking at my eyes. I quickly nodded my head and grabbed a dress. "Bye Alex. Love you." I said and kissed his cheek. "Yeah, bye." He mumbled not really paying attention to me. We walked out and sat in the car. Before Jason drove away, he harshly grabbed my neck and squeezed it really hard. I arched my back in pain. "You know I don’t like that kind of attitude. If I could, I would take a gun from my pocket and shoot you right in your head." He yelled and squeezed even more.

"I’m sorry Jason." I whined in pain while moving my body around to escape his hands. He let me go and slowly looked back on the road and started the car. I started to cry again and quickly wiped my cheeks so he wouldn’t see my tears. "Why don’t you just shoot me?" I asked and sniffled. He rolled his eyes. "Just shut up." He spat not looking at me. "No, tell me, why don’t you kill me if you hate me so much?" I said a little bit louder. I wanted to be confident so he wouldn’t think I’m still scared of him.

"Don’t make this any harder for me." He whispered and rubbed his forehead, probably from stress. "Jason, tell me. Please, kill me, so I won’t be hurt anymore." I said and cried more. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. "You’re grounded." He screamed and slapped my cheek. I covered my face with my sleeves and leaned back.

We came back in the house and I stopped in front of the opened main doors. I looked at my left side and thought of escape, but Jason was too close behind me. I sighed and stepped in. He pushed me a little forward because I was too slow. I fell on the ground and looked up at him. “Stand up.” He said and I obeyed. “Sit here.” He said and pointed on the chair. I studied this chair before sitting on it. “Why?” I asked when he was searching something in the kitchen.

"Just fucking sit down!" He yelled. I rolled my eyes when he wasn’t looking and sat down. He came back from the kitchen and brought some kind of a stick with him. "Jason, what are you-" I asked when he came to me and looked at my eyes. "Honey, you’ve been a really bad girl lately." He said and removed my hair from my face with stick. "Jason, please, don’t." I gasped and he chuckled. "Oh I won’t." He said and messed my hair. "But he will." He said and Chaz came from the kitchen.

"What?" I asked confused and already got watery eyes. "Baby girl, you know how sweet I am, but I just want you to know that he isn’t." He said smirking. I looked at Chaz who was closely looking the stick. "Jason, please, no." I whined and took his hands. "Please, Jason." I cried and sat down in front of his legs and hugged them. "Jason." I cried while he was laughing like crazy. "Chaz do it." He said seriously and Chaz tried to remove me from his legs. "No!" I yelled lifting my arms to Jason, hoping he would grab me and pull me to himself.

Chaz kicked my stomach, so now I was laying on the floor. He lifted his arm up and in that moment, Jason stopped him. “It’s ok Chaz.” He said and I quickly ran into his hug. “See what happens if you disobey me and talk back?” He said like dad teaching his daughter a lesson. I nodded my head still crying like there was no tomorrow. “So, next time you will be disrespect to me or to the other guys in my crew, you’ll be sorry for that. I promise.” He said and I nodded my head again.

"What do you have to say…?" He asked waiting me to apologize to him. "I-I’m so so-sorry." I gasped and leaned my head on him again. "Well, well… Stop crying now and go upstairs get ready for the club." He said and kissed my forehead. "What club?" I asked whispering. "Night club." He said and I squeezed my eyes. "Why?" I asked and sniffled again. "We have to have some fun, right?" He said chuckling. I nodded my head and went upstairs.

I opened the backpack and took out my black tight dress. I undressed Jason’s clothes and put on the dress. I saw my bag on the bed and quickly opened it. I was searching for my phone, but it wasn’t there. Crab, Jason took it. But luckily, I had my make up. I took my little mirror and put some make up on my face. I also found Clara’s red high heeld I wanted to return to her. I put them on and walked back downstairs.

"Whoa." Jason said and held my hand. "Let’s go guys." He said and we went in the car. "(Y/N) don’t talk to anybody unless I give you a persmission." He said still holding my hand. "Mhm." I mumbled and looked outside the window while we were driving. After a couple of minutes, the car stopped. We stepped out and walked in the club. "Boys remember, don’t make any scenes." Jason warned seriously and they nodded their hands.

Jason let my hand and walked to some guys. I sighed and sat on the couch near the counter. Jason looked at me and showed me to stay there. I showed him my thumb and sighed. “Hello.” Someone said when I was looking around bored. I trailed my head to the guy. “Hello.” I said smiling but than I remembered what Jason told me. “What’s your name?” He asked me and sat next to me. He looked really nice. Nicer than that stupid killer Jason.

I nervously looked at Jason and he was talking to some guys. “I’m great.” I said still looking at my kidnapper. “I was wondering, do you wanna dance?” He asked shyly and I felt kinda bad for him. I mean, he took courage to ask me for dance. How can I say no? It would break his heart. “Well…” I hasitated. “I don’t know. I can’t dance.” I said awkwardly looking at my hands and than back at Jason. Suddenly, he turned his head to me and saw a guy sitting next to me. His smile disappeard and he made his way to me.

"Who’s this (Y/N)?" He asked and tried to be nice. "He just asked me if I wanna dance." I said hoping he wasn’t mad. "Sorry, but she has a boyfriend and yeah, that’s me." Jason said and grabbed my hand. He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arm around me. I fake smiled and looked down scared. "You’re her boyfriend? Well you should know that she was bored, so I wanted to take care of that sonce her boyfriend can’t." The boy spat. Jason looked down angrily and came closer to him. "I want to take care of you too." He whispered to him and grabbed his shirt.

He pulled him up and they walked out somewhere. “No, Jason.” I whispered and followed him. They were walking in the blind alley. “Shit, this is not good.” I said to myself and ran a little with high heels. Suddenly, they disappeard in the dark. “Jason?” I called him, but there was silence. All of a sudden, I heard gunshot. I opened my mouth and covered them with my hand. I tried to walk away, but I couldn’t. I just froze.

Than I saw someone walking in the dark. It was Jason. “We’re leaving.” He said and grabbed my hand. “You killed him?” I whispered scared as death. “Shut up. Stay quiet.” He said nervouly and kept walking.



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