Kidnapped by Jason McCann

Who is it? me Jason McCann
What do you want???............. I want you!

The story is made by Officialjustinbieberimagines
Love her.


3. Kidnapped by Jason McCann - 3


“Bring it to yourself, asshole-” I screamed, but stopped when Ryan pulled the gun out. “Obey princess.” He said pointing gun at me. I gasped a little and went to the kitchen.


I took a frying pan and put it on the cooker. I killed three eggs and put it in the frying pan. “Mmm.” Jason said coming in the kitchen. “Why am I cooking you a breakfast? You don’t know how to cook?” I teased him a little. “No, I have slaves to cook for me.” He said coming closer to me. “Sexcellent.” He slowly read on my panties. I rolled my eyes and gave him his omlette. “Enjoy your meal.” I said annoyed and walked away. “Aye.” He said and I turned around.

"Stay here." He ordered. I sighed and sat next to him. "Are you hungry?" He asked chewing the eggs in his mouth. I nodded my head and looked at my stomach who was hurting me from hunger. "Here. You can eat with me." He said and slipped the plate to me. "Thanks." I mumbled and started eating. Gosh, it was so amazing to eat again. "Wow, slow down baby girl." He said giggling. I smiled lightly and obeyed.

After we ate, I took a plate and put it in the sink. “You don’t have to wash this.” He said standing in front of the doors. “I though I was your slaver.” I said and sighed. “Yeah, but Ryan can do it too.” He said. He shrugged my shoulder and opened the doors. I peeked in living room and saw the guys still sitting on the couch. I took a deep breath and Jason saw me. “What?” He asked. I pointed at them with my index finger.

"Are you shy?" He teased and wiggled hiseyebrows. I nodded my head a little. His smile immediately disappeard. "I don’t care." He spat. "Sorry," I mumbled quickly and went out. I was slowly walking to them and to the stairs. "(Y/N) baby, come sit with us." Jason said and smirked. I shyly looked around and came closer to them "I’m cold." I said hoping he would give me at least some blanket or something.

"No, you’re a real hot chick." Ryan said chuckling. Jason angrily looked at him and he regrettably looked away. "Don’t worry babe. We’ll warm you up. Right guys?" Jason said and smirked. "Yeah." They all mumbled. I sighed and sat on the couch. "Would you like to drink something?" Jason asked me. "No, I just need some clothes." I mumbled when I saw them staring at my breasts.

"Give her some beer." Jason ordered to Chaz and he gave me a bottle of beer. "Drink darling." He said winking at me. "I really don’t-" "You don’t wanna go in bedroom with this guys, do you?" He said, remembering me about punishment. "You’re sick." I whispered hoping he wouldn’t hear me and made one sip of beer. Gosh, it was so disgusting. I put bottle on the little table and closed my eyes. "Good girl." Jason said and caressed my hair.

I angrily looked at him and than down at my naked body. “Can I go upstairs?” I slowly asked him. “Yeah sure honey.” Jason said and I stood up. When I turned around, he slapped my ass. I quickly turned around and saw them laughing. I turned back and ran upstairs.

Jason’s P.O.V.

I drank the rest of my beer and turned my face to Jake. “Aye man. Go upstairs and scare her.” I said and squeezed the empty bottle. “How?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows. “I don’t know. Try to undress her or something. But don’t do it seriously.” I warned him. “Ok man.” He said and exciting ran upstairs. Oh gosh, I just love teasing (Y/N). I smiled to myself.

Your P.O.V.

I came in the room and opened Jason’s wardrobe. I need something to put on. I saw a really big tshirt and sweat pants. I shrugged my shoulder. Better this than nothing. I grabbed them and dressed them. Suddenly, I heard knocking on the doors. “(Y/N).” Someone called me. I gasped and looked around the room. I looked the bed and quickly hid myself under the bed. The doors opened and someone came in. “Princess, where are you hiding?” He asked and made a few steps forward.

I covered my mouth with my hands to silense my breathing. “Come out baby. I won’t hurt you. I promise.” He said and I started to cry. The guy opened the wardrobe. “(Y/N) you don’t need to be scared.” He said and lay down. I closed my eyes and he looked under the bed. “Here you are. Come to me.” He said and stretched his arms to me. I moved myself to the other side and came out of my hiding place. I ran to doors, but he quickly stood up and grabbed me.

"No, please, leave me alone." I yelled when I tried to escape his hands. "Shh. I won’t hurt you." He repeated and lifted me up. He harshly threw on the bed. "Oh baby, you don’t need that shirt." He said and sat next to me and pulled my shirt up a little. "Go away!" I screamed and hit his mouth with my hand. He wiped the blood from his mouth and his ‘kidness’ was gone now. "I tried to be nice, but you don’t obey me." He said and angirly looked at me. I stood up and he grabbed my waist.

"Jason!" I yelled and suddenly, Jason came in the room. "Oh Jake, leave the poor thing alone." He said annoyed and I ran into his hug. I wrapped my arms around his body and dug my face into his shirtless chest. Jake winked to him and walked out. I was shaking on him like crazy. Jason sat me on the bed and gently grabbed me on my shoudlers looking into my eyes. "See what happened if you won’t obey me and be a good girl?" He asked. I nodded my head still shaking.

"Hey, you don’t need to be scared." He said and I hugged him again. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I didn’t know what was I doing. When I slowly came out of my mind and saw I was hugging him, I quickly let go. "Get ready. We’re going somewhere." He said and stood up. "Where?" I panicked. I had no clothes, no make up cause Jason hid my bag. "You’ll see when we get there." He said and walked out. "Hey, give me my bag please." I said running to the doors. I tried to open them, but he locked them.

"Jason!" I screamed and tried to open them again. He didn’t answer. I leaned my body on the doors and sighed. After a couple of minutes, he unlocked the doors and stepped in. He saw me sitting on the bed, looking at the wall. "What are you doing?!" He asked angrily and came closer to me. "What should I do? You took my bag, locked me in here-" "Shut the fuck up! You’re breaking the rules again. I’m serious (Y/N), something will happen to you and it won’t be nice." He yelled in my face.

"I-I’m sorry." I mumbled and got watery eyes. "And stop crying already!" He yelled. I quickly wiped my tears and followed him out. "Come." He said and we went out of the house. "Sit in the car and be quiet." He ordered. I sat in and he sat in driver seat. "Listen to me." He started while driving away. I paid attention to him and crossed my arms. "We’re going in your house." He said and I smiled widely. "You’re letting me go?" I asked happily. "You’re interuppting me and no." He said rubbing his forehead.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “What did I say about rolling eyes?” He asked looking at me. “I’m sorry, Jason.” I said when he liftedhis arm up and I thought he was gonna hit me. “You’re really driving me crazy. You’re the worse victim I’ve ever had.” He said annoyed and looked at the road.

"Anyway, we’re going there to take your clothes and other shit you need. But!" He stopped and lifted his index finger up. "If you’re gonna tell your brother anything about kidnap, I’ll shoot him." He said serious and I wide opened my mouth from shock. What should I do? I can’t live with Jason forever.


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