Kidnapped by Jason McCann

Who is it? me Jason McCann
What do you want???............. I want you!

The story is made by Officialjustinbieberimagines
Love her.


2. Kidnapped by Jason McCann - 2


I opened the window and luckily, there was a tree so I could climb down. I climbed on the tree and than down. A few inches above the ground I jumpeed down and ran away.


Jason’s P.O.V.

I turned off the TV and rubbed the back of my head. I looked at main doors and Ryan came in. “How’s your new girl?” He asked and opened the new beer. “Gosh, she’s driving me crazy.” I gasped and rolled my eyes. “You want me to take her back home?” Ryan asked simply and made one sip on his beer. “Nah, she could betray us. And I have some plans with her.” I said yawning and stood up. “I’m going to bed.” I said and gently hit his arm. “Night boss.” He said.

I opened the doors slowly and the light was off. “(Y/N) are you hungry?” I asked but there was dead silence. I turned on the light and saw she wan’t in bed. “(Y/N)!” I called her and looked under the bed. “Shit. Shit. This is bad.” I mumbled to myself while searching for her. I ran back downstairs. “Ryan, where’s (Y/N)?” I asked him nervously. “Oh, her name is (Y/N)-” “Where the fuck is she?” I repeated louder. He shrugged his shoulder and I went back to the bedroom.

I saw open window and looked out. “That little bitch.” I gasped and ran down the stairs and opened the main doors. “Ryan, take a gun.” I ordered and he obeyed. He followed me and I was nervously looking around the woods where she could be hiding. “So, you’re going to shoot her?” Ryan asked confused. “No, maybe I’ll scare her.” I said and winked. “Look, there’s a footprint.” Ryan said and pointed on the ground.

"Yeah, she’s not wearing any shoes." I remembered and followed the footprints. Suddenly, they dissapeared near the tree. I looked up and saw her sitting on the branch. I smiled looking at Ryan. He chuckled back. "(Y/N) sweetheart, come down." I said looking up. Nothing. Cmplete silence. "Babe, I’m serious. Come down and don’t make me come up there." I said a little angrier.

"Come, or I’ll punish you much more than I would if you climb down by yourself." I said seriously and looked up if somethink would move. I heard a loud gasp and she finally moved.

Your P.O.V.

Shit, he heard me. How the fuck did he find me? I climbed down with so much fear. “Good girl. I like that. But you broke the rule, so punishment is in order.” He said feeling a little bad for me. Oh, but he liked this. He just loves punishing me. He held my arm a little and I looked around. Ryan was looking at gun. I don’t know why, but Ryan seems so dumb. We were walking to the house and Jason let my arm.

My eyes quickly looked around and I harshly stepped on Jason’s foot and he let my arm from pain. I turned around and ran away. “Son of a bitch.” He yelled and turned around as well. I had no idea where was I running. But Jason was really fast. I looked back and he was only few meters behind me. “Stop!” He screamed but I ignored him.

While I was looking back at him, I couldn’t see a hole in front of me. I stepped in hole and fell. I tried to stood up, but Jason grabbed my body. “You’re so dead.” He said through his teeth while grabbing my hair. I gasped and my body started to shake. He’ll torture me so bad. I just wanted to die in this moment.

"Please, don’t hurt me." I whined and hugged his legs. "Stand up!" He screamed and I obeyed. "You’ve been such a bad girl." He chuckled and lifted me up, so I was hanging on his shoulder. He was holding my ass and I tried to remove his hands from it. We quickly came back in the house and he carried me straight into his bedroom. He put me down on the bed and made his way to the wardrobe. He opened it and took a rope from it. "What are you gonna do?" I asked biting my nails.

He looked at me and smirked. “How many rules did you break?” He asked and bit his lip. I cried looking down. “Answer me!” He yelled. “I don’t know. Two.” I said little louder. “Refresh my memory.” He whispered. “The one with escaping and one with hiting you.” I said quickly. “You’re a great listener. But still such a bad woman. A rulerbreaker.” He said and grabbed my arm. “Please don’t hurt me.” I whispered crying. “I could kill you, honey. But I’m a good person and I’ll only hurt you a little.” He said carresing my cheek.

We stopped talking and he tied my arms up on the bed. “Are you a virgin?” He asked while tying me up. “What?” I asked surprised. “I asked you, have somebody banged you already? Take your virginity?” He tried his best for me to understand. “I know what do you mean.” I said annoyed. He slapped my cheek. “Don’t sass me!” He said and continue tying. I sniffled and looked back at him. “No.” I whispered.

He chuckled loudly. “Really?” He said laughing. I was sady looking at my hands which were already red from pain. “Are you gonna rape me?” I asked quietly. He looked at my eyes and stayed there. “Yeah. But not today.” He said and I sighed from relive. He grabbed my feet and tied them apart, so I was laying really uncomfortable.

When he was done, he took a knife and I gasped. “Please, don’t.” I begged. He came closer to me and cut my - his shirt. He put it down so I exposed my boobs. Than he cut my pants and pulled them off. “That’s first punishment. If you’re gonna scream or make any noises I’ll do something worse.” He said and walked to the doors. “Good night.” He said opened the doors. He walked away but kept the doors opened.

I leaned my head back and cried even more. A few minutes later, I fell asleep.

Next morning:

"Baby girl." I heard Jason whispering. I opened my eyes and he was looking my half naked body. "Hm?" I mumbled and looked down at my body. "Morning." He said smiling. I rolled my eyes and turned my face to the other side. He grabbed my head and turned it to him. "Don’t roll eyes in front of me." He said and kissed my cheek. "Can you untie me now?" I asked with sleepy voice. "Yeah, but only because I’m hungry and you have to make me breakfast." He said and rubbed my stomach.

"The rope." I remembered him to untie me. "Oh yeah." He said and untied me. "Now go downstairs and make me omlette." He said and I stood up. "What about clothes?" I asked confused. "Bra and panties are enough." He said winking. I sighed and walked downstairs.

Ryan and Chaz were sitting downstairs with 2 other guys, who were their age. “Whoa!” They said when they saw me. I turned back and ran back to the bedroom. “Jason.” I whined. “What? Are the guys distarcting you?” He asked smirking. I shook my head. “Go downstairs and make me some food.” He said little more angrier and I nodded my head.

I walked downstairs again and made my way to the kitchen. One guy whistled but I tried to ignore them. “Hey sexy, can you bring me some beer?” Guy asked and laughed. I turned to him. “Bring it to yourself, asshole-” I screamed, but stopped when Ryan pulled the gun out. “Obey princess.” He said pointing gun at me. I gasped a little and went to the kitchen.



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