Kidnapped by Jason McCann

Who is it? me Jason McCann
What do you want???............. I want you!

The story is made by Officialjustinbieberimagines
Love her.


1. Kidnapped by Jason McCann -1


Your P.O.V.

I came home from the school and threw my bag onto the couch. “Alex!” I yelled waiting for my brother to come from school. “What?” He spat coming down the stairs. “Is lunch ready?” I asked and sat at the table. He sighed and walked in the kitchen. “Here.” He said and put food on the table. I live only with my brother and aunt, but she doesn’t really give a crap about us. She comes home very late. Our parents died in a car accident, two years ago.

"I’m going to Clara today." I mumbled chewing my food. Alex sighed again, and rubbed the back of his head. He’s been stressfull lately, from school and everything. "Yeah." He said and sat next to me. "I’ll be there for whole week. Thanks to spring break." I said looking at chicken on the plate. "Yeah, go. Like I care." He said and walked away. I rolled my eyes and finished my lunch. I put plates in the dishwasher and walked upstairs to my room.

I took my bag with clean clothes and all things I need for a week at my bestfriend’s house. “I’m going.” I yelled walking downstairs. “Have fun.” He said and I walked out. I looked at Alex’s car and sighed. Gosh, I wish I was 18 and have license for driving, but no, I’m only 16. I growled lightly and made my way forward on the road.

Suddenly, I heard some noise behind me. I quickly turned around and saw nothing. “It was just wind.” I mumbled to myself and took a deep breath. I looked back forward and continued walking. I realized how boring it was already, so I took my iPod from my bag and put earphones in my ears. Suddenly, someone grabbed my hips and put a white napkin on my mouth. I knew exactly what it was so I held my breath.

Some guy walked in front of me while the other one was holding my body. “Breath.” He ordered and I quickly left without air. I took a breath and my eyes slowly closed. “Good night sweetheart.” A guy with back mask said and I passed out.


I opened my eyes and looked around. I was laying on the bed with my hands tied up together. I shook them around to try escape, but it was senseless. I couldn’t untie them. I leaned my head on the wall and cried. Where am I? Why me? I looked at the window and it was half opened. I wide opened my eyes when I realized someone could hear me and saved me. “Help me! Please someone! I was kidnapped!” I started to yell.

A few moments later, doors opened. “Stop trying babe.” The guy said and untie me. “Who are you?” I asked while breathing heavily. “Don’t ask questions. Boss wants to see you. Remember, don’t speak only if he alloweds you to.” He said and grabbed my body and lifted me up. “I can walk by myself.” I spat. “Fine.” He said and threw me on the floor.

I lay on the floor with so much pain. “Stand up!” He screamed and I quickly obeyed. He grabbed my neck and we walked dwnstairs to the living room. We stopped on front of the couch, when their ‘boss’ was sitting. “Jason, she’s here.” He said and pushed me closer to him. I made a disgust look back at him. “Sit here.” Jason said calmly looking at his mask. I froze for a moment looking at him. “Sit here!” He yelled and I quickly sat next to him.

He took his gun from his pocket and showed it to me. “See this? I can use this if you won’t be good.” He said and I nodded my head. My whole body was shaking and I bet he saw that. He lifted his hand and shook it a little, showing the other guy to leave. We were alone in his living room and he was stricly looking into my eyes.

I looked down at my bluish hands and tear fell on my cheek. Jason slowlly moved his head closer to mine and removed my hair behind my ear. “Are you afraid?” He whispered into my ear. I harshly moved my head off his hands. “No.” I said and he chuckled. “But you should be.” He said laughing. “Why?” I asked turning my body to him, so I was facing him.

He chuckled again and looked down. He quickly grabbed a knife from his pocket and showed it on my neck. I wide opened my eyes from fear looking at his hands. “Be carefull, beautiful.” He angrily said and put knife back in his pocket. “Go back to my bedroom. We have to clear something,” He ordered and I obeyed.

I walked up the stairs and opened the doors. When I stepped in, tears came out. I was crying like never before. I lay on the bed and dug my face in the pillow. I wanted to scream, but I had to calm down myself. I wiped my cheeks and Jason came in. He closed the doors and sat next to me.

"What’s your name?" He asked nicely. I sighed and never looked into his eyes. "(Y/N)." I whispered. He smiled. "I have a few rules for you." He said standing up. I squeezed my eyes in shock. "Wait, what?" I asked shocked. He nodded his head in evil way and crossed his arms. "First: You will obey me and do everything I say." He started. I put my hands on my chest from shock while shaking my head lightly. "You’re sick." I mumbled.

"Rule number two: you will not sass me, give me an attitude like this or back talk me." He said angrily. I closed my eyes and more tears fell on my cheeks. "Rule number three: you will not harm me in any way." He said and his hand travelled to my arm. "Do you understand that?" He asked and squeezed my arm. "Y-Yes." I gasoed from pain. "Good. Rule number four or golden rule: you will never try or not even think of escape." He said and let my arm.

Now my heart skipped a bit. “I swear you’re not normal.” I whispered looking back. Jason chuckled like crazy and held my cheek. “Honey, I kill people. Do you think I’m normal?” He asked smiling like satan. I closed my eyes again from anger and pushed his hand off of me. His smile disappeard and I could see anger in his face. He lay me down harshly and sat on my stomach. His hands were holding my neck tightly and he was looking right in my eyes. “Don’t you ever try to do this again. Break the rule and you’ll wish you’d never be born.” He said through his teeth.

I scarily nodded and he let me go. “Go take a shower.” He spat. “I don’t need to.” I whispered. I’ve just realized how dangerous he really is. I have to escape. I must go away. He can kill me. “Ofcourse you need to. Do you think I’m gonna sleep with dirty chick? Well, that would be great actually-” “Ok.” I said a little louder when he travelled into his dirty thoughts. He came back into reality and walked out slamming the door harshly.

I looked at my tshirt and walked out to the stairs. “Jason?” I nicely called him. “What?” He said from downstairs. “Where… Where’s bathroom?” I asked hoping he wouldn’t be mad. “Here.” He said and I walked down the stairs. He was sitting on the couch, drinking beer and looking at TV. He showed me the right way and I lightly nodded my head. I opened the doors and saw some naked guy who has just finished with showering. “Oh my.. I’m so sorry.” I said and closed the doors.

I leaned on the wall waiting for him to get out. He finally opened the doors with the towel wrapped around his body. “No need to fear, sexy.” He said winking. “Chaz, leave her alone!” Jason yalled from living room. Chaz’s smirk disappeard and he walked away. I went in the bathroom and locked the doors. I undressed myself and stepped in the shower. I finally relaxed the stress for a couple of minutes.

Suddenly, someone opened the doors. “Who’s there?” I gasped and covered my body with my hands. “It’s just me.” Jason said annoyed. It’s just him. So this should calm me down? Really? “What are you doing here?” I asked and he opened the shower doors and looked at me. “Ahh.” I screamed and turned around, so he was looking at my ass. “Go away.” I begged. “What’s wrong with you? I’ll see you naked sooner or later.” He said rolling his eyes.

I began cry again. “Anyway, I brought you some of my clothes.” He said and put his clothes on the floor, near mine. I quickly closed the doors and he sighed. “Stop driving me crazy and don’t be such a bitch.” He spat and walked out. I sighed from relieve and finished my shower. I put new clothes on myself and walked out. I angrily looked at him when I past him and he sighed again. I went in his bedroom and lay on bed. I covered myself with blankets.

"I have to go." I mumbled to myself and stood up. I carefully opened the doors and heard TV. It was a prefect time to escape. I opened the window and luckily, there was a tree so I could climb down. I climbed on the tree and than down. A few inches above the ground I jumped down and ran away.


Don’t worry, he’ll find her *evil smile* LOL <3

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