Where's Patrick?

Spongebob wakes up in the early morning to go jellyfishing with his best pal Patrick. Spongebob goes to Patricks rock, and finds that Patrick isn't there. Spongebob goes around all of Bikini Bottom in search of Patrick. Will Spongebob ever see his best buddy again?


4. In Search of Patrick - Rock Bottom

"Spongebob, what other places have you and Patrick been too?" Sandy asked.

"Well, we went on this bus which took us to Rock Bottom," Spongebob replied.

"Rock Bottom! Yes! Let's go there!"Sandy said then hurried to the bus stop.

They waited at the bus stop for the next bus to Rock Bottom come. While they were waiting, Spongebob told Sandy the story of when Patrick and him got lost there. Sandy completely zoned out and pretended that she was eagerly listening.

"And that was how I got back home from Rock Bottom!" Spongebob finished.

Just as he finished his "boring" story, the bus arrived. They hopped in and drove down to RockBottom. The road to Rock Bottom was at an exactly 90 degree angle. 


Rock Bottom is inhabited with creatures that  aren't like normal fishes.Well, they can understand and talk English, but they would make a raspberry sound too. 


"It sure is dark down here, good thing I bought my light suit!" Sandy said as she wore it on top of her normal suit. 

"Patrick? You here?" Spongebob asked.

Suddenly, there was a familiar laugh.

"Patrick  is that you?" Spongebob asked again.

"Sandy, I think Patrick is somewhere here!" Spongebob said.

"Sandy? SANDY?"



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