Where's Patrick?

Spongebob wakes up in the early morning to go jellyfishing with his best pal Patrick. Spongebob goes to Patricks rock, and finds that Patrick isn't there. Spongebob goes around all of Bikini Bottom in search of Patrick. Will Spongebob ever see his best buddy again?


5. In search of Patrick - Rock Bottom - continued

"Sandy, are you there? Don't tell me your doing one of your experiments again because that just is annoying!" Spongebob said.

No Answer.

"Oh gosh! Don't tell me I'm all alone here! Hey look! It's those toilets which Patrick couldn't tell apart!" Spongebob said, as he saw the "unrecognisable" toilets. 

"And there is that candy machine! Well, I do have a penny or two so I can buy a chocolate!" Spongebob said and dashed to the machine.

Spongebob pressed the buttons, inserted the coins, and reached into the slot to grab his scrumptious "ChocBar.' His teeth sank into the creamy chocolate and the vannila cream in the middle. "Oh this is good! But I should be finding Sandy!" Spongebob said then went back to looking for Sandy.

Suddenly, Spongebob heard a familiar voice.

"Spongebob! Patrick is in this bus! Hurry up or you will miss it!" Sandy shouted from the bus, with Patrick.

"Oh no!" Spongebob said then started sprinting towards the bus, which was driving at a rapid speed towards the 90˚ road.

"Darn it. I missed it! I always miss that bus!" Spongebob shouted to himself.

Spongebob was left there until the next bus came.  

So Spongebob sat down on the wooden seats near the bus station. 
"Well at least Sandy found Patrick. But now I need to get home! GARY!!!" Spongebob shouted. he remembered he just needed to feed Gary his dinner. 
"Oh man, I need to get home quick!"
Spongebob eagerly waited. And waited. And waited. No bus.

"I feel so tired, I should take a nap!" Spongebob said, then lay down on the seat and slept off.

The next day, Spongebob felt more awake.

Just as he was about to use the "unusual" bathrooms he saw a glove world balloon. 
"OH! Is that a balloon! I could blow it up and it could take me back up to Bikini Bottom!" Spongebob said with excitement.

So he got the balloon, tied it to his hand and blew it until it got very big.

Spongebob floated up, up into the sky and drifted towards his Pineapple. Just as he was about to land, Sandy was in the bus heading towards Rock Bottom shouting "I'm coming for you Spongebob!" 


That's the end of this book! I hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone who favourited, liked and commented and read it! Greatly appreciated. I will be writing another book called "Where's Sandy" in a while, but my main goal is to finish all the books I am in the midst of writing.







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