Where's Patrick?

Spongebob wakes up in the early morning to go jellyfishing with his best pal Patrick. Spongebob goes to Patricks rock, and finds that Patrick isn't there. Spongebob goes around all of Bikini Bottom in search of Patrick. Will Spongebob ever see his best buddy again?


3. In Search of Patrick - Goo Lagoon

To recap on what happend in chapter 2...


*Glove World*


"Does Patrick like any specific ride at all?" Sandy asked as she was chewing off an acorn.

" The Fiery Fist O Flame!" Spongebob told Sandy.

Spongebob and Sandy went over there.

"I have two rotten sandwich detectors so we can both use them to see if Patrick is here," Sandy said as she pulled the detectors out of the bag.

So both of them went all around Glove World in search of Patrick.

After a couple of hours, Spongebob and Sandy came back to the same place.

"Any clues?" Spongebob asked Sandy.

"Nope, sadly," Sandy said.

"Well where else would we look?" Spongebob asked.

"Goo Lagoon?" Sandy questioned.

"Yes!" Spongebob said.



Chapter 3

*Goo Lagoon*

"Well Spongebob, we're here!" Sandy says as she admires the beautiful sand at Goo Lagoon.

"Oh Spongebob, this sand just reminds me of Texas!" Sandy cried. Before Spongebob could burst out laughing, Sandy said, annoyingly "Yes Spongebob. I know the hilarious irony between my name and what I just said,"

"BAHAHAHAAHA!" Spongebob laughed, as Sandy went off.

"I'm going to find money, money, money! I'm going to find money, money, money for me!" 

"That voice sounds familiar..." Spongebob thought. "ITS MR KRABS!" Spongebob dashed towards Mr Krabs.

"Oh hi there me old lad! I'm looking for money!" Mr Krabs said cheerpily.

"Well, Im looking for Patrick. He's missing! MISSING! MISSING!" Spongebob said as he started hyperventilating as he doesn't like to say that his best buddy is missing.

"Calm down me old boy! You'll find Patrick soon! But only in the strangest of places..." Mr Krabs said then ran away to find more of his beloved money.



Sorry this chapter was short, I had a mind blank...it will be updated! - patrickrocks5000



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