The Gryffindor Princess.

Have you ever thought what would happen if Hermione Granger's parents where magical beings and she was kept away from the magical world till she was 14 because she was the descendent of Godric Gryffindor. But not just any descendent she is sorted ........ a Slytherin.



"professor dumbledore asked see me weaslette" malfoy said 

"why?" ginny asked 

"it's none of you business, but the new girl what's her name.. hermione"

"what me?"i said to him 

before he could reply professor mcgonagoll appeared out of the golden statue i followed ginny and malfoy up the stairs to a door we went in an my mum was stood next to a man with black hair.

"ahh miss weasley you may leave to class now." said the old man with the silver beard.

"of corse professor dumbledore" ginny then left the room 

"now miss granger , the person stood next to you is Mr draco malfoy he will be helping you catch up on your work that you have missed.also i would like to introduce professor snape, who i belive you have heard a lot about" 

"hello hermione, its very nice to finally meet you. i have heard so much about you" said snape

"now hermione while you are here we will sort you, even though you are automatically  griffindor just so we know what house you would be in if it was not for your blood line."

i sat on a stool and dumbledore put the sorting hat on my head and then suddenly it started saying "umm, very bright, brave but craves more power.... SLYTHERIN.



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