The Gryffindor Princess.

Have you ever thought what would happen if Hermione Granger's parents where magical beings and she was kept away from the magical world till she was 14 because she was the descendent of Godric Gryffindor. But not just any descendent she is sorted ........ a Slytherin.


12. The Slytherin Heiress

Hermione's POV

The next morning draco was not with me but I could here a shower so I guess he was up and getting ready. There was a knock at the door so I grabed my wand of the night stand and opened the door. It was Draco's mother narcissa.

"Good morning hermione. Hope you slept well , I have been asked to bring up your robes for the day."

"Robes... why have I got to where robes?"

"Because they're the ceremonial robes of slytherin. "

" Im not slyterin!"

"Your family is and your their new heir. Plus weren't you sorted slyterin"

" Yes I was but why do I have to wear that?"

" Because today is your 'coronation' and yours and dracos engagment party."

"Fine ill wear them is it means I can be left alone."

Narcissa just nodes and lays the robes on the chair just inside the door and leaves when shes left I lock the door and silence the room. Draco walks out the bathroom in just his boxers.

"Dont worry about mum shes the good one. Domt worry about the robes and we got forgot to mention once true loves kissed is sealed we are officially engaged."

..... I have know clue what to say to that so I go and get ready. When im done I walk out of the bathroom in my dress and robes and draco looks amazing.

We walk down the stairs hand in hand at the bottom stands, father, narcissa, lucius, voldermort, blaise and ... mother. 

I kissed father in the cheek turned my head and walked past voldermort. Curtseyed to lucius and narcissa. I wispered a quiet apology to narcissa, nodded at blaise who both draco and I know snitched us up.  I got to mother and stod in front of her square on 
"What are you doing here" I said with a stern voice and a straight face. 
"Ive come to return you to school this is why we left this world originally"

" I dont care I dont want you here. Draco and I will return to our room father and narcissa can come get us when shes left."

Deaco and I walked up the stairs and I heard voldermort say "you heard the girl leave. You have your prof her eyes went red."

And that was all I heard before we reached our room. 

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