The Gryffindor Princess.

Have you ever thought what would happen if Hermione Granger's parents where magical beings and she was kept away from the magical world till she was 14 because she was the descendent of Godric Gryffindor. But not just any descendent she is sorted ........ a Slytherin.


13. The Engagmant/Coronation

Hermione's POV

When we reached the bedroom i colapsed immediatly seeing the future and chalenges that were to face us both in the next years, death, distruction, heartbreak all to destroy one man, a man i share blood and power with. (

my grandfather never mastered the skills of being a profit and nether did my farther truly. so i understand why i am wanted and why i was taken away. which is why i can not trust my mother or my grandather and insted my trust lies with Draco, my father and Narcissa. when i awoke from the prophacy father and narcissa where in the room which ment my mother had left. draco was placing silencing chams on the room as i sat.

"are you well know?" narcissa asked

"i am" i said in reply "the fainting spells are getting worse we have to for fill the prophacys soon if i am not to fall into a continues slumber "

"the party must happen today as planed and you will tell a faulse prophacy of the dark lords future, they must know of this and not of the fact we are to kill him before the year is out" my father said quickly.

" the plan will go ahead. tell the dark lord too summon the guest to the main hall for the begining of the party"

 the next few hours went swimmingly to plan and half way throgh dinner i truthfully fainted the prophacy was of a loving nature the night of mine and dracos wedding but when i awoke i told the faulse prophacy

" a war is apon us" i say standing from my seat "before the year at hogwarts is out a war will come and we will be vitorius"

 i take Draco's hand. he kisses it softly and i say before leaving." only we can live forever"
these words both meaning one thing for the deatheaters and another for us.



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