The Gryffindor Princess.

Have you ever thought what would happen if Hermione Granger's parents where magical beings and she was kept away from the magical world till she was 14 because she was the descendent of Godric Gryffindor. But not just any descendent she is sorted ........ a Slytherin.


14. In time gone by

Months passed and our plan was in place. Tonight the war would commence, harry knew his place and went to face his destiny. once we know the last bar one horcroxs was destroyed Draco and I where appearted to the dark lords side. the time has come Draco, father and I where facing him. lucius killed the snake and now cissy had joined us we linked hands we produced a huge curse which killed him within one touch. Harry awoke just in time to see the event the death eaters left hogwarts unharmed.
One month later Draco and I where married in the great hall . And truth be told we lived happily ever after.



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