Planet Earth can hold about 13 billion people. This is not a large number compared to the many people who multiply as we speak. In the year of 3060 there are approximately 23 billion people living on planet Earth. We have no room left, no resources, no fuel, no food, and contaminated water. My name is Rayne Lukens, and I am just trying to find a way to survive.


2. .

    It has been over 6 years since mother has left, and ever since then I have been very lonely. I have found only one person to accompany me on my trip. His name was Farrow. Farrow was a 5 year old boy that began following me when I was nine. We only had one conversation in the three weeks he followed me.

   I was standing in front of an abandoned grocery store. The store was small, more like a quick stop-and-go while you're on the road type of thing. The sign was blinking red with partial letters dimmed out. "J and A's Stop and Shop!" the dying sign proudly remarked.

   I cautiously tip-toed into the store. The place was a wreck! There were toppled over shelves, blinking lights, food scattered everywhere, and a constant repetition of dripping water from a busted pipe.

   I was stuffing wheat bread into the storage part of my QTO when I heard a feeble moan come from a couple yards away. The moan grew louder.

   "Who is that?" I questioned in a high voice

   Only another moan answered.

   "Who is it?!" I questioned, louder this time

   I walked towards the sound...very cautiously incase it was a trap.

  I rounded the toppled over shelf I was previously taking bread out of. Just as I did that, a sickly-looking lady ran towards me. Her ribs were showing through the rip in her plaid shirt, and blood was streaming from an infected cut in her arm. She ran towards me, mouth wide open, hungry, ready to kill. I screamed,  not knowing what else to do. She kept on running towards me. Saliva was streaming from her mouth.

   Cannibalism. Is all I could think. This lady has starved herself and become very crazy to the point where she only hungers for fresh blood.

  So she ran...she was ready to take me down and kill me for the healthiness I carry. I stood there in shock, unprepared for the pain that was about to shoot through my body. I screamed. Well what else was there to do?

   So she ran, ready to kill, and I stood there all by lonesome, not having anything to fight back with.

   One. Two. Three. She  took her teeth and bit through my neck. pain shot through me? I opened my eyes and saw this horrid-looking lady just standing in front of me. Why did she stop? Why do these people always stop before trying to kill me?! Do I have a disease or sickness in me that they do not want to consume?

   She stood in front of me, looked at me with a weird, and scared expression, then ran. She ran up the isles, dodging all of the toppled over foods, and simply ran. Ran out the door. But why? Why did all of these humans do this?!

   I heard that moan, waking me from my thoughts. This time it was louder, like a young child trying to get to me. I dropped my thoughts and ran towards the sound.
   "Where are you!" I screamed "Tell me where you are!"

   "Over here..." a trembling voice barely said

   I slowly turned my head to find a young, blonde haired boy with sparkling blue eyes staring back at me. He was lying down, holding his side. Blood was streaming through his fingers.



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