Survival 101; Stay Away

Red. Simple description, right? Here's the description a bit harder; Red and Black. Easy? You tell me. Because that is me. Red. Red Hair, Red eyes, Red nails, Red blood, Red lips. Black. Black highlights, Black clothes, Black tips, Black soul, Black heart. That's all I am, right? Red, and Black. Let's see what you think after my life happens.


1. A Club and Old Friends?

Crim's Pov

   I slowly applied a new sheet of nail polish to my newly curved nails, red. Black tips. As I was finishing the last nail, a strip of my crimson hair fell in front of my eyes, making me jump and mess up the black French tip. I growled as I moved my hair back behind my ear once again before removing the polish from that nail and restarting.

   Five minutes later I head into my room to get dressed. I walk into my closet and grab the outfit I had planned; A black skin tight, off the shoulder dress that ends right below my ass with my red pumps. I do my makeup quickly but carefully, going for a 'Natural yet Sexy' look I apply some bronze eye shadow, dark eyeliner and mascara with my signature red lipstick. I grab my wallet, keys and phone before heading out the door to my red Ram awaiting me outside my flat. I start the engine and speed of towards my usual hangout.


   I smile as I park my car outside the club and head in, remembering to lock the doors. I reach the line and sigh; the line would take forever to get in. Deciding I'll skip the good girl act I head right up to the front of the line.

   "M'am, please return to your place in line, more people are waiting to enter." The guy checking people's names off the list said, not even bothering to look up.

   I click my fingers in front of his face, once he catches sight of my polish, he looks up. As soon as he sees my face he goes pale, his eyes widen and the hand holding his pen begins to shake. Lets just say I'm well known for getting what I want 'round here. He immediately steps aside and I walk, let me correct my self, strut into the club.


   I've been here what, and hour, and I'm already drunk as hell. I'm dancing with this random guy I must've hooked up with and I've already made out with numerous others. I'm about to call it quits and call a cab when he walks in.

   Liam Payne. I'm gonna puke, why does it have to be him? All the girls in the club -excluding me- sober or not, began crowding around him. I simply roll my eyes, I looked back to the guy I'm dancing with, he smiled, but somehow this didn't feel right anymore. I pulled away, he looked at me, confused.

   "Later, Babe." I told him with a wink, walking towards the bar. With my luck, though, I ended up sitting next to the one and only, Liam Payne. I could tell he was already checking me out, obviously he didn't reconise me. I rolled my eyes and ordered another beer, once they handed it to me I turned to Liam,

   "So, how long you in town?" I asked casually.

   "Couple months, we're on break." He replied not even looking up.

   "Figures why your here, it's your real home town." I stated bluntly, taking a sip of my drink.

   Liam finally looked up, his eyes widened when they landed on me face.

   "Crim, that you?" He asked, stunned.

   "Nah shit Sherlock. No, I'm some random person that just so happens to know your actual home town." I replied sarcastically rolling my eyes at him.

   He smiled, which earned him a glare.

   "So, what y'all been doing?" I asked him.

   "Pretty good, I miss having you on tour with us though." He informed me.

   I smiled slighty, at the memories it brought back, me and Liam used to be together. Their first year of tour I was with them.

   "I miss being on tour too." I replied, a bit sad.

   "Well, you can always come back...?" Liam asked, trailing off.

   My head snapped to lock eye contact with him,

   "Liam Payne, are you asking me out?" I asked/demanded, barely stifling a laugh.

   "And what if I was?" He asked timidly.

   "Then I'd say your crazy, you know what happened to our relationship last time." I asked, smiling.

   It's not that I don't want to get back together with him, quite the contrary. I'm just playing hard to get, and I don't want him hurt anymore.

   His smile fell,

   "Oh, I just thought maybe... we could have a fresh start...." He said looking back down at the bar.

   I felt so bad I just wanted to hug him and tell him I'd risk anything to be with him. But, I couldn't. I couldn't let him get hurt again. Not by me.

   I set my bottle down on the bar, got up and I walked away. As soon as I stepped out of the club I burst into a run as the tears began streaming down my face, blurring my vision.

   I made it to my car and threw myself in. Knowing I was to much of a wreck to make it home right then, I locked the doors and crawled into the back seat.

   I laid there thinking about all the times I had with Liam. I even remember the night he nearly proposed to me. Note that I said nearly.


   I guess I drifted off to sleep cause when I fluttered my eyes open again, dawn light streamed in through the windows. Holding a hand to my pounding head, I sat up. Where am I? Then I remembered. Seeing Liam, Him asking me out, Spending a night in my car.

   I sat up, fixed my hair, climbed into the drivers seat and started the engine.


   Once I got home I changed into sweat pants and a hoodie. I went to grab some aspirin but when I walked into my bedroom I noticed a container of aspirin with a bottle of water, and a note. Picking up the note I saw it was from my best friend.


Dear Crim,


   I came over late last night and saw you must've gone to the club, here's some aspirin and water, take care and I'll come over later today.


Love, Ross.


   I smiled, Ross is always so good to me. I grabbed the aspirin and the water before climbing into bed, falling asleep quickly.


   When I awoke my hangover had gone and I felt much better. I checked my phone, 1 missed call and a text from Ross. I checked the text,

 Be over in an hour, Love ya! ~Ross

I smiled and checked the clock. Shit. I have 20 mintues before she's here. I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower before putting on some dark skinny jeans, a white tight tank, and some leather sandals.

   I took a brush through my hair quickly, and had time to eat some lunch before I heard a knock on the door.

   I ran to the door and threw it open to see a bouncy auburn haired girl with strikingly green emerald eyes.

   "Ross!" I squealed ad I flung myself into her outstretched arms.

   "Hey, Crim!" She greeted me happily, giving me a bear hug.

   "C'mon in, Ross. Thanks a bunch for the aspirin this morning." I invited her in as I slumped onto the couch.

   "No problem, just don't get to drunk your enable to take your aspirin." She told me, quite motherly.

   "So, meet any cute guys?" She asked, smiling, not knowing what she had just unsured.

   "Liam." Was all I said before everything went black.


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