Her Twin

Paige Edwards is Perrie Edwards twin sister they do everything together but she still hasn't met Perrie's fiancé Zayn. What will happen when she meets Zayn and his bandmates? Read to find out!


3. 20 Questions.......

Paige pov.

"First we'll ask you the question then you ask us, ok?" Explained Louis. "Ok" so we got started.

(Im to lazy to write it out so........................... "P-Paige,Z-Zayn,N-Niall,L-Louis,LP-Liam,H-Harry,PE-Perrie)

L-Whats your favorite color?

P-umm..... Pink, Green, and Grey

Z-Favorite Animal?


N-What's your favorite food?

P- Nando's!

N- I like this girl!

P- haha thanks!

LP-What's your biggest fear?


H-Full name?

P-Paige Rose Edwards

PE-We'll your my sister and I already know everything about you so I guess you ask the boys now.


~~~~~~~~~~after asking all the questions~~~~~

"Ok so what do you guys want to do?" "PARK!" they all screamed. So we left and headed to the park it was only a 5 minuet walk and it was really nice out. Man I'm already starting to love these boys! I'm happy Zayn is Perrie's Fiancé!

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