Just maybe: Harry 1

Harry tries to find love but can handle the drama?


13. why

Britney's p.o.v

When I wake up Harry's not there. I climb out of bed and walk out into the hallway. I see the boys eating breakfast. All of them except Harry.

"Hey where's Harry," they all look at me.

Louis looks up nervously and clears his throat,"he said he needed to think about things and left,"

"What things?" I look Louis dead in the eyes.

"Everything," Niall says looking up at me. I look over and see Liam with a swollen lip. When I look over Harry has just walked in. He walks over to me.

"Hey I need to talk to you," he says looking at me. He takes my hand and leads me to his room. He shuts the door and sits me down on the bed.

"I think I need a break," he says looking up at me.

"What?" I say tears rolling down my face.

"I need more time think. Maybe you should go," he drops my hand. I run out the door and run out the hotel all the boys are looking at me confused. But I don't stop I just run home.

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