Just maybe: Harry 1

Harry tries to find love but can handle the drama?


5. picnic

Harry's p.o.v

I place her on the blanket and hand her a glass a water.

"You didn't have to do this Harry," she looks at me with gorgeous hazel eyes.

"But I wanted to," I say she bends over giving my a kiss on the cheek. But I want more. I take her glass setting it on the edge. I kiss her on her lips, she starts to move. Her legs are on top of mine. I kiss her neck. Then she stops looks at me and says "Harry I love you,"

I push a strand of hair over her ear and without hesitation I say "I love you too". I begin to kiss her again running my fingers down the small of her back. She puts her head on my chest and looks up at the stars.

I kiss the forehead and sooner than later fall asleep.


When I wake up I'm alone. I look around and no ones there. I look over the edge of the dock and Britney and the boys are swimming in the lake.

"Hey Harry" Niall screams. "Want to throw me some of your delicious grapes!" I grab the grapes and throw them at Niall. He shove them all into his mouth "thanks love".

I jump into the water. It's cold at first but I get used to it. Britney swims over to me and I kiss her. All the guys start to scream and shout. She pulls back laughing.

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