Just maybe: Harry 1

Harry tries to find love but can handle the drama?


6. no!!!

Britney's p.o.v

"Well I better get back to my hotel love," Harry says facing me.

"But I don't want you to go," I give him the puppy face.

"Then come with me," he says with a smilie on his face.

"Okay!" I jump off the park bench and he takes my hand. We walk for about 20 minutes then we rreach the hotel. When we walk into the lobby there is a girl sitting down with her bags she jumps up at the sight of us.

"Harry there you are!" She says. Harry looks scared and speechless. She runs over giving him a giant hug. Then kisses him on the lips. With tears forming in my eyes I drop his hand and run out. He starts to run after me but I run faster.

"Wait love! Wait!" He starts to scream and stops from being to tired to run anymore. I turn the corner and run home.

When I walk through the doors I'm still crying Jack stops me. "What's wrong Britney?" He stops me grabbing my arm.

"Hhharrrryyy hhhas aaa ggirlfriend," I try to speak but I can't because I'm crying to hard. "Ssshe kkkkissssed himmmm rright iin ffront offf meeee," I still can't speak.

Jack gives me hug and backs up"I'm gonna go beat that boy!" He turns to exit.

"No! Don't I don't care! Let him be with her!" He stops and turns back around to face me.

"He hurt you though," he says calmly.

"I'm gonna get hurt sometimes. I think I can handle," he comes forward and hugs me again.


After about an hour I started to gt lots of texts from Harry:

1. Please let me explain love!

2. Please answer my calls!

3. i love you not her💜💜

4. Can I come I've to explain??

5. I coming over.

6. I am here.

When he got here I didn't answer the door Jack did.

"Get out of here harry!" Jack yelled.

"No I love her! That was my ex I told her I didn't love her and that it was when met Britney but she didn't listen!" He sounded really upset.

I walked over to the door "Jack I can handle this," Jack turned and left the room but he was still listening.

"Harry you need to leave," the tears started to roll down my face again.

"No please forgive me. I don't love her I love you! Please Britney," his voice started to choke.

"Do you mean what you said?" I think I can trust him.

"Every word I love only you Britney. And I never want to hurt you," he leans in wiping away my tears. Then he tilts in and kisses me.

"Don't you even think about hurting her again!" Jack yelled from the living room.

Harry took my hand and lead me back to his hotel.

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