Just maybe: Harry 1

Harry tries to find love but can handle the drama?


8. guilt

Britney's p.o.v

"I'll have everything!" Niall says to the waiter.

"Niall remember what we talked about" Louis shoots him a look.

"Awwww if I eat to much I'll get a heart attack and die" Niall frowns. "Awwwww fine I'll have pizza," Niall looks sad.

"Good Job Niall!" Liam smiles.

I can't eat I still have butterflies in my stomach from what happened earlier.

"Hey can I talk to you?" Liam looks over at me.

"Yeah," I say getting up. We walk down the hallway where no one else can hear. "What's up?"

"Umm... Well this is hard to say but......I have feelings for you," he glances up at me but then turns away. He has feelings for me! I'm with Harry! How could he?

"Oh" is all I can say I'm so in shock. He steps to me and puts his lips on mine! I back up quick.

"I'm with Harry!!! How could you? He's your friend!" I stare at him.

"I know it's wrong but I really like you! And I can't help it," he glares at me.

"I'm sorry Liam but I love Harry,"

"I was afraid about that. Can you just keep this to yourself, please don't tell Harry," I can't help but hate him a little but I just walk back to the table and he's behind me.

"Everything go okay?" Asks Harry. I can't help but feel guilty, even though I did nothing wrong.

"Peachy" I say smiling at Harry. When I look over the table Liam mouths thank you at me.

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