Just maybe: Harry 1

Harry tries to find love but can handle the drama?


9. confused

Harry's p.o.v

After dinner with boys me and Britney walk back to my room. When we get in the room she presses her lips to mine. She seems shaky but I help her stay still with my arms wrapped around her. I kiss her neck and pick her up and put her on the bed.

She slides my shirt off. My hands around her back. She slides off her shirt. I step back and smile at her.

"Are you sure about this?" I ask her.

"More than ever," she grabs me and pulls me back to her.

You can guess what happen then.

Britney's p.o.v

When I wake up my head is still on Harry's chest. He's still sleeping. I slowly get up and put one of his shirts on. Then some shorts. I need some air. I can't stop thinking about Liam and that kiss. What if his feelings never go away? Should I tell Harry what happened? Should I keep it to myself like Liam asked? I don't know.

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