Just maybe: Harry 1

Harry tries to find love but can handle the drama?


4. beautiful just like you

Britney's p.o.v

Wher are we going Harry?" I said has we walked down the path together him holdin my hand. Right now I have everything I have ever wanted right here in my fingers and I'm not going to let it slip.

"Somewhere!" He says laughing.

Has we're walking the boys are coming our way, once they see he drops my hand. Is he embarrased to be with me? Why would he do that? I'm fierce! Though I put on a smilie.

"Hey love birds!" Zayn comes by smiling.

Niall walks by making kissing faces. Liam walks by pretending to makeout with himself. Louis is skipping passed. After they pass Harry tried to hold my hand again but I yank it away.

"Something wrong love?" He looks concered I can't believe him!

"Are you embarrassed to be with me???!" I shoot him a dirty look. I stop walking cross my arms and look at him.

"No. What are you talking about?" He stands there.

"Once you saw the guys you dropped my hand!" I raise my voice.

"Oh," I looks down am I making a big deal of nothing? No I know what he was trying do.

"Oh. That's what I thought," I turn to walk home tears are forming my eyes.

"Wait!" He yells.

"No," I say to my self. He runs to catch up with me.

"Love please wait. I'm not embarresed it's just.."

"Just what" I turn to face him but I can't because I'm crying like a little girl. I don't want him to see me this way.

He puts his hand on my chin forces me to look up at him. He wipes away my tears. He as soft gentle hands. He leans in giving a passiniate kiss. He pulls away and says "I didn't mean to hurt you love," he laces my fingers with his and leads me down the path again.

When we get to the end there's a river with a dock. Beautiful! He had set up a picnic on the dock and leads me to it.

"Beautiful just like you" he turns to face me.

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