Accidents happen

Anna King and her friends decide to go rollerskating.But when they get there do they meet an unexpected British/Irish boyband?Read Accidents Happen to find out......:)

It will definitely have cussing.duh.


2. Mall




''Come on Anna please?''Isabel begged ''No!I will not got to the mall with you!''i screamed.


Next thing i know i'm being dragged by 8 girls around the mall. ''Mary-Anne i can't believe your helping them!''i whined to my best friend since birth,''Sorry bae but mama gotta get some new shoes''she said in her American accent ''Oi, don't call me bae only Ty-Sean and Julian can call me that!''i said completely 100% serious.To people who don't know what 'bae' is, it's basically what boyfriends and girlfriends call each other.Even though Ty-Sean ain't my boyfriend he still call me bae and i'm perfectly fine wit it.''sorry''she looked back at me.

''Hey Isabel how's Jordan?''i asked while walking beside her, ''he's fine''she smiled warmly at me.Jordan is Isabel's boyfriend,she has had like 14 boyfriends since pre-k, ''And April,how's Ryan?''i asked teasingly ''shut up''she said with a pout.We were walking until i just stopped.There stood my abusive ex,Dillon.''guys''i whispered painfully, memories flooding back, ''what?''Isabel asked.''He's here''i whispered,she instantly knew who i was talking about she was about to grab my arm but i flinched which made her stop.''Anna calm down he won't hurt you''she said calmly but i knew she just wanted to rip his head off ''Anna i'm gonna call Ty-Sean and tell him and the guys to come here right now okay?''April said, i just nodded scared i would sob in front of everyone.

Ty-Sean ran over to me and immediately hugged me, i hugged back.The only other person that could make me better when Dillon was around is gone and he's not coming back i know that.I just wish he would.After Ty-Sean hugged me and repeatedly kissed me on the cheek, he started walking in the direction i saw Dillon in.''Ty-Sean don't''Kayleigh whispered,''No i have to''he said roughly.Jonah picked me up bride style and carried me next to the girls and boys near Ty-Sean and Dillon.Ty-Sean punched Dillon square on the jaw, and that started the whole fight, punches were thrown and kicks were kicked.

After security guards came and broke the fight up i went up to Ty-Sean.I put my head in his neck and he winced ''sorry''i said and stepped back ''it's okay''he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer and put my head on his chest.''thank you so much''i said and gave him a peck on the cheek ''your welcome bae''he said softly,I walked away towards the car.When i was in the car i put on Mcfly then right after One Direction started playing and one of my favorite songs came on, Little Things.



Hey gurlz or gentz if u know...uh yeah.Sorry for the short chap i was tired and lazy,ILY!!!!!!!


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