Why Physics?

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 15 Mar 2014
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Explore the entirity of the universe in one book. Why are we here? What caused it? The future?


6. Electricity and Magnetism

Not many people realise that electricity and magnetism are very closely related in physics.  It's not suprising, is it?  Magnetism happens because of the planet's magnetic field, and electricity happens because some guys burn fossil fuels to produce steam, which they jet at high pressure into a fan.  The fan turnes a generator which produces electricity.  Some companies now use chicken feaces instead of fossil fuels, to help 'save the earth'.

But think about this for a moment:

The strongest magnets are electro-magnets.  These are magnets that use electricity to boost their power.  They have an iron (Fe) core, with electric wires tightly wrapped around it.  When the power is turned on, the electricity flows through the wires and into the core (because iron conducts electricity) and the core then uses that to make itself stronger (because iron is magnetic anyway.).

Here is a totally different question I'm going to leave with you:

If so many metals can conduct electricity, how come only three of them are magnetic? (Iron (Fe) Nickel (Ni) and Cobalt (Co).

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