A Twisted Fate

I've heard all the stories about the unfortunate angels of my kind to turn into angels of darkness. I just never thought it would happen to me. ~For the World's Apart Fantasy competition~ :)


1. A Darkened Soul.

My bare feet thudded against the cracked, dark pavement; the crescent moon smiling down towards the bustling streets below. It was late. So very late. Most people would see me as a dishevelled, messy looking person who has just had a bit too much to drink and couldn’t get a safer way home. I can see where there coming from. My chestnut hair hung limp like rats tails over my shoulders and the dress that draped against my cold, shaking body looked dull and dirty; a complete contrast to my usual appearance. However, their wrong. I haven’t been to a party. I’m not drunk. I’m not even human.  No one would even suspect me of being an angel. My feathery, pure wings remain hidden from humans which keeps my true identity a secret to the people around me. Even so, I’m beginning to fell less angelic as the minutes slowly tick by. I know I can’t see it but darkness eats away at me and soon enough, the light that  resides within me will no longer exist.

Soon, I will be an angel of darkness.


It can happen to any one of my kind.
Sometimes, it’s expected.
Sometimes, it’s a surprise that no one could have guessed. 
Sometimes, it’s just meant to be.

I just never thought it would happen to me.


I don’t want to change. I don’t want to hurt the people I care about. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, I’ll lose myself forever and who knows what I’ll be capable of? I wanted to stay, I really did but I knew I wouldn’t just be affecting myself, I’ll be affecting the other angels too. I knew I had to leave before I cause any more pain and suffering.


The negative power swept through my heart and mind like a tidal wave as I absentmindedly wandered down an alleyway, the buzzing sounds of the public began dimming down as I entered the abyss. A harsh wind howled through my silky, sleek attire as my eyes whizzed in every direction. It was extremely quiet; the only sounds that entered my ears was the nearby crinkling of an abandoned crisp packet and the hum of energy of the cars that sped down the road.
That was when a voice was emitted from the darkness.
“Are you alright? You seem a bit lost girl. I can give you a hand if you want.”

I turned around to see a middle aged man with a torch held tightly in his hand. The bright light shone across my body which startled me.

That was when my mind went blank.

A new but peculiar sensation came over my body; my thoughts slowly going numb. As if I was a dangling puppet on strings, I launched myself onto the shocked man and forced him onto the grime-covered alleyway. I pinned his flailing arms to the ground as he tried to shout for help. I silenced his awful sounds with a huge whack to the head as a ludicrous series of events followed soon after. I brought my hand across his face and felt his life force drift into my body through my stretched out fingertips. I didn’t know what was going on but I no longer had control of my actions. As soon as his life was completely drained from his limp body I jumped away from him in utter shock. I killed a man. I destroyed an innocent soul. It looks like my transformation was beginning. Adrenaline rushed through my veins as I sprinted far away from the body; not looking back for a second. My lungs screamed at me to stop but I refused to stop now. I had to get away. I can’t stay here.

Thoughts raced through my head as the mirage of city lights blinded my vision.
So, this is what a dark angel is. A good angel’s main purpose is to protect the living from all costs but it looks like I’m losing the light inside of me. A dark angel must take human lives at all costs. This diverse way of surviving was foreign to me but I despairingly knew it would become a task I would complete with not a worry in my head.
This new way of living will become natural.

Eventually, my exhausted body came to a halt as I inhaled shaky gulps of air. I think I’m far enough. Sorrow racked through my body as I wandered away from the crowds and away from life as I knew it. My time was drawing to a close. I can feel it. Very soon, I will be trapped in the clutches of pure darkness.


With no hope left, I limped into the shadows. My legs gave way and I crashed to the floor with a thud. My light is fading away. I felt a salty tear roll down my cheek as I linked my hands around my knobbly knees. A cold feeling swept over me as I began to feel weaker.

I may be able to run away from my home and the life of a good angel but I can never run away from this twisted fate.


The melancholic noise of the clock striking sent waves of dark energy through my veins. A new power has opened from inside me.


And it felt great.


I felt like the chains of good had released me as if I was shedding of an old layer of skin. This power. This energy. It made me feel alive.


A grin erupted on my lips as I stood up from the mucky ground.
I looked up at the moon with a new face.
The light has vanished for good.
Darkness now resides in my tainted soul.


The white, elegant wings that spread across my pale back transformed to the colour of the night sky within seconds. This is the new me.



A bad angel is born into the world when a good angel dies.

This is a fate which, I know, will succumb to all.

A fate that can’t be changed.

A fate that can’t be altered.

A fate that has to be faced.

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