3. The first sighting.

Harry tried his best to explain ,in a way that Emily would understand, that the man from 3 years ago was his brother! Emily panicked once again and to calm her down Harry put on the news to prove nothing was going on in the world when a surprise announcement came on the television, "we are out side of 401 London avenue where we have had sightings of a strange girl entering the building..." Emily exhaled a scream of panic as she exclaimed, "THAT'S WHERE WE ARE!" the reporter came back on and showed the figure climbing the stairs, "here he have a close up of what seems to be an injured young lady, she looks like she needs................" the figure turned around and dashed passed the reporters at the speed of light blurring the camera... "MEGAN!" Emily jumped off the couch and ran down the stairs to see the reporters at the bottom torn limb by limb. next to them stood the shadowy figure of Megan as Emily saw in her apartment. She realized that she actually did see Megan as she saw this exact person. Emily fell over again hitting the stairs creating a thunderous noise throughout the entire building. Emily awoke in another cringe created by her mind in attempt to make her scared, worried and upset. Emily heard a loud, "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. MALFUNCTION!" and her waist, neck and arm bands were released! She grabbed hold of Megan's bleeding arm and ran as fast as she could not realizing Megan had been injected with poison, Megan fell to the ground and Emily joined her sympathetically asking what was wrong. At that point Megan started to decay and turned into the monster real Emily was facing now, Emily ran as the monster flailed it's arms at her. A tear dripped down Emily's cheek as she whimpered, "good-bye... friend."

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