5. the end is nigh.

Emily turned around to see the whole hospital filled with hundreds of these demonic creatures ever so slowly pacing towards her like zombie turtles going for a plant. Emily had to choose, go outside and face her friends or stay and face every one of these demons. "what do i do??" she asked herself anxiously, "my only other companion has been taken from me by this demonic plague!" a tear of disbelief and regret fell down her left cheek as she unlocked the door and ran towards harry grabbing hold of him as tightly as she could, "please harry... don't leave me all by my self!" she pleaded as a fountain formed in her eyes, they had her where they wanted her... they could finish her right now... Megan cried out to Harry in a creaky, uneasy voice, "K K KILL H HER... N N NOW!!!" the decayed Harry shed a tear as he bit into her neck, "i'm so sorry..." Emily slowly started to decay as harry whimpered, "i love you..." Emily fell to the floor slicing her head open as she hit. Harry knelled down next to her slowly pressing his lips next to her cheek, "i'm so sorry...

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