4. the back story is complete.

Emily awoke from her fit and saw the demonic, dying, painful to look at Megan stood on top of her chest, Harry rushed in like a bad ass pushing the demon over and down the stairs disembodying Megan's head even more. She dashed out of the room like a lightning bolt making Harry wonder what she wanted with Emily. Emily and Harry walked back up to Emily's apartment, sat down and Emily stated to explain the whole back story to Harry exactly as she saw it in her dreams. Harry reacted to the story with, "wow, you have a messed up childhood." Emily lifted her t-shirt half way in order to show Harry the scar but when Megan stood on it, she cut it open! They rushed over to the hospital like a pair of hyper active sloths racing to get the same leaf (so not very fast). But when they got there they saw nothing but Megan standing by the door with a katana in her dislocated hand. She turned her head and saw our two protagonists looking into each others eyes wondering what to do when Megan ran up to Harry and stabbed him in the gut with the radioactive katana, Harry started to decay just like what Emily saw happening to Megan 5 years ago so Emily ran as fast as she could into the hospital locking the door behind her.

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