2. Harry.

Emily walked into her kitchen pondering about why she keeps having these suppressed nightmares and cringe attacks, the thought made her hallucinate and she fell to her knees thinking she saw Megan just as she was before she went missing... cut face leaking with blood, ripped skin that looks like a dog tearing it's chew toy, head hanging on a tilt like some form of demonic rag doll and ripped clothes making her look like an undead freak... Emily fell unconscious and started to see Megan in even more excruciating detail making her, in real life, flail like an octopus on her living room floor. During her flail session an unknown stranger with a trench coat walked into Emily's apartment, he helped her off the stone cold floor and placed her next to a crackling fire that threw sparks all over her face, when Emily awoke she saw the trench coat man doing some form of demonic ritual over her body. Emily stood up and kicked him square in the shins as she had a thought that she was being sacrificed but the mysterious man stopped her from causing anymore pain to him and threw his coat on the floor making it look like a parachute. Emily saw his surreal face but deep in her gut she knew this man, a pain arose from her scar of the needle and she felt the needle entering her all over again but the unnamed man soon calmed her down by humming a friendly yet unknown tune in her ear. The first thing the man said was, "don't be scared, i'm just Harry."

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