In the year 3000, Earth became over populated. There was no place to live and many people died of starvation.Then the Leaders of Land 9, where people once called United States, thought of an idea. With the idea of natural selection, they decided on a plan in which those that are "useless" or "weak" will be "erased" from Earth. Those people with a tag on them will be hunt down by everybody on Earth and "erased." Therefore, the start of the hunting begins.
Sophie, who live in Land 9, District 101, is a weak but cheerful and intelligent person. Despite losing her mother and father when she was six years old, and despite her uncle and aunt, her guardians, treating her like a servant, Sophie looks forward to each day with a smile. Because of the incident that also killed her parents, half of her body is functioned by technology. What will happen when a tag is put on her? Will she survive or will she be "erased"?


7. Unfamiliar

     I was standing in a bright place. I could hardly see anything. I turned around in circles, trying to find a path. Then, a few figures appeared. My eyes widened in recognition. "Mom, dad, Hue, and Noah! You are all here." I started to run towards them.

     "Stop!" They all motioned for me to stop.

     I stopped. Confused, I said, "Why? I am finally here with you all. Why can't I come over there?"

     My mom said, "Sophie, listen. You need to turn around and walk away."

     "Why?!" I was confused and mad. I thought that they don't want me to be with them.

     "Sophie, you can't stay here. You have to leave this place. There is a job you haven't finish."

     "What job?"


     A force pulled me backwards. "Mom, dad, Hue, Noah don't leave me! No!" I screamed and yelled. I tried to fight the force that was pulling me away from those that are important to me, but it was no use…. 

     I woke up with tears. A hand gently wiped the tears away and told me that everything was alright. I felt safe and comfortable, so I fell asleep again.


     When I woke up, I found someone lying next. I started to scream, but found out I couldn't. I tried to speak but no words came out. Why?

     The "someone" woke up. The "someone" was a boy with black hair and dark brown eyes. He sat up and yawned. Then, he spotted me. "Oh! You woke up." He rustled my hair, and I flinched. "Are you feeling better?"

     I looked at him, confused.

     "You cried last night. By the way, what is your name?"

     What is my name?

     "Where  do you live?"

     Where do I live?

     "Where is your family?"

     Where is my family?

     I seemed to have no recollection of anything he asked me.

     "What happened to you? Why do you have so many injuries?" He looked irritated. "Speak!"

     I tried to say something, but not a sound came out. Finally, I gave up. I pointed to my mouth and shook my head.

     "You can't speak?"

     I nodded.

     Suddenly, he blushed. "S-sorry for that."

     I smiled.

     Then, a sound came from his pocket. "You have one message. Would you like to open it?"

    The boy glanced at me. Then he left the room.

    Somehow the sound of the device sounded familiar. When and where did I hear this sound? Was I forgetting something?

     "Excuse me."

    I looked up.

    "Would you mind going to the hospital with me?"

    I shook my head.


     When we arrived at the hospital, many androids surrounded me. They took me to a room and took turns examining me.

     By the end of the examination, I was tired to death. As I walked around the hospital, I spotted the "someone." He was talking to another person. For some reason, I unconsciously hid myself. I eavesdropped on their conversation.

     The other person, who I assumed was a doctor said, "Our results have concluded that the microchip containing her ID isn't in her body."

     The boy brows furrowed. "Could she be a spy?"

     "That could be a possibility. Also, after inspecting her actions and reactions, we had concluded that she had lost her memories."

     The boy looked shocked. "How? Didn't you say that she has no head injuries?"

     "She doesn't, but memory loss can be due from many kinds of things. It could've been because of a trauma or depression. Also, half of her body is functioned by technology. Maybe, that part of her sense she was in some kind of danger so it took away her memories."

     I was stunned. I don't know if it was from knowing that I lost my memories or that I am just half- human. However, I do know that when I heard him say that half of my body was functioned by technology, I felt painful. It was as if the subject was something I had always avoided. 

     "In addition, she wasn't born mute. In fact, she became unable to speak just recently. Whatever she had experience before her memory loss, might had cause her mind to shut off her ability to speak. Just like her lost memories, her voice might come back. However, just keep in mind…"

     I turned and ran away. As I ran I recalled the doctor's words. ​…just keep in mind that as time goes by her ability to speak, and her memories will be harder to come back. If it continues, she will lose both of them, forever.


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