In the year 3000, Earth became over populated. There was no place to live and many people died of starvation.Then the Leaders of Land 9, where people once called United States, thought of an idea. With the idea of natural selection, they decided on a plan in which those that are "useless" or "weak" will be "erased" from Earth. Those people with a tag on them will be hunt down by everybody on Earth and "erased." Therefore, the start of the hunting begins.
Sophie, who live in Land 9, District 101, is a weak but cheerful and intelligent person. Despite losing her mother and father when she was six years old, and despite her uncle and aunt, her guardians, treating her like a servant, Sophie looks forward to each day with a smile. Because of the incident that also killed her parents, half of her body is functioned by technology. What will happen when a tag is put on her? Will she survive or will she be "erased"?


4. The Start of the Hunt

     It has been 5 minutes and, yet, I still stood there. My mind could not process everything that had just happened. I was not the only one, though. Despite my inability to comprehend, I could still make out the whispers among the people.

     My case was an uncommon one. The only time another person had transferred the tag to another person was around 6 years ago. That might be the reason why everybody was shocked.

     A lady spoked up. "A-anyways, since she has the tag, we have to erase her."

     I  snapped out of it just in time to hear them chant, "Erase the girl! Erase the girl!" There is no doubt that I am "the girl."

     I turned around and took off. I could hear their steps closely behind me. As I ran I rummaged through my bag to find something helpful. I did. I found a whole bag of marbles that I was planning to give to Noah. Well, this have to do.

     I continued running until I reached a narrow path. Then, I turned around and poured the marbles out of the bag onto the floor. I ran without looking back.

     As I ran I saw a manhole and an idea came to me. I used my right hand, despite the injury, to open the manhole. I left it like that and ran off in another direction. Behind me I heard them say, "She is in here! A stupid girl to leave it open like that." I smiled. However, a voice of a boy said, "What if this is a trick? I'll go in another direction, just in case." At that I heard someones footsteps growing closer. I ran.

     After about five minutes, I spotted a uni-plane–a plane for only one passenger. Just as I was about to run towards it, a knife was flung towards me. I reacted just in time to avoid the worst possible outcome, but my left face was still cut by it. 

     I turned to see a boy about my age. The possibility of him being the one that threw the knife was high. He looked shocked.

     I blinked and my eyes widened as I realized something was exposed. My hand ran across the left part of my face and founded the cut that was on it. However, where it was suppose to be filled with blood, it was filled with wires, instead. I cringed. Then I realized that I was still running away from the people so I smiled at the boy and took off with the uni-plane. 

     When I, finally, arrived home, Hue greeted me.

     "Welcome home-" His eyes widened. I don't know if it was because of my face or the tag.     "You are…labeled." He looked at me with concern.

     I smiled. "Can you help me repair my face."

      Hue suddenly got mad. "Don't say that!" He sighed. "Come on, I will help you with your wound."

     I was about to cry. Hue had always been there to encourage me. He had always reminded me that I am human and would get mad at me if I thought otherwise. I don't know what I am going to do without him.

     In my room Hue plastered the mixture onto my face. "Sophie, you have to be stronger. I won't always be there for you, When that time comes, you have to stand for yourself. Especially with that tag on you, your path won't be an easy one." As he finished, he turned to leave, but I grabbed his hand. He turned and saw my concerned face. "That does not look like the Sophie I know. I believe in you, so do your best."

     "Can you stay with me tonight," I said. I felt like he was leaving me.

    "What are you saying?!" He looked at my concerned eyes. "Fine!"

     I smiled.

     Before I fell asleep, I said, " You know, in my heart, you have many roles. You care for me like  parents would and you play with me like friends would. You are the most important… err… person? Wait! You are an android. Anyways, you are very important to me."

    "Heh, What was that? Anyways, you are very important to me, too. That is why I would do anything for you." When Hue said that, he sounded determined.

     In the middle of the night I heard sounds. Then I felt something wet on my face. I was tired but I could vaguely see a figure towering over me. Huh? Tears? I must be dreaming.

    Before I fell asleep again, I heard something coming from a very familiar voice. "Bye, Sophie."


     A gulf of fire surrounded me. I continued walking until I saw a figure. "Hue?"

     Hue stood there and smiled at me. Then, he suddenly looked sad. "Bye, Sophie." He turned and walked towards the fire.

     Fear overcame me. "Wait! What are you doing?! Hue? Hue! Come back here!" I saw him disappeared into the fire. "No!"

     My eyes widened. I sat up in bed and looked around. I was in my own room. "Oh! It was just a dream." I laid back on my bed. I smiled and closed my eyes. However, something hit me. Something was strange.

​     I sat up and looked around my quiet room. Then, I realized what was strange.


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