In the year 3000, Earth became over populated. There was no place to live and many people died of starvation.Then the Leaders of Land 9, where people once called United States, thought of an idea. With the idea of natural selection, they decided on a plan in which those that are "useless" or "weak" will be "erased" from Earth. Those people with a tag on them will be hunt down by everybody on Earth and "erased." Therefore, the start of the hunting begins.
Sophie, who live in Land 9, District 101, is a weak but cheerful and intelligent person. Despite losing her mother and father when she was six years old, and despite her uncle and aunt, her guardians, treating her like a servant, Sophie looks forward to each day with a smile. Because of the incident that also killed her parents, half of her body is functioned by technology. What will happen when a tag is put on her? Will she survive or will she be "erased"?


1. Prologue

[Land 9, District 1(The Capital)]

[In year 3000, the world became overpopulated]

     "What should we do," Leader Smith asked.

     "How should I know," Leader Walkington sighed.

     "You have one call. Would you like to answer it?" The device's sound echoed in the building. 

     Leader Smith sighed. "Yes."

     A projection popped up. On the projection was a reporter. "Leader Smith, Leader Walkington , and-" The reporter looked around. "Where are the other leaders?"

     Leader Smith sighed, again. "They all caught some type of disease, so they couldn't come. Just get on with it. What is it that you want to report?"

​     "Oh…um… 50 people were reported dead, today."

     "Alright, you may go, now," Leader Walkington said. With that, the screen turned dark again.

     "You see?! You see?! 50 more people died." Leader Smith paced back and forth. "If this goes on, we will all end up dying. Maybe some people will go towards cannibalism." Leader Smith shivered at the thought of it.

     Leader Walkington ignored Leader Smith. "I will look at some ancient books for ideas." He scanned through the books that had exist since the 2000s. "There must be a solution." He continued scanning until he came to a book. He read through the book as fast as he could with the eyes of an eager child. When he was finished, he laughed.

     Leader Smith jumped. "What is it?"

     Again, Leader Walkington ignored him. "I found it! I have to best idea for our survival!" He laughed again. "This is the 'survival of the fittest.'" 


     "Hello, Dr. Sue. Have you finish the invention," Leader Walkington asked as he walked towards Dr. Sue. 

     Dr. Sue turned and smiled at Leader Walkington. "Yes, I am finished."

     "May I see it?"

     "You may."

     As Leader Walkington walked towards the invention, he shielded his eyes from the blinding light. His eyes gleamed with eagerness. "This is it! This shall determine their survival." He laughed while he exclaimed, "I love this excitement! What a great amusement!"

     A sudden uneasiness crept through Dr. Sue. "Um… Leader Walkington, may I ask what is this invention for?"

     A sinister smile appeared on Leader Walkington's face. "This just marks those that don't deserve to live." He spread out his arms. "This tells the whole world that that person," he said while pointing to Dr. Sue, "shall be erased."


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